The CDC has admitted that the vast majority of the Covid deaths are among people who had grave pre-existing conditions, such as advanced cancer or heart disease, and some of them were, in fact, already dying of those diseases prior to Covid. Some of them were already on hospice care for having those diseases prior to Covid. And yet, their deaths were still attributed to Covid, rather than the true cause or causes of their demise.

Do you get what’s going on? That if you get a positive Covid test and then you die from any cause, then officially and for the record, you died of Covid.

The CDC claims that only 6% of the Covid deaths can be attributed strictly and exclusively to Covid. That isn’t much, but even that I can’t accept at face value. I would have to evaluate each case because I think the odds are great that they are exaggerating, even there.

I ask that you think carefully about the idea of hospice patients acquiring and dying of Covid. You do understand that by the time someone is put on hospice, they are pretty incapacitated. They’re not going anywhere. They’re not making any runs to the store. They’re not making runs to the doctor either because when you’re on hospice, the doctor comes to you. So just think about how few people a person on hospice has close contact with. And the hospice medical staff are all wearing masks, right? Their own family may be wearing masks around the dying person too. And if not, we're talking about a small handful of people. 

So, the hospice patient tests positive for Covid.  Who did they catch it from? You know they must have gotten it from a very small circle of people. So, you test those people and find out who it was.  

But, are they doing that? No! They're just content to say, "he got it somehow." 

The point is that if a hospice patient tests positive for Covid, it’s usually a situation in which you can determine the status of every person with whom he or she has been in contact. But, are they doing it? No. And it's because they don't really want to find out. 

If you watch this video about it, you will be quite astonished. I was.

They make the point that doctors, who work for hospitals, go along with this farce of attributing heart attack and cancer deaths to Covid because it brings in dollars; federal dollars. You know, that stuff they print up like Monopoly money? Although, most of the money they create never makes it to cash; it’s just blips on a computer screen.

The point is that the “pandemic” is, for the most part, an accounting trick, where they are attributing as many common, ordinary deaths as possible to Covid.

Please watch that video if you haven’t.  




I'd like to point something out about the Corona virus vaccine, if you're considering getting it. They're admitting that 36 people have developed severe immune thombocytopenia after getting it. One of them, a 56 year old male obstetrician, developed symptoms 3 days later and died two weeks after that. 

Thombocytes are another term for platelets, which are blood cells that enable your blood to clot. And really, they are just cellular fragments. Clots form because of "platelet aggregation." 

We hear so many bad things about "blood clots" that it's easy to forget sometimes that without the ability clot your blood, you're dead. 

And it's been known for a long time that platelets are very vulnerable to drug toxicity. If you get out the PDR and start reading about the adverse effects of drugs, you'll see that "thrombocytopenia" is one of the most common effects of drug toxicity. 

Thrombocytopenia means a deficiency of platelets, where the number falls below and outside of the normal range. Obviously, there can be all different degrees of thrombocytopenia, and mild cases may go either unnoticed or otherwise have very mild symptoms, such as the person bruises a little more easily.

But, in this case, we're talking about a severe thrombocytopenia. The male obstetrician who died died of a brain hemorrhage. 

But, here is what the government said about it:

"Officials with the FDA and CDC said that they were looking into the reports, but that so far, rates of the condition in vaccinated people did not appear higher than the rates normally found in the U.S. population, so the cases could be coincidental."

So, they are saying that out of 31 million people who were vaccinated as of the end of January, that only 37 developed this severe, life-threatening reaction, and that if you looked at 31 million unvaccinated people, that you're likely to find as many as 37 cases of severe immune thrombocytopenia. 

I don't know if that's true, but let's just assume that it is. There is still a big difference. If we looked at 31 million people from the general population, none of whom were injected with the Covid vaccine, and we found 37 who had severe immune thrombocytopenia, we would find that they developed it at different times and under different circumstances. It would not be that all 37 suddenly developed the condition right after getting a vaccine. To my mind, the temporal association with the vaccine makes the likelihood of it being a coincidence about zero.

I'll give you the link to the article, so you can read it yourself.  It's a free country, and you can do what you want. But, this is Dr. Cinque telling you that I am NOT going to get that Covid vaccine. I am much more afraid of the vaccine than I am of virus.












This article for doctors epitomizes the dire state of medical thinking and what it’s come to. It speaks of the high percentage of people who test positive for Covid without manifesting any symptoms at all- over a third. That should lead them to suspect inaccuracy of the test. But, it doesn’t. In fact, it does the opposite; it causes them to call for more testing.

The idea of a virus spreading and making some people sick and other people not isn’t new. For the longest time, they have told us that some people infected with Epstein-Barr virus get sick while others don’t. But, what is different about Covid is the acuteness of the arc that they are claiming. They are claiming that the effect of this virus goes from having no effect at all to rapidly killing a person- even a young and previously healthy person.  And although they admit that most of the Covid deaths occur in old people with chronic illnesses, they have no explanation for why, sometimes, young healthy people succumb to it so fast.  The magnitude of the variation in effect is unprecedented.

And there really is no rhyme or reason for the attributions they are making.  For instance, I know a young woman who is off to college. She lives in a dorm. Her age is 19. And she developed a mild fever for which she was tested and told she had Covid. She was only sick for a couple days, but they made her quarantine for 14 days. Without getting any treatment, she recovered spontaneously and was fine afterwards. Her case was so mild, and so brief, it was really just one step above being asymptomatic. But, the fact is that this young woman has had health problems throughout her life. She was born with a uretal  defect that required her to take antibiotics daily- for years. When she was born, she had to spend weeks in the hospital. She’s had severe allergy problems, and she has a form of epilepsy. And she’s had other problems that I won’t go into.  But, the point is: if anyone should have become a Covid “long-hauler,” she should have.  But no, in her case, she just flew right through it, much like old, obese Donald Trump.

None of this makes any sense, and although they glibly spew talking points, they don’t always have them.  Sometimes they just have to shrug and say, “that’s Covid.”

I can’t tell you I know exactly what is going on, but I can tell you that a bogus test is going on, and this dogma-driven, bogus test is driving not just medical decisions, but political and economic decisions that are upending our entire way of life. And the idea that everything will return to normal as soon as we get everyone vaccinated is a pipedream of unparalleled proportion.  

No matter what one believes about Covid, there are some things that you can’t deny if you’re rational. One is that the masking and social distancing do not work. If they worked, then the case numbers would have fallen. But, the masking and social distancing haven’t stopped Covid from spreading up to now, so why think that more masking and social distancing will start working?

Another sobering fact is that the vast majority of people being diagnosed with Covid (and by vast majority I mean practically all) have no idea how they got it. Practically all of them say that they are unaware of being exposed to a stricken person, and they haven’t been around anyone who was exhibiting symptoms, such as coughing. And most are saying that they were following the protocols. And that means two things: that the protocols don’t work, and that asymptomatic spread must be paramount because, again, most report not being around symptomatic people.   

But, all of this is just a matter of inference. I don’t believe it. What I believe is that the “gold standard” PCR test for Covid should really be called the “fools gold standard” because it is a bogus test. And as for the antibody tests, which were all the rage, even the CDC has admitted that they’re wrong half the time.

So, I am telling you very honestly that what is going on is a pandemic of testing.

But, are people really getting sick and dying? Yes, they are, but since it was decided that, for the first time in history of Medicine and Biology, that a microbe could manifest in any way whatsoever, that if you have symptom-x and you test positive for Covid, then symptom-x is a symptom of Covid- it means that just about anything and everything can be attributed to Covid. Realize that they are claiming a totally new phenomenon, that the Covid-19 virus can derange not just the lungs, but the heart, the liver, the kidneys, the brain, the skin, the joints, anything, anything and everything. They are claiming a new natural phenomenon, never before seen. And If you already had a chronic disease before Covid came along, then Covid exacerbated it. So, if you’ve had heart disease for decades, and then you die of a heart attack, that’s a Covid death. And if you think that’s farfetched, they’re playing the Covid card every which way they can- in ways that nobody would have dreamed of doing before Covid.

The Media has reported Larry King’s death as due to Covid, but Cedar Sinai in L.A. has, so far, refused to confirm that, pointing out that he had multiple serious health problems and long before Covid.

And, here’s another very sobering fact: practically everyone who dies of Covid dies in the hospital. And in many cases and most cases, they spend weeks in the hospital before they die. And they are getting treatment the whole time. Now, what does that tell you? It should tell you that medical treatment for Covid is ineffective.  And, it may be worse than ineffective.  What I have to wonder is: are they killing people? And it’s a fair question because they reported publicly that 97% of the Covid patients put on respirators died. And any time something has a 97% death rate, you have to wonder whether it’s killing people because there are plenty of things done with lethal intentions that don’t have as high a death rate as that.

It is important to realize that the economic strain from the Covid crisis is having a detrimental impact on health because it is driving people to drink more and smoke more.  When people lose their jobs and income; when they lose hope; when they become depressed; they tend to abuse themselves more. Bad habits flourish under such conditions. 

They’re saying that this is the mildest flu season on record, but why should that be?  Should not all the strain and pain and loss from Covid be increasing vulnerability to the flu?  Of course, they’re claiming that all the masking and social distancing for Covid is preventing the spread of the flu, but if that’s true, then why didn’t it prevent the spread of Covid? Because Covid is more virulent- of course. They’re claiming these things not because they know they’re true, and not because they’ve confirmed them, but because they are convenient talking points, to which they just help themselves. It is rationalizing on a grand scale.

What I know for sure is that the religion of Covidism has enveloped Medicine and the world.  They’ve admitted that many Covid patients were killed with respirators. They’ve admitted to pressuring patients who weren’t even in respiratory distress to go on respirators- even when they knew how high the death rate was. Without a doubt, some Covid patients have died of Medicine, not Covid. The question is: how many?  And I dread to imagine.



The Watchman Device is a surgical implant that is claimed to be a good alternative to taking anticoagulants for non-valvular arial fibrillation.

Atrial fibrillation, or A-fib, is a very common cardiac arrythmia. It involves a very irregular heartbeat. And the flow of blood through the heart becomes deranged, which increases the risk of a clot forming, which can travel to the brain and cause a stroke. And for that reason, A-fib patients are placed on strong blood-thinners.  But, that’s risky too. Ironically, if you take blood-thinners to prevent an ischemic stroke, they can actually cause a hemorrhagic stroke.

But, why do people get atrial fib in the first place? Over-stimulation of the heart is one reason. Heavy caffeine consumption is a trigger for it, and sometimes stopping caffeine completely will cause atrial fib to go away. There are a whole slew of things that are considered to be risk factors for A-fib, including coronary artery disease, high blood pressure, obesity, diabetes, lung problems, hyperthyroidism, and more.

But, it’s heartening to know that atrial fib will sometimes go away spontaneously.

Age, itself, is considered a risk factor.  I am 70 years old, and I do not have atrial fib. But, what would I do if I had it?

Obviously, I would be super-diligent about all the lifestyle measures including diet. And there are natural supplements that tend to keep the blood thin, such as Curcumin from turmeric, Vitamin E, and fish oil. The risk of taking these supplements is miniscule compared to taking prescription blood-thinners.

But, if I had atrial fib, I would consider taking a baby aspirin every today because the risk of it is pretty small, so long as it’s just one baby aspirin, which is 81 mg, and it’s buffered, and you take it after a large meal.  And salicylic acid occurs naturally in plants, including vegetables. Whenever you eat a large raw  vegetable salad, you’re getting a very small and highly dispersed dose of salicylic acid.  

So, I might go as far as taking a baby aspirin if I had atrial fib, but I would not take prescription anticoagulants. And if that sounds risky to you, to not take them, just remember that there is a lot of risk in taking them.


And because it’s so risky to take anticoagulants, the Watchman Device was developed. And it’s also how it is marketed: just have a one-time procedure done (although it’s no small thing; a heart operation under general anesthesia) and be through taking anticoagulants for life.

But, the Watchman device is just a gimmick. They’re putting an obstructive object in a part of the left atrium called the appendage because it’s a place where blood tends to quit moving, pool, and clot when you have atrial fib.  Then, the idea is that the body is going to react to that foreign object by closing off the appendage, so that blood can’t enter it at all any more.

First, consider how drastic it is to do such a thing. Second, consider that you can still very easily get a clot for other reasons because clots can form elsewhere- not just in the left appendage. And third, if you read the studies that were done, you find out that there were plenty of adverse outcomes, including strokes, among Watchman patients. Some of the trials actually showed more strokes in the Watchman patients. The FDA was so downhearted, they actually rejected the damn thing the first time it was submitted to them for approval.  And even in later studies, there were ones in which the Watchman patients had more ischemic strokes than the controls who were on anticoagulants.  

Finally, they came up with a study that showed a slight reduction in overall stroke risk in Watchman patients compared to anticoagulant patients (1.5% of Watchman patients had strokes over the course of the study compared to 2.2% of anticoagulant patients).  But, it was only because the Watchman patients had much fewer hemorrhagic strokes, which is the big risk in taking anticoagulants.

So basically, Watchman did better because stopping anticoagulants is part of the protocol for it.

I’ll close by pointing out that I’ve known men with atrial fib who managed it with just lifestyle measures and exercise. And none of them has had a stroke so far, that I know of. 

Believe me, I’m glad I don’t have a-fib, and I hope I never get it. And I like to think that the things I do for my general health are helping to prevent it. But, I will tell you very honestly that if I did get it, I would be very content to stick with natural measures including the supplements I mentioned and the eating of all unrefined plant foods because all of them help to keep the blood thin and prevent clots, so that’s fruits, vegetables, raw nuts, whole grains and legumes. And maybe I would add the baby aspirin and maybe I wouldn’t.  But, the point is that not panicking, and not doing anything drastic, is far from being the worst thing that you could do. I’m saying that the attractiveness of medical and surgical options is often and usually exaggerated and greatly exaggerated, and that's true in this case. Remember that Medicine is first, last, and always a business, and like every business, the sale of its products and services is paramount to it. I, for one, cast a cynical eye on their claims and their studies- and especially in an area such as this. I think the Watchman device is much better for the company that makes it and the doctors who sell it than it is for the patients who wind up with it in their hearts. It certainly is not a medial miracle. What it is is a medical gimmick.




I have realized for a long time that many natural foods do not taste as good as they used to. They don’t have the flavor that they once had. Take avocadoes. They used to be savory. There was a very distinctive flavor and fragrance that they had, above and beyond having monounsaturated fat. Once upon a time, you could savor avocado the way some people savor chocolate- with your eyes closed. And that’s because the flavor was intense and would evolve and change in your mouth as you masticated it. In other words, it was a complicated taste, but not any more. Today, avocadoes are bland.

And isn’t it a shame that, even though there are over 900 known varieties of avocado, only one variety is commonly available commercially, the Haas. But, even the Haas used to taste a lot better than it does now. And the sad thing is that even when I buy organic Haas avocadoes, there is little, if any, difference. They’re bland too.

So, what happened? I have to think it’s due to modern agricultural practices that sacrificed flavor for production; the stimulant fertilizers; the repeated hybridization; and the widespread depletion of the soil.

Other foods that have lost their taste luster include honeydew melons, which used to be exquisitely delicious, celery, which used to be sweet, juicy, and succulent, and of course tomatoes. Modern strawberries are large and fibrous when the used to be small and heavenly. The fact is that practically everything doesn’t taste as good as it used to.

I’m not saying this just to lament the loss of lusciousness and deliciousness in foods. I’m saying it because nutritional value may also have been compromised. Vitamins and minerals are first what come to mind, and of course, millions of people try to compensate for that by taking a multi vitamin/ mineral supplement. And I do, myself. I take Core Multi from Klaire Labs which is excellent.

But, foods are, by nature, extremely complex, containing thousands of compounds, which are collectively referred to as phytochemicals or phytonutrients. Those are the entities that I worry about. They include substances that are known to be protective against cancer.

So, what can you do besides taking a good, high quality multi? I recommend eating dark leafy greens as much as possible because the slight bitterness of these greens, like kale, collards, etc. is indicative of a high phytonutrient content. And naturally, if you can get them organically grown, all the better. And if you can get them both organic and homegrown, that’s the best. I’m lucky because I have a garden that currently has collards and kale and bok-choy and romaine, and I eat from it every day. And these greens love cool weather like we get in the winter here in Central Texas.  It’s rarely cold enough to hurt them, and when it is, I cover them.

Another thing I like to do is eat food from trees with very, very deep roots, such as pecans. There are some huge pecan trees in Texas that are 100 feet tall, which means that their roots are 100 feet deep. When you can mind the Earth to that extent, there is a greater likelihood of obtaining all the resources needed to produce quality food. And I can’t say that I have noticed a loss of good flavor in pecans. Another good example are walnuts, and they say that walnuts are one of the least modified foods, that the walnuts of today are practically unchanged from the walnuts that were growing wild in Iran a million years ago. That’s right, a million.

And if you ever get a chance to eat wild foods, that’s likely to be a good bet. I remember accompanying friends to a mountain in Virginia, a state park, at the top of which there are wild, unfettered blueberry bushes. They went every year, and they would pick all they could. They would bring them back and freeze them. These berries were small but very flavorful and exquisite tasting. That complex, evolving flavor, they had it.

Do the best you can because your nutrition is the single most important thing in your resistance- to infection, including viruses, novel or otherwise; to depression and disorders of mood; to early aging, and really to stress of all kinds. It’s really the core, the foundation, of your well-being, and the rampant disease and disability and early degeneration we see in people all around us is due, in large part, to inadequate nutrition.   



It seems we are descending deeper into the Twilight Zone world in which we live; where reality and illusion are scrambled. But, it’s heartening that more and more doctors are voicing their objections to the PCR testing that has fueled this whole mania. Some are saying outright that it is producing noise. And where it especially rings true is with the many cases of positive test results in the complete absence of any symptoms.

I think it’s important to realize that there is a lot that people think they know that involves them not knowing anything. All they know are some talking points. What basis does the average person have to “know” that PCR testing is identifying  the presence of a new infection with a virus called Covid 19? No basis at all. But, it’s hardly any different for their doctor. The only difference is that their doctor may be able to spew a few more talking points than they can. But, that isn’t knowledge. It’s just parroting. You don’t think a parrot has knowledge, do you?

But, what the average person can do is look at the evidence before them and see if it is consistent with the claims that are being made. For instance, there is the claim that the people who test positive are sick, whether they feel sick or not. Note that early-on, they often claimed that asymptomatic carriers have the same "ground-glass opacities" in the lungs as overtly sick patients. But, I am not hearing that lately. They don’t seem to be saying it any more. It’s one thing to say that a person with a virus may or may not be sick, but it’s another thing to say that a person with a distinct and developed patho-physiology and patho-histology in their lungs may or may not feel any effects from it.

The number of people who have tested positive for Covid without having any symptoms is legion. I’ve seen figures as high as 40% of everyone who tests positive.

So, that is a very troubling thing, and it should be a very troubling thing. And it should raise doubt about the accuracy of the test. In a normal world, it would; but, we are not living in a normal world.

There have been many dozen “allergic” reactions to the vaccine, so far, some of which called for extreme measures, such as extremely high doses of steroids and other drugs. No deaths have been attributed to the vaccine, so far. But, I want you to consider their use of the word “allergic.” They don’t know that it’s an allergy, per se, like a person who has a peanut allergy. They are just calling it that. And by calling it that, an “allergy” it sounds like the problem is with the person, not the vaccine; that the defect is in them; not the vaccine. But, you can’t compare a vaccine to a peanut.

I want to make the point that when you give a pharmaceutical to a large group of people and some of them have adverse reactions to it, that it is a mistake to assume that the ones who do not experience any acute distress are not being harmed at all. Biological harm is not always accompanied by immediate symptoms. It may take time for the harm to manifest, and by the time it does manifest, it may be too late to reverse it. So, what I am wondering is: in light of the acute harm that the vaccine is causing to some, is it causing lesser, quieter harm to others that, in time, will accrue to become a noticeable and serious health impairment? Nobody can answer that question. Time Is going to answer it. And in the meantime, everyone who takes the vaccine is a guinea pig. They are gambling with their health.

Yes, they are gambling; big-time. There is little risk in not taking it. I’m 70 years old, and I’m not taking it. Covid has been going on for over a year now, and I haven’t caught it. I haven't gotten sick. I wear the mask when I shop because I have to. But, I don’t wear it any other time. I don’t wear it any time I don't have to. I don’t wear it in my home, regardless of who is here. So, I am certainly not the most earnest abider of the Covid protocols, and far from it. Plenty of people who have scrupulously followed all the protocols have come down with Covid, in spite of it. Are you aware of that? But, in light of my own personal experience, why should I think that I have any need for that vaccine? And that would be true even if I knew it were safe and effective, and I know nothing of the kind. But, I know I haven’t gotten sick. And because of who I am, I can assure you that my sense of self, my sense of well-being, and my sense of illness, when it applies, is fine-tuned. In other words, if I’m sick, I know it. And I know I’m not sick. Do I know that I would test negative for Covid? I have no idea. I presume that, just going by the mathematics of probability, that I would probably test negative. But, I just might test positive. This whole pandemic has been fueled by positive tests; positive tests among the symptomatic; and positive tests among the asymptomatic. But, there are absolutely no symptoms of Covid that distinguish it from other illnesses. So, I am not only disputing that the asymptomatic positives have Covid; I’m not even sure that the symptomatic positives have Covid. The only thing I’m sure of is that they have a positive test.

But, it looks like the vast majority of Americans are going to line up and get vaccinated. It’s totally unchartered water. This kind of vaccine, the RNA vaccine, has never been administered before. And the fact that many will get it without experiencing symptoms, or having only mild, passing symptoms, is of no comfort to me. What’s going to happen down the road, and I mean years down the road, remains to be seen, and it could be calamitous.

So, I am living my life with the sense that I am living in a crazy world, and I feel like I am a subject of the realm every time I put that mask on. And the irony is that I am keenly interested in my health and preserving it. But, I trust my judgment and methods, while theirs, I run from like the Plague.



Alzheimer’s disease runs on both sides of my family, and my mother died with Lewy Body dementia, which is similar to Alzheimer’s. She and other family members lost their minds completely. My mother didn’t know who I was.

So, this is not a very good genetic legacy for me. So, what am I doing about it?

First, the most important thing that I am doing are all the things I am doing to preserve my general health. The brain is an organ, just like the heart or stomach. So, anything I do to optimize my nutrition, feeds my brain better. Anything I do to improve my circulation delivers blood to my brain better. Anything I do to bolster my immune system to fight infections and cancer benefits my brain as well. So, to the extent that I eat healthily, which to me means plant-based foods including fruits, vegetables, especially salad greens and cooked greens, raw nuts and seeds, cooked beans and lentils, and whole grains, I am taking good care of my brain. To the extent that I exercise to bolster my circulation and stimulate hormone production and support my circadian rhythms, etc. my brain benefits. And to the extent that I avoid poison habits (alcohol, tobacco, caffeine, and other drugs) I am sparing my brain abuse and preserving it.

But, I do more than that. I am taking supplements to support my brain health. First, I’ll mention anti-aging hormones that I take, which include DHEA, pregnenolone, and melatonin. All have been proven to protect the brain. I also take Acetyl-l-Carnitine because it too is a brain protector, and studies have shown that it combats the development of Alzheimer’s disease. But, there are two more things I take, and both are, strictly speaking, nutritional.

The first is Vitamin B-12, which is involved in DNA synthesis. A deficiency of it manifests in two ways: megaloblastic anemia and nerve damage, and it’s both motor and sensory nerves that get destroyed. However, in vegetarians like me, who eat a lot of vegetables, B12 deficiency manifests only with the nerve damage. That’s because a high intake of folate, which I most certainly get, substitutes for the B12 in red cell maturation; so, you don’t get the anemia. But, nothing replaces the B12 when it comes to the nerves, and that includes nerve cells within the brain. Dementia is a recognized manifestation of severe Vitamin B12 deficiency. And it is something that occurs in epidemic proportion because millions of seniors are deficient in B12. And that can be true even if they eat a lot of meat because, with aging, the absorption of B12 from food declines. It may decline to virtually zero. That’s why they developed these parenteral forms of B12 that can be absorbed from the oral mucosa. So, you either spray it in your mouth, or add it by droplet. And it absorbs right through the oral mucosa. We offer an excellent product of that kind, Liquid Vitamin B12.

Then, the other nutritional product I take for this is Omega 3 fatty acids in the form of fish oil. The brain needs EPA and DHA to be healthy, and the ability to create these long-chain poly-unsaturated fatty acids declines with age. It’s especially true for older men who just can’t convert alpha linolenic acid from plants into DHA any more.  Getting pre-formed EPA and DHA is something that I consider to be vital to my brain health and general health.

I take Eicosomax from Klaire Labs because it is pure and concentrated. It is so pure, it doesn’t seem fishy. I never get any belching, burping, or repeating from it. And it is a therapeutic dose of EPA and DHA.

The amount of EPA and DHA in your brain is enormous and both are essential. DHA is directly involved in nerve cell activity, the conduction of impulses, while EPA is involved mostly in mediating inflammation.

Take it from me: this is important, and taking these supplements daily is something I never forget to do, no joke intended.   

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