On this the day of Colin Powell’s death, I am seeing mostly articles like this one, about how he lied to the United Nations and caused the deaths of numerous Iraqis, including many civilians.  


I’m not opposed to holding him accountable, but what about his boss, George W. Bush? He’s still alive and well, so how about arresting him for war crimes?  As I see it, there is no justification not to.

But, I digress. Colin Powell was 84 years old and he had a type of cancer called multiple myeloma. And he was hospitalized for some time at Walter Reed Army Medical Center. They’re saying that he died of Covid complications. And he was fully vaccinated. He is probably the most celebrated fully vaccinated person to die so far.

But, like clockwork, damage control is setting in; they’re saying that his body failed to generate the expected immune response from the vaccine. Of course, if he hadn’t gotten Covid they would have said that the vaccine was protecting him well despite his disease.

But, did he get Covid? And if so, how? He was not going to rock concerts or motorcycle rallies. He wasn’t even going to Walmart. He wasn’t going anywhere. He was in the hospital, where they have the highest safety precautions against Covid. So, how could he have been exposed to it? I realize there are Covid patients in the hospital, but why would they have been anywhere near him? If being 6 feet away protects, then how was he exposed? And surely his nurses and doctors didn’t give it to him because they were practicing all the protocols, right?

Was it a family member? Well, they can be tested. You can find out. So, I’d be willing to bet that this is another case in which we’re just supposed to shake our heads and say, “That lousy virus, it got another one. We’ll never know how it reached him.” That’s the religion of Covidism talking.


 What is the reality here? The reality is that they routinely perform Covid PCR tests on people in the hospital, and if you keep taking that test, sooner or later, you are going to test positive. It happened to the Governor of Texas, Greg Abbott. He was being tested regularly because he is a paraplegic. And finally, he generated a positive test, even though he was feeling fine. A few days later, he tested negative again.

Since they don’t recognize the possibility of false positive tests, what is their thinking about him? That he got an asymptomatic Covid infection that cleared up in 3 days? Why do they consider that more plausible than that he had a bogus test result?

And if you do test positive, they attribute any symptoms you have to Covid. I assume that Colin Powell died from his disease and probably from the treatment of his disease, and most likely Covid had nothing to do with it. And I’ll stick to that even if he had respiratory symptoms because if you are failing systemically, then respiratory symptoms are likely to occur. The most common cause of death that is put on death certificates is pneumonia,  and that was true before Covid.

And notice that we didn’t hear anything about this until today. It’s not like he was battling Covid for weeks. It’s possible that he turned up a positive Covid test near the end, and because of it, they’re willing to attribute his death to Covid. When in doubt, blame Covid.

I tell you, I truly despise the medical profession. Yes, I know that they sometimes do good, and they even save lives, but, in the aggregate, they are doing so much more harm than good, the net effect is that they are a menace to society. I’m sorry but it’s true.