RC: This is just more insanity, and the scary thing is that doctors are leading the way down this rabbit hole. Anybody can get a positive Corona virus test, whether it’s PCR or another kind. And if you are undergoing testing every day, it’s only a matter of time before you test positive. And notice how all three of the Senators were quick to assume that if not for the vaccine, they would be sicker than they are. But, they don’t know that. They, like everyone else, is just choosing to believe it.


And is it sane and rational to subject yourself to all the risks of vaccination, and remember that this is something that is brand new, just in the hope of getting a milder version of the disease when it happens? Imagine if they did that for the other vaccines. “Take the polio vaccine because that way, you’ll get a milder version of polio.” Or, “Get a tetanus shot because that way, you’ll only get a mild version of tetanus.”


When before has a vaccine (and be aware that I am opposed to all of them, and I would never take any of them; I am an anti-vaxxer to the max)  been sold as a way to get a less severe case of a disease?  But apparently, that is all they can even try to claim now because of the multitude of breakthrough cases.


Here in Texas where I live, our governor has tested positive, but they’re saying that he isn’t sick at all. Still, he is going to take the antibody cocktail that Trump took and probably other drugs too.  


I am appalled and most of all at the doctors who are going along with this madness.  




Three U.S senators on Thursday announced they had tested positive for Covid in a series of breakthrough infections.

All three senators said they had been vaccinated.

Sen. Roger Wicker of Mississippi, a critic of mask mandates on planes and trains, has tested positive for the coronavirus, his office said Thursday.

A second senator, Angus King, I-Maine, announced later in the day that he'd tested positive for the virus as well.

Thursday afternoon, Sen. John Hickenlooper, D-CO, also announced that he had the virus.

Wicker's communications director, Phillip Waller, said the Republican senator got tested after experiencing "mild symptoms."

"Senator Wicker is fully vaccinated against Covid, is in good health, and is being treated by his Tupelo-based physician. He is isolating, and everyone with whom Senator Wicker has come in close contact recently has been notified,” Waller said in a statement.

The test results came as Mississippi has been reeling from the Delta variant. The state's top health official, Thomas Dobbs, told reporters on Wednesday Mississippi is currently experiencing the "worst part of the pandemic." “We’re seeing higher and higher numbers of not just cases but hospitalizations, people in intensive care units, life support," Dobbs said, according to the Washington Post.

Early Thursday afternoon, King announced that he too had tested positive for the virus. "While I am not feeling great, I’m definitely feeling much better than I would have without the vaccine," he said in a statement. He said he's quarantining at home, and added that "I urge everyone to remain vigilant, follow the guidance from health professionals, and get vaccinated if you haven’t been."

In a statement, Hickenlooper said: "I've tested positive for a breakthrough case of COVID-19. I feel good but will isolate per docs instructions. I’m grateful for the vaccine (& the scientists behind it!) for limiting my symptoms. If you haven’t gotten your shot — get it today! And a booster when it’s available too!"