“Retired property manager John Leanse never expected that struggling to breathe would separate him so immediately and frighteningly from his wife of 34 years, Julie. The 68-year-old had been coughing and increasingly short of breath for roughly a week when his wife finally convinced him to go to the hospital on March 26. Now, moments after being dropped off at the University of Chicago Medicine Emergency Department – with Julie still parking their car – doctors asked if he would agree to be sedated and put on a ventilator. He had minutes to decide.”

That is the reality for most of the Covid patients on ventilators; they were talked into it. They were conscious, breathing, able to think and speak, and they were talked into being knocked out and intubated. I’m sure they were told that it will “give your lungs a rest, so that they can heal.”

So, they do that to people, and then when they die, they say it was the virus that killed them. Covid took another life; get your vaccine.

This is insane. If anything, you put the person on oxygen. We’ve been told over and over that there is nothing wrong with the respiratory muscles in these patients. They have the ability to expand and contract their chest. The one young doctor went on Youtube saying that it’s more like these Covid patients have altitude sickness, that there is nothing wrong with their breathing muscles. So, why replace their breathing muscles with a machine?

I curse the stupid ignoramus doctors who do this.