What you see below is a comment I left on one of his Youtube videos concerning the death of Kassidi Kurill, the 39 year old surgical assistant from Utah who died 4 days after getting her second Moderna shot. Dr. Hansen is willing to make any assumption to exonerate the vaccine in her death, in this case assuming that she overdosed on Tylenol, but no honest look at the matter can vindicate the vaccine.

Ralph Cinque: Kassidi Kurill was a medical professional, a surgical tech, so, can't we assume that she knew of the danger of acetominophen toxicity, that she knew better than to go crazy with it? And, how could they not know how much she took? She went to the ER on Thursday morning, and she was lucid. Did they not ask her what she took? And when she told them Tylenol, did they not ask her how much she took? How could they not? Remember that she got the second dose of Moderna on a Monday and by Thursday morning, she was in the ER. So, the time frame by which she could conceivably have been overdosing on Tylenol was less than 3 days. We know from experience that in many cases of liver failure from Tylenol it also involves alcohol. So, was she also drinking while taking Tylenol? How could they not ask her about that? She arrived on Thursday morning, and they quickly diagnosed liver failure. But, she was still lucid. So, didn't they ask her if she consumed any alcohol and how much Tylenol she took? It's inconceivable that they didn't. And if they did ask her and they found out that she did drink alcohol, you can be damn sure that that would have been reported. We would have heard about it. So, I think we can assume she was not drinking. We have no basis to jump to the conclusion that she was drinking.

 So, it was a period of two+ days that she was taking Tylenol. So, how likely is it that a medical professional, over the course of 2+ days, would take enough Tylenol to shut down her liver? But, let's say, for the sake of argument, that that's what happened. Then the NAC should have worked. We're talking about a pretty tight timeframe here. It's said that people can take up to 4 grams of Tylenol in 24 hours, and that's 8 of those big, fat tablets. So, are we going to assume that she, a medical professional, took more than that? Even if one is willing to make every assumption that will serve to exonerate the vaccine, what does it say about the vaccine if it caused such pain in her that she, in desperation, and probably knowing better, took over 8 extra-strenth Tylenol in 24 hours? So, obviously something dire was going on within her body in reaction to that vaccine to cause her to engage in such reckless and dangerous behavior- if she did. So, even if you make all the assumptions to shift the blame for her death to Tylenol poisoning, it still casts an ominous shadow over the vaccine. And it should give every person pause about taking it.