As I said last time, Dr. Saladino likes to brandish his shirtless image a lot to promote his Carnivore diet and the sale of his products related thereto, and I’m sure it impresses a lot of people. You can see him here:

And he looks good. I don't deny it. But, two can play that game. I just took this image. Today is Saturday, October 23, 2021.

Now, I’m not as big as he is; I’m not as muscular. But, consider the differences. I’m a lot older. I’m 70. I don’t know how old he is, but he’s got to be a lot younger. And he is working at it a lot harder than I am. I’m not straining myself. I don’t go to the gym. I have some exercise equipment at home, but it’s nothing comparable to heavy weightlifting. And mostly, I bicycle, swim, and hike. I’m not trying to bulk up. I’m not trying to increase my muscle size or strength. I just want to retain the muscles I have. They don’t have to get any bigger.  And I don’t eat a high protein diet. I don’t eat meat or animal foods. I eat fruits, vegetables, salad greens, raw nuts and seeds, beans, and whole grains. And that’s it. You’re looking at a body built out of plants.

Now, the point is that even if you’re more impressed with him than with me, that is not grounds to assume that his greater development means that he’s healthier or that his advice is more sound. And actually, when you consider that he is into extreme living, what he calls "radical living," including extreme exercise, extreme protein loading, etc., that if I can do as well as I do without going to extremes of exercise or protein loading or anything else, I think it speaks better for me than it does him. In other words, I am not trying nearly as hard as he is at bodybuilding, and yet I'm doing pretty damn well. 


I’m not saying that to brag; I’m just trying to point out that you have no reason to listen to him over me, even if you think he beats me in the physique contest. It’s not that important. I say: be like me and make your goal to live long and live well; to avoid decrepitude and the medical stage of life, where doctoring is the main thing you’re doing. And with that goal in mind, I’ve got a lot more faith in what I’m doing than what he’s doing.