I wouldn’t either, especially since I’ve never been sick for a whole month in my entire life.  But, this vaccinated fool is sure that, as bad as it went for him, that it would have been much worse for him had he not been vaccinated.

But wait: that is ridiculous. Because: long before there were any Covid vaccines, there were people who got mild cases of it. How mild? There were cases in which people who got no symptoms at all.

But, after getting vaccinated against Covid, this guy gets sick with it for a whole month and is bedridden, and he thinks he has the vaccine to thank for something.


And this guy has to be young too because he mentioned that his father is 67, which is 3 years younger than I am.

And he didn’t mention having any respiratory symptoms at all. He did not mention coughing. Covidism is supposed to be a respiratory syndrome: Sudden Acute Respiratory Syndrome 2. So, we are supposed to believe that this virus can cause no respiratory developments at all OR it can damage your lungs so badly that you need a lung transplant. How do they account for this imponderable range of effects? It’s just a quirky little virus. You never where it’s going to go. You never know what it’s going to do.

So, what really was going on with him? Did he really even have Covid? That I can’t say, but the idea that the vaccine did him any good is just plain lunacy.

He even quoted a doctor who said, ““Even in fully vaccinated, asymptomatic individuals, they can have enough virus to transmit it,” said Dr. Robert Darnell, a physician-scientist at The Rockefeller University.

In any other walk of life, in any other field of endeavor, that finding would lead to the conclusion that the vaccine isn’t worth a shit. But because this concerns Medicine, and particularly because it concerns a vaccine (the Holy Grail of Medicine) that is a forbidden thought. It is so forbidden that they won’t even admit that their expectations for the vaccine were much higher. They can’t even admit that they’re disappointed.

We live in a world of mental submission, and it runs high and low. Whether you are some lowly reporter like this guy, or the Chair of some vaunted medical committee, you walk the walk, and you talk the talk.

“Virus: bad. Vaccine: good.”