It is now suspected that the Moderna vaccine poses a risk of myocarditis that is 2 ½ times greater than they previously thought. And, we know there has been at least one death from it: a 13 year old boy from Michigan.

I am providing this link in case you want to read the article, but to me, it is disgusting because it’s 99% damage control, trying to deter people from shunning the vaccine.

And, the way that they are looking at it is not right. They see it as an either/or situation. Either you are unlucky enough to have an “allergic” reaction to it (which is a euphemism for it being toxic) or, you don’t have it. But, that’s not the reality. It is far more likely that the overt cases of myocarditis are like the tip of the iceberg; that the severe reaction that occurs in these cases are overshadowing by similar but milder cases of it in, perhaps, millions of others, that go unnoticed.

Since people expect to feel a little bit bad after vaccination, there could be many who write off their tiredness and achiness, lasting a few days, as a normal reaction, when it’s actually a mild case of myocarditis. I know I’ve said this before but I’ll say it again, that most of us go our whole lives without ever developing myocarditis.  It’s not a common condition, nor is it an age-related malady. It really baffles me that when these cases occur, the first thing they do is question whether it is related to the vaccine. The extent to which they will bend over backwards to exonerate the vaccine is disgusting.

Case in point is, once again, Dr. Mike Hansen. who addressed the case of the 13 year old boy who died.  However, he spent most of the time defending the vaccine, how rare the cases are, how most people get over it in a week or so with minimal or no treatment, and then at the end of it, he finally gets to talking about the boy, and he just said that although there was a preliminary autopsy done, there hasn’t been a final, authorized, official autopsy, and therefore, we just don’t know.  He said at the beginning that he was going to give his thoughts at the end on whether the vaccine killed the boy, but he never did.  So, for me, this is just more revolting spin.

This is all just pseudo-scientific religion. It’s religion dressed up in scientific jargon. When a previously healthy 13 year old boy dies 3 days after being vaccinated for Covid, you don’t have to doubt whether the vaccine killed him. A temporal association of that magnitude is overwhelming.

And what bothers me most about it is dismissing the value of his life, and I mean to him and his family and friends. Because: the message is that, to help the greater good, we have to be willing to sacrifice a few unfortunate souls. It’s a shame he had to die, according to them, but it’s all part of the advance of Modern Medicine that benefits everyone (else).

I curse them. I curse the day they were born. And I curse the horses they rode in on.