Even if we were to accept all the claims that are made for the Covid vaccines, they can’t possibly eradicate Covid.  That’s because it’s widely admitted that the vaccines do not prevent infection. They also do not prevent a person from becoming clinically ill. All they are claiming now is that they lower the risk of severe illness and death.

But, if a person dies, they can no longer be a risk to anyone. However, if they live, there is always the chance that they can get sick again and continue spreading the disease.

There is no claim that the vaccines prevent you from becoming a carrier and spreader of the Covid virus.  Therefore, there is no basis to claim that widespread vaccination, even universal vaccination, will end the Covid pandemic.

And what makes the picture worse is that the vaccines were designed to fight the original virus, not the variants. A day ago, they announced that a new variant from Columbia has reached the U.S., the Mu variant, which has the capacity for “immune escape.” A couple days before that, on August 31, an alert was issued about the C.1.2 variant from South Africa.

The Covid virus is said to be over 30,000 nucelotides long in its RNA. They don’t have an intact Covid virus. They have never had an intact Covid virus. So, how do you identify the genome of a virus that you’ve never had intact? They do it by finding what they call “target molecules” which they tag with “barcodes” and then they amplify them with the PCR test. Then they analyze the resulting DNA with computers. The take-home message is that they don’t put a whole virus under a microscope and see how it’s sequenced from beginning to end. It’s nothing close to that. And to me, it is amazing that they can claim to know what something is made of- from beginning to end- without ever having seen it.  

I know that most people would say that it’s because science is so amazing. But, is it really science?

But, let’s go back to the vaccines that can’t keep you from getting infected or getting sick, but supposedly, lower your risk of getting seriously ill. NOBODY CAN SAY THAT THE VACCINES PREVENT YOU FROM GETTING SERIOUSLY ILL. And that’s because plenty of fully vaccinated people have gotten seriously ill and some have died. So, the entirety of the claim of benefit is that it lowers your risk of serious illness and death.  

But, let’s consider that if you don’t get seriously ill, it’s because your body has marshalled a defense against the virus. And, if you don’t get sick at all, it’s because your body has marshalled a defense against the virus. We are talking about the same thing. So, how is it possible that the vaccine could be so bad at preventing infection but so good at preventing serious illness?  (And again I want to reiterate that fully vaccinated people have died.)

So, there is no guarantee of ANY benefit from the vaccine. If you die of Covid after taking it, then obviously, it didn’t help you. You got no benefit.

My point is that it makes no sense that the vaccine “works” once you get infected, but it can do nothing for you at the start. And remember that, theoretically, you got Covid because one person breathed on you. So, whatever amount of virus was present in his or her breath, that’s what hit your nasal mucosa. Now, supposedly, your body already has the antibodies which were made in response to the “spike protein” that was stimulated by the mRNA vaccine. So, why shouldn’t it work? Why should the virus be able to invade your cells and make them churn out more viruses by the billions, unimpeded by the antibodies, but then, at some point, the antibodies start kicking in against the much larger number of viruses that are now running rampant? And I assure you that if someone tries to spew a plausible explanation for that, they are just making it up.   

Let me point out that I am a full-blown anti-vaxxer. I only had one child, but I did not let them vaccinate him. And I mean not at all. And the result was that nothing bad happened, and he didn’t come down with any of the diseases.

But, the fact is that if they had tried to pitch the other vaccines this way, claiming that they won’t prevent infection but will lower the risk of serious infection, they never would have sold them. Just imagine: “Give your kid the polio vaccine. It won’t prevent polio, but he’ll get a milder case. He’ll only get a little paralyzed.”  

That would have gone over like a lead balloon. Up until now, every vaccine has been offered with the claim that it will “protect” you, as in, “keep you from getting infected.” This is the first time that a vaccine is being offered on the basis of reduced severity alone- and with no guarantee even of that. You can still get very, very sick, and you still can die, even with the “protection.”  They admit all that, yet they have the nerve to claim that you are rejecting “science” if you reject the vaccine.

But, maybe it has nothing to do with rejecting science. Maybe you just don’t like the odds. Maybe it’s just not that attractive an offer.

And keep in mind that this lousy offer is the best case scenario. If you get seriously ill after being vaccinated, they will quickly and adamantly make the claim, that if not for the vaccine, you would have died.

I put that exact reasoning to work in my latest film, The Pro Bono Watchman, in which an old man is following a father and daughter around because the father can’t be trusted with her. The old man doesn’t usually interact with the little girl, but one time he does. And she asks him why he is following them. He doesn’t want to tell her the truth. So, he tells her that he’s protecting her from the tigers. And when she points out to him that there are no tigers around there, he says, “You see how good a watchman I am?”

Look: if the vaccine was unable to prevent you from getting infected, and unable to prevent you from getting ill, and then unable to prevent you from getting seriously ill, how on Earth can they claim to know that it prevented you from dying?  There is no science in that. And even if they extrapolate from statistics (and remember what Mark Twain told us about lies, damn lies, and statistics) YOU, as a person who got vaccinated and then got seriously ill, have no reason to extrapolate it to you.  You know damn well that you didn’t take that vaccine expecting to get seriously ill, that every fiber of your being is screaming, “that effffin’ thing didn’t do jack shit for me.”

I’ll close this the way it began: there is no basis to think that the vaccines are going to end the pandemic. So, when is life going to get back to normal? It’s not. The pre-Covid world? It’s gone.