They just announced that our Texas Governor is now testing negative for Covid after having tested positive 4 days ago. But, he never developed symptoms, and he said that the reason is, according to his doctors, that he was vaccinated.

But, what reason is there to believe that when plenty of vaccinated people have developed symptoms? If the vaccine prevented symptoms in him, why didn’t it prevent symptoms in them? And he is a paraplegic, so you can’t say it’s because he is so much healthier.

Now, if he had gotten sick, they would have said that if not for the vaccine, he would have gotten sicker. And if got severely sick to where he had to be hospitalized, then they would have said that if not for the vaccine he would have died. And if he died, as some vaccinated people have, then they would have said that his last wish was for everyone to get vaccinated.

They cited some political rally that he went to as the likely source of his infection, as it was crammed with unmasked people. But, he wasn’t that close to them. He was up on the stage. So, he was social distanced. Plus, he was vaccinated.  

Then, they tried to link his infection to his having done a photo-op with famed Texas musician Jimmy Vaughn. But, Vaughn’s rep issued a statement saying that Jimmy got tested, and he tested negative.

Any time anyone makes any assumptions about this, they are just playing a mental game- with themselves and others, as they see everything through the lens of Covidism. 

 We are living in the Twilight Zone, and it is being called science.