People around the world are taking to the streets to protest the draconian restrictions ordered because of Covid.

However, there is one line that authorities haven’t yet crossed, and it’s a very significant one. When you hear the list of venues and locations that now require proof of vaccination, what’s not included are grocery stores. They haven’t yet dared to instate that-  to prohibit people from obtaining food unless they submit to vaccination. Of course, you know they want to. And never say never. Don’t assume that their desperation and zealotry couldn’t go that far.

One of the big protests was in New York City, and it’s amazing that it wasn’t front page/ headline news.

We often say that this is a free country, and we celebrate it on the 4th of July. But, in reality, we’re free to do whatever the government lets us do. You're free, but you can't buy an unpasteurized almond. And if you are not free to decide for yourself what you are going to put into your body, then you are not free at all, and it’s foolish to claim otherwise. Am I saying that you have nothing to celebrate on the 4th of July? Yes, that’s what I’m saying; so stop doing it. And just because it’s worse in some places, such as China and Australia, is no reason to celebrate what we have here.

Consider the hypocrisy of it all. They tell us that the vaccines are effective. But, if they are, then the vaccinated should have nothing to fear from the unvaccinated. But of course, the vaccines are not effective because plenty of vaccinated people have gotten Covid, and some have died. So, since the vaccines are ineffective, it is ludicrous to mandate them. And to do it on the very nebuous claim that the vaccines aren't effective (they can't be relied upon to prevent infection or illness), but they do lower the risk, is a fiat delusion. Even if it were true, why would anyone be content with that? What is attractive about it?  What I am saying is that what you have heard about all the vaccinated people getting Covid, the reports that you’ve heard, that should be enough to lead you to conclude that the vaccines don't work; period. So, why is it worth it to bear the risks of the vaccine, including the known risks and the unknown ones?  And don’t be moved by their vaunted statistics. It's just data manipulation, starting with a preordained conclusion. Recall what Mark Twain told us about the three kinds of lies.  Dismiss their numbers because they are known liars. Rather, you should consider the reports of vaccinated people getting Covid as a sampling that should tell that you that the vaccines don't work.  

Again, they don’t dare restrict people’s access to food stores, and it’s precisely because they know that riots would result from it. However, they’re trying to go about it indirectly, since President Biden ordered companies and employers to mandate vaccines for workers. Work is how people obtain the money to buy food. If employers are going to mandate vaccines, then obviously, if you get fired for refusing, it’s unlikely to impossible for any other employer to hire you, since they are subject to the same mandates.

But, employees are fighting back. Last weekend, Southwest Airlines had to cancel half its flights because of walk-outs by crew members- including pilots.   

The fact that countries with over 80% vaccination rates, such as Israel and Singapore, are having Covid surges should tell you that the vaccines aren’t doing anything- at least, not anything positive. But, their response is to double down and mandate boosters. When the 3rd booster proves to be ineffective, are they going to mandate a 4th?  

This is medical tyranny, and what’s scary about it is that it transcends national borders. It’s a global tyranny, based supposedly on science, but really on pseudo-science, or what I call medico-religion.