Dr. Mike Hansen invited a friend of his, his best friend, who is also a physician, Dr. Hisbay Ali, on his program. Dr. Ali is a psychiatrist, and he got Covid last March, a mild case of it. He recovered without any lingering effects. Then he got both doses of the Moderna vaccine.  And then he got Covid again and much worse, and that's what they discussed. They assumed to know it was the Delta variant that he got, but that was just them being parrots.  

Dr. Ali emphasized that he is normally a very healthy guy, a runner, but this really knocked him out. It was the first time in his life he ever had a lung issue. (he looks to be in his late 30s)  He said he knew how he got it, that he was out in Las Vegas attending a Led Zeppelin tribute concert, which was packed solid, like sardines in a can, and no one was wearing masks, so he thinks he got a heavy viral load.  But wait: he knew that beforehand, didn’t he? We assume that a large crowd of unmasked people, whether they are bikers or partiers, means a heavy viral load, right? So, why did he go to such an event? It's because he presumed that the vaccine that he took had him covered. 

But, he got really sick and was down for 14 days. And it was bad. He said it felt like someone threw acid in his lungs. He couldn’t breathe. He said that his oxygen level fell to 95%, which is not very low, but it’s a meaningful drop. And it affected him. He couldn’t walk up a flight of stairs, and previously, he could run 10 miles.

Dr. Hansen pointed out that since he had had Covid already and then got the vaccine that his antibodies should have been through the roof. But, what exactly is he thinking? Does he think that Dr. Ali had the antibodies, but they just didn’t work? Or does he think that despite getting Covid and the vaccine that his body just didn’t make the antibodies? 

Then Dr. Hansen said that some people would say that the vaccine didn’t work, but he said that its just the opposite, because without the vaccine, Dr. Ali probably would have been super-sick, needing hospitalization, and he could have died or developed long Covid. Wow. That is an amazing assumption. It is just a choice he is making to look at it that way. I say we put the medico-religion aside and try to think clearly. The man took the vaccine to avoid getting Covid. He even went to Las Vegas thinking he had nothing to worry about. Surely, he assumed that taking the vaccine would prevent him from getting sick. But, it didn’t. An honest appraisal of the facts would surely conclude that the vaccine didn’t work for him. But no, the two doctors are willing to assume that he probably would have gotten much sicker or died without the vaccine.

They have no way of knowing that. It is just an assumption, and the truth may be the exact opposite. But, there is no doubt that they are engaging in rationalization.

Rationalization is a psychological defense mechanism in which unpleasant results are explained in a seemingly rational manner but without any solid basis in fact. That is what they’re doing, and they don't stop. 

I presume Dr. Ali wasn’t around anyone who was visibly sick at the concert. So, he must have gotten it from an asymptomatic carrier or many, right?  But, why didn’t they get sick? Well, let’s find out if they were vaccinated because if they were vaccinated, we have to assume that the vaccine protected them. Then, why didn't it protect Dr. Ali? And if they weren’t vaccinated, then we have to say that that’s just the nature of Covid that some people get symptoms and others don’t. But, Dr. Ali is relatively young (30s); healthy (runs over 100 miles a month); plus, being a physician and an athlete, he is presumably cognizant of nutrition and other good health practices. So, why couldn’t he handle it as well as the partiers? Or, maybe we should assume that the person or persons who gave Covid to Dr. Ali also got sick themselves. But, that would just be a presumption too. We have no way of knowing that, and you can't just help yourself to whatever mental shit you want.  The bottom line is that they have a medical paradigm to defend, and they’ll defend it to their last breath because they believe in it like a God-damn religion.    

I can guarantee you that if Dr. Ali had gotten even sicker and came close to death, Dr. Hansen would be saying “If not for the vaccine, you would have died; there is no doubt about it.” The only thing that Dr. Hansen can’t rationalize is death itself. But wait; maybe he can. If a person takes the vaccine but still gets Covid and dies from it, will Dr. Hansen admit then that the vaccine failed? No! He is still going to have a retort. He’s going to say that that person was part of a group that had fewer deaths than a comparable group of unvaccinated people, therefore even with death, the vaccine was still a success.  

Dr. Hansen went on to say that none of the vaccinated Covid patients he’s seen in the hospital have died. But, that’s an admission that he’s seen quite a few vaccinated people hospitalized for Covid because if it was just one or two, it wouldn’t have any significance. The whole claim is based on the size of the number. So, of all the vast number of vaccinated, hospitalized Covid patients he’s seen, none have died, so far. But, we are not living in a bubble of Dr. Hansen’s world. Here is a report that says 1000 fully vaccinated Covid patients died in England.


Here’s a report from last month about 7 fully vaccinated people who died from Covid in a two week period in Florida.


And here’s a report out of Massachusetts where it’s running about 125 fully vaccinated people a week dying of Covid.


Then, Drs. Hansen and Ali had the nerve to bring up Israel, the most vaccinated country in the world, where the breakthrough cases have been so numerous, they’ve launched a booster program.


Dr. Ali, in defending the vaccine, said that during his illness, there were times that he thought he was going to die, and that thought is more scary than getting the vaccine. BUT, HE DID GET THE VACCINE!

Then, he said that his girlfriend, whom he lives with, didn’t get it from him because she’s vaccinated. So, why did he get it? Because: he was infected by probably 100 infected people at that concert (a number he just pulled out of his ass).

Then, they reveled in the extended lifespans due to Modern Medicine.  But, whenever doctors go on strike, the death rate drops.


There is a ton written on this, and the usual retort is to say that normally there are a lot of “elective” procedures done, which don’t happen during a doctor strike, and that’s why the death rate goes down during a strike. Is that supposed to be reassuring?

Finally, they settled on the term of “science” which they equate with Medicine. But, they are not the same. Science is the acquisition of knowledge about nature and the world through systematic observation and experimentation. It doesn’t mean that everyone who professes to be a scientist draws valid conclusions. There can easily be the trappings of science but still a lot of prejudice, bias, and indoctrination that undermines it. Why hasn’t Medicine done double-blind, placebo-controlled studies of the flu vaccine? I know the excuse they give for not doing it for childhood vaccines, which is that, that it would be unethical to deny any child the vaccines.  But, with the flu vaccine, they could limit it to adults, and many adults don't get the flu vaccine anyway. But, if you offered to pay them, they'd participate in the experiment. So, it could easily be done, and there are no children or ethical issues involved, yet, they still won’t do it. And this they call science.  Here’s the discussion by Drs. Hansen and Ali.