The British Medical Journal has released a scathing attack on Dr. Andrew Wakefield, the British doctor and researcher who since 1998 has championed the link between childhood vaccines and autism.

We have seen this kind of persecution before, for instance, towards Dr. Peter Duesberg, the molecular biologist who was attacked for his controversial views on HIV and AIDS. The truth is that Big Pharma will tolerate no criticism of its massive vaccination program for children. Never before have so many vaccines been given to children so early in life- approximately 35 vaccines before the age of 5. It is a massive chemical bombardment that is being administered indiscriminately and universally and with no serious effort to even look for untoward effects.

But remember, you have to follow the money. The recent article attacking Dr. Wakefield was written by Brian Deer, who is a reporter for the London Times, which is owned by Rupert Murdoch, the media mogul with close ties to Big Pharma.

Wakefield's interest in vaccinations arose from spontaneous reports from parents about illnesses and abnormalities they saw in their children shortly after they were vaccinated. There have been many such cases. but Big Pharma has always refused to look at them. At the beginning, Dr. Wakefield was a practicing gastroenterologist in England, and he was asked to evaluate a child who had severe bowel problems and who had also sunk into autism, and all of it starting immediately after getting the MMR vaccine. Dr. Wakefield, who prior to that had no alternativist bent whatsoever, was intrigued with the case. Then, similar cases started coming in, over 200 in total. When he wrote his famous paper, published in the Lancet in 1998, he never claimed that vaccines cause autism; he only said there was a "possible association" between the two. And for that, they pilloried him and continue to pillory him.

But, I think Dr. Wakefield is much too timid about the link. Among unvaccinated Amish children, autism is virtually non-existent. Dr. Mayer Eisenstein, the head of the HomeFirst Health Services, has tracked 35,000 Amish children in Illinois, and as regards autism, he said, "I don't have a single case." Then there is Dr. Jeff Bradstreet, a Florida pediatrician who is associated with a large group of religious families who are home-schooling their children and refraining to vaccinate them, and he says that in regard to autism in this group, "It's largely non-existent." For many years, I was associated with the American Natural Hygiene Society which consisted of about 10,000 families from all over the country who were trying to live healthfully and who were not vaccinating their children. It was a close-knit group, and I never heard of a single case of autism among any of the children involved, and I do believe I would have heard.  

These are just a few examples, but there are many more. Vaccination is a vast subject, and it is not possible for me to address all aspects of it, and I won't try. And although I am not an immunologist, I am still entitled to my opinion. And like everyone, I am entitled to make decisions about it pertaining to my own life, and I won't be pushed around. I had just one child, a son, and his mother and I refused to permit him to be vaccinated at all. He grew up just fine and suffered no bad consequences whatsoever. He never caught any of the diseases for which others were being vaccinated. Today, he is a healhy 37 year old man. If I had to do it over, I would again refuse to have him vaccinated. I, myself, was vaccinated as a child, but fortunately, there were only a few back then. It wasn't like today. As an adult, I have never been vaccinated for anything, and there are no conditons or circumstances in which I would ever consider being vaccinated again, for anything, period.

Do you think vaccination is scientific? If it were scientific, they would test it. They would do double-blind, placebo-controlled studies of it. They never do. Not for any of them.

Once, l had the privilege of meeting Dr. Robert Mendelsohn, the author of Confessions of a Medical Heretic. And I remember his telling me that of all areas of Medicine,  vaccination was the most flimsy, tenuous, and unfounded.  He said that vaccination was more doctrine and dogma than science, and belief in it is really more of a religion. I probably have about as much technical knowledge of vaccination as most physicians do, which is to say, not much. However, I am not going around injecting children or adults with rank poisons under the delusion that I am protecting them from disease. We'll leave the last words to Dr. Mendelsohn: 

"The greatest threat of childhood diseases lies in the dangerous and ineffective methods used to prevent them through mass innoculations. There is no convincing scientific evidence that mass innoculations can be credited with eliminating any childhood disease."