Anyone who is honest and awake should be able to see that the Covid vaccines are a complete failure. As of the latest report, 63% of Americans have been vaccinated with at least one dose (and remember that J&J only has one dose). But, among older Americans (the most vulnerable), over 90% have been vaccinated. Yet, Covid hospitalizations are surging again all over the country.  

Look how the claims for the vaccine have continually shrank. It won’t prevent infection. It won’t prevent a high viral load. It won’t prevent clinical disease. And it won’t necessarily prevent severe death and death. But, if you do get severe disease and die, you’ll have the consolation of knowing that there was less chance of it, thanks to the vaccine, not that it did you any good.

Here is an amazing admission that the vaccines don’t work- and if we were talking about anything else in life but vaccines, no one would see it this way.

Candace Ayers, age 66, who was fully vaccinated and practicing all the safe precautions went to visit a friend in Mississippi who was unvaccinated. And on the way home, she started to get sick with fatigue, joint pains, and cough. The family presumes she got it from the unvaccinated friend, but that should have led to getting the friend tested. Right? That happened to a man I know in Ohio. He and his wife were doing everything by the book, including getting vaccinated. They were even having their groceries delivered to avoid contact with people. But, he ended up meeting this unvaccinated friend in a restaurant, and he presumed he got it from the friend. But, the friend got tested and told him “No, I’m negative.” So, that simply left him not knowing how he got it. And the same may be true in this case. 

But, Candace, she had longstanding, severe rheumatoid arthritis, and her immune system was compromised. I know what that means. It means she was taking powerful immune-suppressive drugs. She went to the hospital within a week of getting sick, and just a few days after that, they convinced her to let them ventilate her. It seems like the death rate among the ventilated would dissuade anyone from permitting it.  But, she did, and three weeks later, she was dead.

But then, in her obituary, her sister blamed her death on the unvaccinated- even though the vaccine did not save her. But, this is absurd because it’s widely admitted that the vaccine does not prevent infection; it does not result in a smaller viral load; and the vaccinated can transmit Covid as readily as the unvaccinated. 

"Candace Ayers, 66, of Springfield, passed away on September 3, 2021, at St. John's Hospital in Springfield, IL. She was preceded in death by more than 4,531,799 others infected with Covid-19. She was vaccinated by was infected by others who chose not to be. The cost was her life.”

Note that other versions of the story attributed her infection to the unvaccinated friend she visited, but now it refers to unspecified others. So, did they contact the friend, and did they find out that she was tested and found not to be infected?

But again, since the vaccinated can transmit the virus as easily as the unvaccinated, none of this matters.

What will it take for people to realize that the vaccine is worthless? Since it’s admitted that it doesn’t prevent infection, and it doesn’t stop transmission, and all that’s left is a claim about reduced severity, what value is there in that upon hearing that fully vaccinated people like Candace Ayers still die? Is there supposed to be a consolation knowing that the group that Candace was in had a lower death rate?  And listen: her being dead is something you can wrap your head around. Dead is dead. But her being within a group that has a lower death rate is a statistic. That’s very different. Statistics can be manipulated. Statistics can be fabricated. Statistics can be used to tell lies. But, she, a vaccinated person, wound up dead. That is a pure fact. That is cold stark reality staring you in the face.

Certainly the outcome of the vaccines is dismal compared to the expectations. Isn’t it true that people believed that we were all going to get vaccinated, and then life would get back to normal, and it would be chalked up as another glorious victory for Medical Science?

It isn’t science. The vaccine isn’t science, and the interpretation of the results of it isn’t science. It is religion. Pseudo-scientific, medical religion.