Dr. Anthony Fauci, who is the mascot for the whole Covid story, has now tested positive for it, and he has mild symptoms.  Dr. Fauci is the highest paid employee of the federal government. He makes more than the President. And it’s just a part-time job. In addition, he has a thriving medical practice. So, this mouthpiece stuff is just something he does on the side. Be clear: he is not a scientist or a researcher (not that I respect them when it comes to Covid). Dr. Fauci is a spokesman. All he does is rattle off talking points.  

Now, keep in mind, he is a celebrity, and I doubt that when he needs something at Walmart that he goes himself. And considering the frequency of mass shootings these days, why would he take the risk of going himself when he can easily have someone go for him?  And in his medical practice, I’m sure it’s mask, mask, mask all the time.

So, how did he get infected? To whom was he exposed and how? That’s a question that was frequently asked in the beginning, but not anymore. Now, it’s just assumed that Covid is everywhere, and they no longer look to identify the source of the infection.

He has been vaccinated against Covid 4x. That’s 2 regular shots and 2 “boosters.”  And we have to assume that there is no one who has been more scrupulous than him about practicing the safety protocols.

And yet, he got it anyway? So, all we should do is shrug our shoulders and say, “damn virus is a sneaky little devil”?

And, of course, he is not alone and not a rarity in being 4x vaccinated, yet inflicted.

In any other area of life, results like these would be seen for what they are: a failure. If you hired a roofer to fix a leak in your roof, and it continued to leak, you would want your money back. That protection is still claimed for the Covid vaccine is lunacy. It’s not doing any good for anybody. But, it’s worse than that. The whole thing is a scientific fraud. The virus doesn’t exist. The tests (all of them) are completely bogus. And let’s face it: anything that tests for something that doesn’t exist has to be bogus. And medical care for so-called Covid has ushered many people to their grave. Most of the reported deaths from Covid occurred in the hospital- despite medical care.

Let’s remember that, according to Medicine, there are two things that can happen in Covid patients. The first is harm from the virus. The second is the over-stimulation of the immune system which causes excessive inflammation and tissue damage. And it’s the latter that is considered life-threatening. And remember that Medicine says that symptoms can range from none at all to life-threatening complications- and that’s from the same virus. So, it may not phase you in the least, or it may kill you. That's their paradigm- if you're willing to believe it. 

Today, the CDC is recommending that symptomatic but non-hospitalized patients be given Paxolivid (which is Pfizer’s new drug Nirmatrelvir, combined with an old HIV drug, Ritonivar) or, if there is some reason why that can’t be prescribed, then Remdesivir. And they have two other alternate anti-viral drugs in case more options are needed. They are all very toxic drugs. And most of the time, the person isn’t that sick. What they usually have are symptoms of a cold or a mild flu- the kind of thing that people recover from spontaneously, without any treatment except for resting, fluids, getting a lot of sleep, etc. And if people didn’t have Covid on the brain, that’s what they would do. And then, in severe cases, the CDC recommends the addition of a powerful corticosteroid: dexamethasone.  And there are anti-thrombotic drugs, if they are indicated.

I very rarely get sick that way, but if I did, I would just lay low; rest and sleep as much as possibly; fast or eat very lightly; and not take anything. I wouldn’t start loading up on Vitamin C or zinc or anything like that. I would just let my body work through it. My goal would not be to try to hasten recovery. I don’t believe in it. I believe there is a process involved, and my body has to go through the process. It’s the quality of my recovery that would matter to me- not the speed of it. And I can tell you right now that my body is not going to go into a hyper-inflammatory response that destroys tissues and organs. And never have I had any breathing problems, where I felt I wasn’t getting enough air.  If you think I would be subject to that because of the virulence of some mythical virus, I think you are sadly mistaken.  

You should realize that the people who get Covid badly are people who have pre-existing health problems and who have been under medical treatment for them, for years, taking drugs. And then they are given more drugs, as per the above, and that’s what causes the hyper-inflammatory, destructive response- not a virus. This is not a matter of a healthy, non-medically dependent person encountering a virus and succumbing to it.

The dire outcomes (the worst being death) are due more to Medicine than any virus.   

There is an acronym SPD which stands for starvation-induced pseudo-diabetes. It’s seen in fasters following their fast, and I’ve seen it. It refers to the diabetic-like reaction to consuming carbohydrate, where the blood glucose level rises more than it should from eating carbohydrate. In other words, post-fasters are, for a while, rather sugar-sensitive and sugar-intolerant. And it may even result in glycosuria, where glucose spills out in the urine.

The reason they use the term “pseudo” is because it wears off; it’s just temporary.  It isn’t progressive like real diabetes.

What’s going on is that when people fast, the body runs out of glucose very quickly. It stores some as glycogen in the muscles and in the liver, but that gets used up fast. And once it’s gone, the only source of glucose is to make it from amino acids. That’s something that the body can easily and readily do, but it doesn’t want to do it. The body wants to get through the fast with the least amount of muscle loss. So, it switches to burning ketones, which are derived from fats, so it doesn’t have to do much “gluconeogenesis.”

So, during the fast, the body avoids burning sugar- as much as possible. So, if you break the fast on something sweet, that’s the state the body is in, which is necessary for fasting, and it takes time to come out of it. Eating tells the body to switch back out of that state and resume burning carbohydrate. But, it doesn’t happen immediately.  So, it’s during the transition period that SPD occurs.

So, does that mean that people should scrupulously avoid carbohydrates after fasting? I don’t think so because eating carbs, in particular, is what tells the body to switch back to an eating metabolism. And we want the body to switch back to an eating metabolism. So, I think post-fasters should eat carbs, but they need to be careful about how much.

Switches are part of the whole process of living.  There is the sleep/wakefulness switch, and when it’s working well, you fall asleep easily at night and stay asleep and sleep soundly, and then when you wake up, it takes less than a minute to be raring to go. You shouldn’t need coffee or any other stimulant in the morning to “wake up.”

So, that’s one switch, and you know that people can have problems with it as they age, and even before they age. So, eating metabolism and fasting metabolism is another switch. And it’s probably true that the healthier you are, the faster that switch works, especially when you are coming off a fast.

Now, I have fasted myself, and I don’t know to what extent I have gone through SPD. I’ve never tested myself. I presume I have gone through it. But, I get people who wear sugar monitors 24/7, which are linked to their cell phone, and they can see at any moment of the day or night what their blood sugar is. And almost always, these people are sugar-sensitive, which is why they are hooked up to the thing. And with them, it is very challenging to keep the SPD in check after a fast, even with the most wholesome foods. Even with them, I would not go to a no-carb diet, but you may have to withhold fruits, and go with green salad, steamed vegetables, avocado, and maybe a lentil soup. I am referring to the Indian red lentils that cook down to a smooth liquid that goes down easy. You can make it heavy, but you can also make it very light. Another thing I like to use coming off a fast is Bieler brother, named after a doctor by that name. Here’s a recipe for it, although I usually use spinach instead of parsley, and I usually include onions.


But, I do think of the zucchini and the green beans as the base of it.

So, how long does it take for the SPD to wear off and normal glucose tolerance to be restored? It depends on the individual, but if they are healthy and don’t have any underlying problem, I would say a week to 10 days.

It’s important to realize that this happens not because fasting is damaging, but because it takes a little time to unflip the switch that got flipped during the fast.

But, there is nothing normal about being in a fasting metabolism when you aren’t fasting. This desire that people have to be in a state of ketosis when they are eating and just living their lives is crazy, in my view.  When you are in a state of ketosis, you have constant bad breath; you have a bad taste in your mouth; you are somewhat dehydrated which may make your mouth cottony, and it causes you to stink. Why do people want to live like that? And, I realize, that they can cover it up with mouthwashes and deodorants, etc., but again, why do they want to live like that? It isn’t normal. People should be fresh-smelling and fresh-tasting. It's crazy that people should want to be in ketosis all the time.

But, what is even more important is that if you are staying in ketosis all the time, then your body is going to be doing what it does during fasting. It’s going to be revving up gluconeogenesis; it’s going to be adjusting the hormones such as insulin and glucagon to support the blood sugar, and it results in glucose intolerance, such that if the person goes off their keto diet and binges on carbs, they are going to react like the post-faster, except chronically.

It's interesting that “Carbs bad: fats good” people say that so long as you avoid carbs, you can eat as much fat as you want; while the “Fats bad; carbs good” people say the same thing in reverse. I think they’re both wrong.  I think it’s unnecessary and undesirable to go to extremes in macronutrient avoidance, whether it’s fats or carbs that you’re trying to avoid. I think it’s better to eat both, in wholesome forms, and be attentive to how much food you’re eating. In other words, forget about the idea of unlimited quantities. That’s a fantasy. The most proven life extension technique in the world is caloric restriction. The benefits that are claimed for extreme fat-avoidance and extreme carb-avoidance are going to be exceeded by eating both, but being very careful about the form that you’re getting them (unprocessed plants) and just not eating too much.      

There is no rational reason to think that monkey pox virus exists, never mind that it causes disease. The difference between it and Covid is that Covid was new whereas the first supposed case of monkey pox occurred in 1970. So, they have been nursing this one along for quite a while.

Supposedly, they discovered it in lab monkeys, ones that had been living under lab conditions and lab abuses for quite a while. They manifested symptoms, starting with malaise and fever and lymphadenopathy, and culminating in the pustular rash. So, they did their so-called “isolation” tests involving the induction of “cytopathic effects” that they then blame on the supposed virus.  But, in this case, the cytopathic effects were induced even in monkeys who weren’t manifesting any illness at all. Of course, they were willing to assume that, as with Covid, that some individuals can be exposed and infected with the virus but never manifest symptoms, that they’re sick, but they just don’t know it. But, that's just an assumption, and there is another strong possibility, that the base thing that they are doing is causing the cytotoxic effect and not any virus. They don't just add a virus to the cell colony. They add a mixture that contains drugs, preservatives, formaldehyde, etc., plus a specimen of someone's secretions, which they presume includes the virus, but they don't do a control test in which they apply the mixture without the person's secretions. What if it's the mixture itself, sans the person's exudate, that is causing the "cytotoxic effect"?  And, to refer to it as "isolation" is so blatantly corrupt. They're not isolating anything. What they are supposedly doing is demonstrating the presence of something virulent in the mixture, and they are willing to assume that it's their virus. And I don't grant that that's true, but to call it "isolation" is the corruption of both science and language. 

Since the “pox” part of the illness, that is the skin pustules, are considered the cardinal attribute, they also did experiments in which they cut the skin of healthy monkeys and put in their toxic brew of pus, drugs, antibiotics, solvents, preservatives, and whatnot, and then were able to induce lesions, that is vesicles and pustules, and on that basis, they declared that the disease was successfully transmitted. But, it was limited to the skin. No constitutional symptoms were induced. So, why assume it is the same thing?

And then there are the electron-microscope images, which are really just a PR scam. And they are not even consistent. In some images, the viruses are round and other times square or hexagonal. Sometimes they are dark and other times light. Sometimes they are stark white. 

The disease was first declared in humans in Africa and mainly in children. But, let’s remember that there is extreme poverty in Africa resulting in widespread malnutrition; that there are severe problems with the potability of drinking water there; and it is also a vaccination Mecca where vaccines are heaped on people in even greater quantity than they are here, and it means that you should never go by what is happening in Africa, as if it applies equally to you and it’s only a matter of time before the virus crosses the ocean and gets to you. That’s what they want you to think and fear, but you shouldn’t fall for it.

So, what should your attitude be towards monkey pox? Just that it’s another conjured-up threat from the sick and twisted pseudo-scientific cult of Virology. The only thing to be concerned about is whether the are going to try to force another vaccine on you.  The Biden administration just ordered 13 million doses of experimental monkey pox vaccine for 280 million dollars. It is insane, but that’s the world we live in. 

After experiencing mild symptoms, California Governor Gavin Newsom has tested positive for Covid, despite being twice vaccinated and twice boosted.  Of course, it is indicative of a vaccination failure, but beyond that, I don’t know what to make of it. I don’t assume to know that he has Covid. No matter which test he used, whether the PCR, the antigen, or the rapid test, it’s bogus. And not only is the test bogus, but the whole diagnosis of Covid is bogus. So, all we know is that he presumably had cold-like symptoms, so he underwent some kind of Covid test, and it happened to come back positive.  And that could happen to anybody, regardless of their state of health, regardless of whether they have any symptoms, and regardless of who they have been exposed to, and even if they have been living in a bubble for the last three years.

And not only can anybody test positive, but if they test often enough, sooner or later, they will test positive.

I have been tested for Covid twice, and both times, the result was negative. And I didn’t do it on my choosing. It was something I had to do to meet a compliance order for a film set. But, if I kept testing over and over, I’m sure that I’d test positive, eventually, and not because of anything going on inside of me.

In recent months, the war in Ukraine, the spiking inflation, and the mass shootings, most recently the monstrous and horrific killing of school children in Uvalde, have grabbed the headlines, and Covid has taken a back seat. But, Covid is making a comeback, as they report rising case numbers and a new more virulent and contagious variant- which is more nonsense.

But, the big question is: are they going to go back to draconian restrictions? Are we all going to have to wear masks again? Are they going to get tougher with people to force them to get vaccinated? Are they going to say no more Social Security checks unless you get vaccinated? If so, I guess I’ll be working ‘til my dying day, but that’s OK. I am damn sure not getting vaccinated.

And apparently, I am not getting Covid either, since I haven’t gotten it yet, and I ignore all safety advice. I don’t wear the mask ever, and if they require it again, I will wear it as little as possible.

But, could I have had it, but I just don’t know it? To me that’s the same as not having it.

We live in a medically insane world. It’s so insane that no matter how many governors get Covid after being double vaccinated and double boosted, they are going to continue to push the vaccines and say that they are effective.    




I have torn into the Theory of Evolution many times, in reference, of course, to the theory that all the advancements in the diversity and complexity of life on Earth were driven by random mutations that were naturally selected. Lately, I have been paying attention to the citings about mutations, because although in Evolutionary theory, mutations are perceived as good, where, by accident, they produce a benefit, an advantage, which fosters survival and reproduction, outside of Evolutionary theory, including the realm of cancer research, mutations are perceived as universally bad.

Such an article pertaining to cancer was published today, and I think you should read it:


So, they are saying that understanding cancers is all about identifying their “mutational signatures.” You accumulate mutations and cancers follow. As you read such musings, you forget all about the idea that the motor driving all the positive biological advancements and exquisite anatomical refinements were due to mutations.

I do believe there is a significant mental deficit involved in this.  It’s all about what mental hat you are wearing. If you are talking about cancer, then mutations are bad. But, if you are talking about Evolution, then mutations are good. And really, never the twain shall meet. They are never going to face the contradiction head-on.

And it’s all part of the religion of Modern Medicine. Like any religion, it has its dogmas, and Neo-Darwinian Evolution is one of its leading dogmas.  

Fortunately, I can almost completely ignore it. I don’t change my watch or clocks. If I have an appointment at 3, I know that I have an appointment at 2. I get where I have to go, but as far as my circadian rhythms: when I eat, when I sleep, when I arise, I ignore DST completely.

Humans are solar beings. Our whole physiology is coordinated with the solar cycle. The time isn’t arbitrary. You can’t change the time any more than you can change the weather. Anyone can say anything. You can say that midnight is 8 AM, but it doesn’t mean anything, and it doesn’t change anything.

High Noon is when the sun reaches its highest point in the sky for that day. It is what it is, and it can’t be changed by fiat. Where I live in Austin, Texas, it’s Central Time, which means that even in the winter, we are 30 minutes off our real solar time. Central Time is based on the meridian through New Orleans, and when it’s Noon in New Orleans, it’s only 11:30 here- per solar time. In other words, our sun here won’t reach its highest point for another 30 minutes. So, it’s bad enough that we call 11:30 Noon here in the winter, but during DST, what we call Noon is really only 10:30 AM. And that is an outrage that the fiat time is an hour and a half off from solar.

It affects everything: your eating, your sleeping, the shifts in your bodily temperature, the shifts in your hormonal secretions, and ultimately, your mood. The government is doing a lot of harm to people by imposing DST every year. The government f--ks up a great many things, but do they have to include time? I mean: they give us wars, inflation, depressions, trillions in debt, pandemics, lockdowns, bogus tests, and deadly vaccines, but could they just quit messing with the time?  Is that too much to ask?

So, be like me and defy Daylight Savings Time. Refuse to practice it, as I do. Refer to it as Idiot Time, as I do. And refuse to change your clocks because that refusal is an act of defiance against tyranny.

This didn’t make the headlines. It wasn’t covered at all by the mainstream media. But, back in July, the CDC sent out a “Lab Alert” to the labs doing the PCR test for Covid, that the test they were using has been disapproved, that it no longer is considered valid.

Recall that the PCR test is run by having short strings of DNA nucleotides that they claim are the genetic signature of the Covid-19 virus. That’s what they duplicate with their polymerase chain reaction. Well, it turns out that the strings they were using weren’t accurate. In fact, they admitted that they were “fabricated” and “contrived.” They didn’t come from a virus; they came from the deductions of a computer program.

But, when you feed your data to the computer program, it doesn’t fabricate the same hypothetical string of nucleotides. It spews out different ones each time. It turns out that they were letting labs using 59 different PCR tests, that were looking for different strings of nucleotides. 

Well, they’ve decided that they are all bogus, although they didn’t use that word.  But, they’re saying that they have better strings that more accurately represent the genetic code of the Covid-19 virus. So, the new PCR test, that they were releasing last July, had to be used instead of any of the 59 old ones- throw those dinosaurs out.

So, after admitting that they concocted the first “reference sample,” they replaced what the PCR test is looking for with a better “reference sample.” But, how could they have approved the use of 59 different reference samples for one Corona virus? This tells you that the results of the PCR test, the so-called “gold standard” in Covid testing, is bull shit, although according to them, it was bull shit, but now they’ve got it right, and labs will be looking for the right material. 

The whole thing was bogus from the beginning. They rapidly spewed out a test, which is to say that they got their algorisms to spew out a test, and they declared it to be scientifically accurate. That was in February 2020. By replacing that test with a different one in July 2021, they admitted that the whole thing was flaky and conjectural.

I will never forgive the medical profession for going along with this crap. They weren’t just manufacturing DNA- they were helping to manufacture a fake pandemic. They were willing to diagnose anything and everything as Covid- the virus that can go anywhere and do anything- on the basis of that worthless test. 

They, the MDs, are like the Russian soldiers in Ukraine who are following orders and terrorizing the people of that country- except that doctors have been terrorizing with bogus tests and ventilators.       




If you eat a substantial amount of carbohydrate, your blood sugar is going to spike some. The healthier you are, the less it will spike, and the shorter the duration the spike will be. But, unless you are an extremely light eater, it’s probably going to spike some.

And some people don’t like that. They don’t like it at all.  And they would rather avoid carbohydrate completely than go through it.

Let’s say you are going to eat a meal with 800 calories. If you don’t eat any carbohydrate, you’re not going to get a sugar surge. But, there is 800 calories of something there, and that something is fat and protein.

Protein is digested down to amino acids, and fats are broken into fatty acids and glycerol. The glycerol is essentially half a glucose molecule, and the body can easily and readily put two glycerols together to make a glucose. So, glycerol is equivalent to glucose, but it’s just a small part of the fat molecule. As far as I know, fatty acids are not converted into glucose. However, almost all the amino acids in foods (except for lysine and leucine) are glucogenic.

So, even if you avoid carbohydrates completely (by avoiding all plant foods) your body is very able to create its own glucose, and it does.

But, what is the immediate effect of the amino acid/ fatty acid surge that occurs after a low-carb or no-carb meal? That’s what nobody is talking about. Blood glucose is watched, but no one is monitoring the other.

Everything you eat is first sent to the liver for processing. When that surge of amino acids from eating a large steak gets to your liver, it’s a stress, every bit as much as a surge of sugar is a stress. The difference is that many people are focused on the potential harm from the sugar surge, but few are concerned about the potential harm from the amino acid surge. Some of the amino acids are released into the general circulation, but most of them, the liver gets right to work breaking off the amino group and converting them into glucose. That’s why people on Carnivore diets don’t die of hypoglycemia.

So really, there are no low-carb diets. You’re either going to get carb directly or indirectly.

But, the question is, what is the bigger strain? Dealing with a surge of glucose or fructose or dealing with a surge of amino acids and fatty acids? Actually, I am less worried about the surge of fatty acids, but the surge of amino acids from eating high-protein diets, that I see as a  major strain on the liver and kidneys, and I think it’s far more taxing than eating, say, potatoes- even though potatoes are famous now for spiking blood sugar.  

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