A news piece was widely circulated a couple days ago that reportedly began when a Texas trauma surgeon tweeted that nearly all the Covid patients she's seen have wound up with severe scarring in their lungs, and that's true even among the asymptomatic. 


Her name is Dr. Brittany Bankhead-Kendall. She is obviously a young woman. She is an assistant professor of surgery at Texas Tech, and given that she was still a surgical resident in 2019, that's amazing.  

So, she's claiming that people who have a positive Covid test but no symptoms- and there are a lot of people in that category- have lungs that look as bad on x-ray as those who get clinically ill. 

And she quantified it. She said that people who develop Covid symptoms have a severe x-ray "every time" while among those who don't get visibly ill but test positive, 70 to 80 percent have a severe x-ray.

I find that hard to believe, and therefore, I don't believe it. But, before we get to that, let's ponder some things. 

First, why are Covid patients going to a trauma surgeon? They don't need surgery, do they? Having Covid doesn't necessitate surgery, does it? 

But, the article states that she has treated thousands of Covid patients since March. Thousands? She's a surgeon, and I assume she spends most of her time operating, and operations take time. So, I find it hard to believe that she could have seen thousands of Covid patients since March,  and I don't understand why she would see any Covid patients at all. Obviously, a person who has Covid could also experience trauma and need surgery. But, in that case, she would not be treating them for Covid. It makes no sense that among trauma patients that such a high percentage would have Covid, and it makes no sense for a trauma surgeon to be treating anyone for Covid. 

But, what bothers me most is her claim that asymptomatic positives have lungs that look as bad on x-ray as the clinically sick. This graphic was published with the article:


So, on the left is a normal chest x-ray, although that's clearer than average, by far. That's idyllic. Then there's the smoker's lung and the Covid lung which looks much worse. So, she's claiming that people who test positive for Covid but have no symptoms have lungs that look like that on the right? I don't believe it. Not for a second. I don't believe that anyone could have lungs as bad as those on the right without having symptoms/complaints. But, how is it that she is x-raying asymptomatic people? If they are asymptomatic, surely they don't need to see a surgeon. Why are asymptomatic people going to a trauma surgeon in the first place? 


And where is she finding the time to x-ray asymptomatic people? And who is paying for it? Are insurance companies paying for that? Is the government? The medical system is under strain, right? Hospitals are full? Doctors are working overtime? So, where is the slack to start x-raying asymptomatic people? 

But, other medical sources have made claims that contradict what Dr. Bankhead-Kendall said. These sources have claimed that Covid patients, even symptomatic ones, often have healthy looking chest -rays. 

  • A significant percentage of patients with COVID-19 have normal chest CTs or x-rays. For those patients, a normal imaging result could falsely convince them that they are healthy. If they believe they are healthy, they are at greater risk of spreading the virus to others.



Here's another one that starts with:

Patients presenting at urgent care centers with symptoms that warrant suspicion of COVID-19 may have normal chest X-rays yet still be infected with SARS-CoV-2, according to findings of a study published online April 13 in the Journal of Urgent Care Medicine (JUCM).


Be aware that it's always been the case that people can test positive for a virus without being sick. Take Epstein-Barr. They say that half the population is infected with it, but only a small percentage have symptoms. And it's not just viruses. There are many people who test positive for tuberculosis without being sick; who have no clinical symptoms or impairments. Remember that hospital personnel are given TB skin tests routinely, and some have positive reactions, yet both they and their chest x-rays look fine.  

So, there is often discord between microbial test results and symptomatology. But when it comes to the presence of gross pathology and symptomatology, that's a different matter. You can't tell me that someone could have lungs like the ones on the right without feeling it; without being aware that they have a problem. How could lungs like that ventilate normally? 

So, never mind thousands, I would like to be shown even one person with a positive Covid test, who is walking around skipping and singing from not being sick, who, when you take their chest x-ray, it looks like the image on the right. 

What this is is a grossly exaggerated propaganda piece intended to frighten people into getting vaccinated. Here's Dr. BK's last word:

"There is no long-term implication of a vaccine that could ever be as bad as the long-term implications of COVID."

Oh really. Yet a borderline obese 74 year old, Donald Trump, got Covid and breezed through it in 3 days and was back to campaigning 16 hours a day. And note that there have been no reports of Trump being a "long-hauler."  His wife had it too, symptomatically.  His son had it too, but asymptomatically.. You figure they all have x-rays that look like the one on the right, Dr. BK? Because that is what your article not only implies but states outright, and I'm calling it what it is: bull shit. 










It seems we are descending deeper into the Twilight Zone world in which we live; where reality and illusion are scrambled. But, it’s heartening that more and more doctors are voicing their objections to the PCR testing that has fueled this whole mania. Some are saying outright that it is producing noise. And where it especially rings true is with the many cases of positive test results in the complete absence of any symptoms.

I think it’s important to realize that there is a lot that people think they know that involves them not knowing anything. All they know are some talking points. What basis does the average person have to “know” that PCR testing is identifying  the presence of a new infection with a virus called Covid 19? No basis at all. But, it’s hardly any different for their doctor. The only difference is that their doctor may be able to spew a few more talking points than they can. But, that isn’t knowledge. It’s just parroting. You don’t think a parrot has knowledge, do you?

But, what the average person can do is look at the evidence before them and see if it is consistent with the claims that are being made. For instance, there is the claim that the people who test positive are sick, whether they feel sick or not. Note that early-on, they often claimed that asymptomatic carriers have the same "ground-glass opacities" in the lungs as overtly sick patients. But, I am not hearing that lately. They don’t seem to be saying it any more. It’s one thing to say that a person with a virus may or may not be sick, but it’s another thing to say that a person with a distinct and developed patho-physiology and patho-histology in their lungs may or may not feel any effects from it.

The number of people who have tested positive for Covid without having any symptoms is legion. I’ve seen figures as high as 40% of everyone who tests positive.

So, that is a very troubling thing, and it should be a very troubling thing. And it should raise doubt about the accuracy of the test. In a normal world, it would; but, we are not living in a normal world.

There have been many dozen “allergic” reactions to the vaccine, so far, some of which called for extreme measures, such as extremely high doses of steroids and other drugs. No deaths have been attributed to the vaccine, so far. But, I want you to consider their use of the word “allergic.” They don’t know that it’s an allergy, per se, like a person who has a peanut allergy. They are just calling it that. And by calling it that, an “allergy” it sounds like the problem is with the person, not the vaccine; that the defect is in them; not the vaccine. But, you can’t compare a vaccine to a peanut.

I want to make the point that when you give a pharmaceutical to a large group of people and some of them have adverse reactions to it, that it is a mistake to assume that the ones who do not experience any acute distress are not being harmed at all. Biological harm is not always accompanied by immediate symptoms. It may take time for the harm to manifest, and by the time it does manifest, it may be too late to reverse it. So, what I am wondering is: in light of the acute harm that the vaccine is causing to some, is it causing lesser, quieter harm to others that, in time, will accrue to become a noticeable and serious health impairment? Nobody can answer that question. Time Is going to answer it. And in the meantime, everyone who takes the vaccine is a guinea pig. They are gambling with their health.

Yes, they are gambling; big-time. There is little risk in not taking it. I’m 70 years old, and I’m not taking it. Covid has been going on for over a year now, and I haven’t caught it. I haven't gotten sick. I wear the mask when I shop because I have to. But, I don’t wear it any other time. I don’t wear it any time I don't have to. I don’t wear it in my home, regardless of who is here. So, I am certainly not the most earnest abider of the Covid protocols, and far from it. Plenty of people who have scrupulously followed all the protocols have come down with Covid, in spite of it. Are you aware of that? But, in light of my own personal experience, why should I think that I have any need for that vaccine? And that would be true even if I knew it were safe and effective, and I know nothing of the kind. But, I know I haven’t gotten sick. And because of who I am, I can assure you that my sense of self, my sense of well-being, and my sense of illness, when it applies, is fine-tuned. In other words, if I’m sick, I know it. And I know I’m not sick. Do I know that I would test negative for Covid? I have no idea. I presume that, just going by the mathematics of probability, that I would probably test negative. But, I just might test positive. This whole pandemic has been fueled by positive tests; positive tests among the symptomatic; and positive tests among the asymptomatic. But, there are absolutely no symptoms of Covid that distinguish it from other illnesses. So, I am not only disputing that the asymptomatic positives have Covid; I’m not even sure that the symptomatic positives have Covid. The only thing I’m sure of is that they have a positive test.

But, it looks like the vast majority of Americans are going to line up and get vaccinated. It’s totally unchartered water. This kind of vaccine, the RNA vaccine, has never been administered before. And the fact that many will get it without experiencing symptoms, or having only mild, passing symptoms, is of no comfort to me. What’s going to happen down the road, and I mean years down the road, remains to be seen, and it could be calamitous.

So, I am living my life with the sense that I am living in a crazy world, and I feel like I am a subject of the realm every time I put that mask on. And the irony is that I am keenly interested in my health and preserving it. But, I trust my judgment and methods, while theirs, I run from like the Plague.



Alzheimer’s disease runs on both sides of my family, and my mother died with Lewy Body dementia, which is similar to Alzheimer’s. She and other family members lost their minds completely. My mother didn’t know who I was.

So, this is not a very good genetic legacy for me. So, what am I doing about it?

First, the most important thing that I am doing are all the things I am doing to preserve my general health. The brain is an organ, just like the heart or stomach. So, anything I do to optimize my nutrition, feeds my brain better. Anything I do to improve my circulation delivers blood to my brain better. Anything I do to bolster my immune system to fight infections and cancer benefits my brain as well. So, to the extent that I eat healthily, which to me means plant-based foods including fruits, vegetables, especially salad greens and cooked greens, raw nuts and seeds, cooked beans and lentils, and whole grains, I am taking good care of my brain. To the extent that I exercise to bolster my circulation and stimulate hormone production and support my circadian rhythms, etc. my brain benefits. And to the extent that I avoid poison habits (alcohol, tobacco, caffeine, and other drugs) I am sparing my brain abuse and preserving it.

But, I do more than that. I am taking supplements to support my brain health. First, I’ll mention anti-aging hormones that I take, which include DHEA, pregnenolone, and melatonin. All have been proven to protect the brain. I also take Acetyl-l-Carnitine because it too is a brain protector, and studies have shown that it combats the development of Alzheimer’s disease. But, there are two more things I take, and both are, strictly speaking, nutritional.

The first is Vitamin B-12, which is involved in DNA synthesis. A deficiency of it manifests in two ways: megaloblastic anemia and nerve damage, and it’s both motor and sensory nerves that get destroyed. However, in vegetarians like me, who eat a lot of vegetables, B12 deficiency manifests only with the nerve damage. That’s because a high intake of folate, which I most certainly get, substitutes for the B12 in red cell maturation; so, you don’t get the anemia. But, nothing replaces the B12 when it comes to the nerves, and that includes nerve cells within the brain. Dementia is a recognized manifestation of severe Vitamin B12 deficiency. And it is something that occurs in epidemic proportion because millions of seniors are deficient in B12. And that can be true even if they eat a lot of meat because, with aging, the absorption of B12 from food declines. It may decline to virtually zero. That’s why they developed these parenteral forms of B12 that can be absorbed from the oral mucosa. So, you either spray it in your mouth, or add it by droplet. And it absorbs right through the oral mucosa. We offer an excellent product of that kind, Liquid Vitamin B12.


Then, the other nutritional product I take for this is Omega 3 fatty acids in the form of fish oil. The brain needs EPA and DHA to be healthy, and the ability to create these long-chain poly-unsaturated fatty acids declines with age. It’s especially true for older men who just can’t convert alpha linolenic acid from plants into DHA any more.  Getting pre-formed EPA and DHA is something that I consider to be vital to my brain health and general health.

I take Eicosomax from Klaire Labs because it is pure and concentrated. It is so pure, it doesn’t seem fishy. I never get any belching, burping, or repeating from it. And it is a therapeutic dose of EPA and DHA.


The amount of EPA and DHA in your brain is enormous and both are essential. DHA is directly involved in nerve cell activity, the conduction of impulses, while EPA is involved mostly in mediating inflammation.

Take it from me: this is important, and taking these supplements daily is something I never forget to do, no joke intended.   

I’m lucky because I’m in a situation where I don’t think there is anything they can do to compel me to take a Covid vaccine. This article implies that the courts are going to support companies that require their workers to get vaccinated.


Of course, schools already require childhood vaccinations, and some parents are choosing to home-school for that reason. I’ll mention again that Austin, Texas, where I live, is well known for being vaccination resistant, and the Waldorf School here does very well (there’s a waiting list to get into it) because they make vaccination optional. I’m sure that some parents send their kids there for no other reason. In other words, they’re not really interested in the philosophy of Rudolf Steiner.

Elsewhere in the news, a young American woman was sentenced to 4 months in prison for breaking her mandatory 14 day quarantine, although the sentence was reduced to 2 month in prison after the U.S. media reported it. But, the strange thing is that after she was sentenced and they took her away, there is video of it, and in the video, the young woman is masked but not her handlers. I put the picture up here:


As of December 19, the CDC reported 6 severe reactions to the Covid vaccine. Everyone who gets it has to remain under observation for 15 minutes before they can leave.

6 severe allergic reactions reported from more than 250K COVID-19 vaccine shots (mynbc5.com)

The key word there is “severe.” We know that the effect can be life-threatening because they resorted to very high doses of steroids to save the nurse the in Alaska, and they wouldn’t have done that unless they had to. So, how many people experienced less than severe reactions, such as fever, headache, and malaise? And keep in mind that there are short-term adverse effects and long-term adverse effects; two very different things. No testing whatsoever has been done on the long-term adverse effects. They’ll find out what they are as time passes. Or will they? Since it’s a long-term effect, it’s not going to appear as a sudden reaction. It’s likely to manifest as chronic health problems that may not be unique to the vaccine. In other words, there will be plenty of room for “plausible deniability.”

No attempt was made to determine whether the vaccine prevents infection. What they looked for are symptoms, and their claim is that the vaccine will prevent the development of symptoms. But, the vast majority of study subjects who developed symptoms developed mild ones: extremely mild ones, such as a slight cough or a little sore throat. What is the point of taking a vaccine to prevent such symptoms?

The idea that the vaccine will prevent serious, life-threatening disease is just assumed.

But, we are in totally uncharted water because people have never been given this kind of vaccine before.

I continue to hear stories of cases that are unsettling. The latest is that of an older man (who is probably about my age) who went to the hospital for hernia surgery and there contracted Corona virus. So then, they tested his family, and some tested positive while others didn’t. His 7 year old grandson tested positive but wasn’t sick at all. Still, he had to go on quarantine for 14 days.

As for life getting back to normal, it’s not going to. There is no expectation that the vaccines are going to allow that to happen. Masking, social distancing, and the shuttering of group activities, they are with us for the foreseeable future. It’s pointless to project a date when it’s going to be over.

I’m sure glad I wasn’t born later.


Yesterday, the vaccinating of Americans with the Pfizer Covid vaccine began, starting with medical works, people in nursing homes, and others considered especially vulnerable. For me, it’s like watching lemmings tumble over the cliff. And, it’s like an episode of the Twilight Zone because it really does seem like we are in another dimension. Never before has an RNA vaccine been given to humans. I’ve heard many people say it alters DNA, but as I understand it, it’s more that it supplants your DNA. What does DNA do? It tells your cells what proteins to make. Well, this messenger RNA is going to tell your cells to make a toxic protein, and they know that it’s toxic. And then when it reaches the surface of the cells, the immune cells will respond by making antibodies to it, which is the immune response they are looking for. They claim that after that, the mRNA will be broken down and discarded, and that that happens right away. But, in that case, the therapeutic effect they are seeking is very temporary, and therefore, what good is it?  But, everything about this is very hypothetical. The fact is: it is an experiment.

The sad truth is that Medicine has become a global cult. That’s really what it is: a cult. It’s all about beliefs. The belief in the PCR test, which has never before been used the way it has been used for Covid. And even though there are indications screaming at us that the test isn’t valid, such as animals, foods, and inanimate objects testing positive for Covid, the belief in it goes on.  That’s because it’s a cult.

And the bizarre thing is that they don’t even expect it to stop infection. They just think it’s going to make it easier on people who get infected. But even if true, they can still infect others. Therefore, our Covid lifestyle must go on: with masks, social distancing, shutdowns, lockdowns, and quarantines.

I don’t even know for sure if the Covid virus exists at all. But, what I do know is that, whether it does or it doesn’t, they are diagnosing everything and anything as Covid, so long as the sick person tests positive for it. So, even if a person has had heart disease for decades, if they finally die of it, so long as they tested positive for Covid within the last month, they died, not of heart disease, but of Covid.  And that is a depraved situation. It is flagrantly corrupt.

Why does a person who hasn’t gotten Covid think they need the vaccine? Do they really think that the masking and social distancing they’ve done has kept them from getting it? Don’t they know that thousands of people who have been as diligent, and more diligent, than they have, have gotten it despite it all?  

So, what is going to be the outcome of this mass experiment? First, remember that in talking about the adverse effects of the vaccine, there are the short-term manifestations and the long-term ones. They think they know what to expect concerning short-term problems, and they expect there to be a significant amount of that. And they are fearful that many people who took the first shot will be unwilling to take the second one. But, they have no basis to claim anything about the long-term harms. That’s a black box, and they’ll find out what they are when they happen.

It’s encouraging that there is growing chorus of medical professionals who are fighting all this, and you can listen to some of them here, and they are from all over the world.


Someone asked me why I didn’t include Vitamin C among the supplements I take which I believe support my immunity. I don’t take Vitamin C as a separate supplement. I do take Core Multi from Klaire Labs, which I have taken for years, and it contains 400 mg of Vitamin C. And I probably get at least 500 mg/day from my diet because I eat so much fresh produce.  So, that’s 900 mg total, which is 10X the RDA. And I dare say that I think that’s enough. If there is any nutritional benefit from taking more Vitamin C than that, it’s got to be so small that it’s not worth worrying about. But notice that I said “nutritional” effect. Vitamin C can also be used therapeutically in much higher doses, but, as far as I’m concerned, it’s just something to consider doing temporarily because of circumstances. But for overall nutrition, I think what I’m getting is plenty, and I am not inclined to take more. Here is the link to the Core Multi that I take. It’s really very good. It is a very efficient and sufficient formula.


A good friend informed me that he got Covid. He is a retired professor in Ohio, about my age. He said that for 9 days, he experienced high fevers, weakness, body aches, but his respiratory symptoms were relatively mild. He did not have to be hospitalized, and he recovered spontaneously without treatment.

I asked him how it differed from his past experiences with the flu. He said the main difference was that he noticed the loss of taste and smell. But, I’d like to point out that that can happen with the regular flu, and even with colds, because any time you have inflammation in the upper respiratory tract, it can happen. But, people today are very tuned in to that symptom because they hear about it so much.

I asked him if he knows how he got it. He said that he was quarantining strictly, that he and his wife were having food delivered. He said he only left the house twice in recent weeks: once to go to his doctor’s office for routine blood tests, and once, to meet a friend at Panera’s where they enjoyed a meal. But, the friend was the only one he was exposed to at the restaurant without a mask, and this friend later was not sick and tested negative for Covid.

So, where does that leave it? It leaves it with no plausible explanation for how he got it. And if he could get it doing all the things that he was doing to stay safe, it certainly suggests that the masking that everyone is doing isn’t working.  

And, his case isn’t usual. Since he was NEVER around anyone who was visibly ill with it, his must have been a case of “asymptomatic spread.” The vast majority of cases are occurring that way. Recently, the CDC attributed half the transmissions to asymptomatic spread, however, no rational, scientific reason has ever been given why a disease which kills some people can cause not the slightest symptom in others. Covid is a deadly disease- except when it’s not.

I just read today that a nurse who was involved in a Covid vaccine trial experienced a severe reaction in which she experienced the highest fever she ever got in her life and other acute symptoms. Her narrative is being published in JAMA, a leading medical journal, along with an editorial saying that it is probably at the extreme of reactions that people are going to get from being vaccinated.  

However, I beg to differ. We know that the individual is always a variable in all pharmaceutical testing. Even if the percentage of people who experience severe reactions is small, they’re talking about vaccinating the whole country- hundreds of millions of people. With that many people involved, even an infinitesimal occurrence of severe reactions could be catastrophic. If half of Americans agree to take the vaccine, that would be over 150 million people. And it may be that more than half will take it since fear of Covid is so rampant.  

Then, there is Oregon medical doctor, a family practitioner, who proclaimed at pro-Trump rally that neither he nor his staff wear masks. This is what he said:

"We have been utterly duped, and I want you to know that this is insanity and the purpose is only to shut down the American people," Dr. LaTulippe said at the rally. "This is a threat to your freedom, a threat to our Constitution. I petition all of you, take off the mask of shame."

The Oregon medical board promptly suspended his license.

I am often asked what I take to support my immunity during this time of Covid. I haven’t altered anything. I haven’t started taking anything specifically because of Covid. But, there are things that I take routinely that I think are helping to protect me from infection, in general, including Covid. That includes hormones that I take, which are DHEA and melatonin, one in the morning, the other at night. Both strengthen the immune system. It includes Vitamin D3, 5000 IUs, which I take with my largest meal. And it includes iodine, which does more than support your thyroid. Iodine is an immune booster, and I take one Iodoral 12.5 mg. tablet daily. I get all of them pharmaceutical-grade from Klaire Labs. And I think that eating my plant-based diet of fresh fruits, green salads, steamed green vegetables, raw nuts and seeds, cooked beans and legumes, and limited whole grains is contributing mightily to my health. I think it’s protecting me a lot more than a mask.



I hear a lot of enthusiasm from people about the pandemic ending, that is, when we get the vaccine. They have the gleaming vision that the vaccine will be resoundingly effective; that it will be administered rapidly to all Americans; and after that, life will return to normal, and we’ll be able to go to theaters, attend concerts, and talk about all this in the past tense.


Well, they are not listening to Dr. Fauci because he says that even with the vaccine, life will not return to normal. He says that the vaccine will NOT prevent infection with the Corona virus. The only thing that the vaccines are expected to do is prevent serious illness among those who get infected, and it may even reduce their symptoms to zero. But, they are still going to get infected, and they will still be able to infect others. And therefore, the masking and social distancing will have to continue indefinitely even after the entire population is vaccinated.


So, when, pray-tell, are the pandemic, and the lifestyle it has wrought, going to end? That is the question reporters posed to Dr. Fauci, and his reply, given with a straight face, was: “That will depend on the second generation of vaccines.”


The second generation? Is he serious? Even the first generation is like pie in the sky, and now he’s talking about the second? And what they are claiming for the first generation has no credibility.  For instance, Pfizer claimed that of the 44,000 subjects in their study, only 94 developed any symptoms over 3 months, and that includes mild symptoms such as a mild cough or a mild sore throat or a mild fever. Only 94 out of 44,000? Who are these people? They’re obviously not like those I pass at the mall, or I should say, I used to pass.


And since when do you take a vaccine not to prevent infection but to prevent symptoms? Half the people who get Covid don’t get symptoms anyway, even without a vaccine. And that is practically the entire basis upon which the disease is continuing to spread. After all, among those coming down with Covid lately, what do you think they’re saying? That they let a guy with a bad cough, cough in their face? No, they are not saying that or anything like it. They’re saying that they don’t know how they got infected, that they don’t know how they were exposed because they haven’t been around anyone who was sick. That’s true in most all the new cases. So, since it’s obvious that mask-wearers and social distancers can still come down with Covid and quite easily, of what use are the masks and social distancing?


It reminds me of a great line in No Country For Old Men: If following the rules brought you to this, of what use were the rules?


Life is not going to go back to normal any time soon. And the outcome of the mass vaccination, about which there is so much hope and promise, could not only be a big disappointment, it could be disastrous.


And they’re telling us that the flu is practically non-existent this year. And they think it’s because the masking and social distancing work against the flu. Then, why don’t they work against Covid? Is it because Covid is very much more infectious and contagious than the flu?  But, how do they know that? Isn’t it just an assumption made out of convenience?


What’s going on is insane. And if you think your doctor knows a lot more about Covid than you do, think again. He or she may know a few more talking points than you do, but that’s about it.  They are just dogma-tees, like everyone else. And the Covid dogma has a lot more in common with religion than it does science.


Here is a conundrum: Let’s say a person has flu-like symptoms but tests positive for Covid. We know that in many people, Covid is asymptomatic. So, what if his Covid is asmptomatic but he also has the flu? One thing we can be sure of is: when in doubt, they are calling it Covid. For one thing, we know that hospitals, which are strapped for cash, get paid more money by the government if they call it Covid. We are in the midst of a Tulip Mania except it’s for Covid labeling. Have you noticed the ease at which they will attribute anything and everything to Covid? It began as a respiratory virus. Now, it is the virus that can go anywhere and do anything. And it may bypass the respiratory system completely. Or it may do nothing. Nothing at all.


When Autumn comes around, I shift my eating pattern, and there are certain foods I go to at this time of year.

Texas Red Grapefruit- I live in Texas, and it is plentiful here. I don’t know how available it is in other places. But, Texas Ruby Red or Star Ruby grapefruit is the best in the world, or at least, the best I’ve ever had. And that red color is due to lycopene. So, guys, every time you eat it, you are helping to protect your prostate. Lycopene is also protective of the lungs, so in these Covid times, why not eat some? I eat it almost every day this time of year.

Other Citrus- Navel oranges appear in late October/early November, but they tend to be very acidic and don’t really get good and ripe until December, and maybe not even until January. So, I don’t buy them in the fall. However, the mandarin oranges are very nice this time of year. They ripen up nicely this early, and that’s what I am buying and eating now.  

Comice pears are the king of pears. It’s a French pear, and in the U.S., it is only grown commercially in one place: the very top of Northern California and the very bottom of Oregon, an area called the Red River Valley.  It’s the only place here that has the right soil and climate to grow them. But, they are delicious; truly a desert pear; sweet, juicy, and flavorful. They are only available in the fall, you might as well eat them.

Perimmons are a very highly mineralized fruit and 4% mineral ash. That’s high. Persimmons are very sweet, and they are like Nature’s jam. And that’s how Ieat them. I don’t just sit down and eat a persimmon. I find that it’s too sweet to do that. But, I add them to oatmeal, or I might make a sandwich out of whole grain bread, nut butter, and persimmon.  And I guarantee you kids will like them too.

Pomegranates are considered a super-food because they contain unique nutrients called punicaligans that are found nowhere else that are very cardio-protective. They help keep your arteries clear and healthy. They also support the immune system. Pomegranates are expensive but a lot cheaper than medical care for heart disease which really only harms you anyway.

Dark Leafy Greens such as kale, collards, and mustard greens, and also Asian greens such as bok choy come into their own in cool weather because they like it. It makes them sweet and succulent. I’m lucky because I have a garden, and tonight I ate bok choy from my garden. I fixed some tonight, and all I do is steam it for about 5 minutes, and then I dress it with sesame tahini and garlic powder. No salt is needed. I also have kale growing, and it’s almost big enough to harvest. But, in the meantime, I buy these 3 pound bags of washed, cut and stemmed, organic kale at the supermarket. And for that, I steam it for 5 to 8 minutes, and then I dress it with extra virgin olive oil and garlic powder. Again, no salt. You do not need it. There is naturally occurring sodium in these greens, as well as every other mineral that you need.

Nuts and Seeds become available as a new crop in the fall. I buy a bunch and freeze them because they keep better that way. They are high in oil, and it’s very perishable. Almonds with the skins on hold up the best because that skin seals them pretty darn good. But, pecans can turn rancid easily, and Texans know that they are best stored in the freezer. They don’t actually freeze. They get rather brittle, but you can actually eat them right out of the freezer. I do the same with sunflower seeds; I buy the new crop in the fall and store them in the freezer.

Sweet potatoes and winter squashes: The new  crop of these are also available, but the early sweet potatoes aren’t that sweet. A sweet potato really has to “cure” a while before its sugars form. So, I am not hasty about buying sweet potatoes. But, the winter squashes are good now, such as acorn and butternut.


Well, I hope this has helped you. I am a strong believer in the power of plant foods. And it really is wonderful to get into this kind of eating. And before long, you forget about the other stuff. I’m eating better than anybody on the planet, as far as I’m concerned- unless they are eating like me.  





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