This concerns another video of Dr. Michael Hansen, defender of Modern Medicine and all things Covid. In this video, he rationalizes the death of the OB-GYN who was apparently in good health at age 56, but suffered sudden destruction of all his platelets after receiving his first Pfizer shot, and died soon afterwards of a brain hemorrhage, despite heroic measures. The paragraph below is the comment that I submitted, although I don’t know how long it’s going to remain there. I expect him to remove it. But, let’s do this the proper way. Go ahead and watch his video and then read my comment.  And if you agree with him, if you think he makes more sense, fine; go ahead and get vaccinated. But, I gotta say that I pity you if you do. Here’s the link:


The mistake that is being made here is looking at this in a binary way, that Dr. Michael had an allergic reaction to the vaccine where all his platelets were destroyed, but that if you don't get such a severe, acute, deadly reaction to the vaccine, that you didn't suffer at all.  But, that isn't true. I knew a young man who died of cardiac arrest the first time he took cocaine. It was very rapid. It was almost instantaneous. Most people don't die if they take cocaine one time. Many people take it for years. Some even take it for decades. But, it doesn't mean that they aren't being hurt. Cocaine is toxic. It’s toxic to everybody. People have different degrees of tolerance or intolerance to it and other poisons, but the toxic relationship to the organism is a constant.

It was only recently that the incessantly ballyhooed beneficial effects of alcohol were finally debunked, once and for all, when it was revealed that the illusion of benefits was really due to the so-called "sick quitter" effect, that when you compare heart health in lifelong teetotalers to moderate drinkers, the teetotalers win by a landslide. So, there too with alcohol: it's toxic; pure and simple; toxic to everybody. Some people succumb fast to it, while others take longer to succumb, but they're all going in the same direction, and that is down.

And you shouldn't look at this one issue of thrombocytopenia in isolation. What about all the other demonstrable toxicities from the Covid vaccine? What about all the cases of myocarditis from it? -which is something that most people go their whole lives without ever experiencing. What about the post-vaccine blood clots? What about the dozens of cases of Gillian-Barre, some fatal? What about the cases of post-vaccine brain swelling? What about the thousands of post-vaccine sudden deaths that the CDC refuses to acknowledge, let alone investigate?

Look: there are risks in this life that you can't avoid, but the risks of the Covid vaccine is not one of them. And let me remind you that if you take it, you're doing it totally on faith; faith in people you don't know, and faith in institutions you can't trust. I say: have faith in yourself. I am 70 years old, and I haven't gotten Covid- in all this time. And I haven’t been sheltering in place either. I do have faith: in myself, in my body, and in the principles of natural healing.  I say pluck the vaccine menace. You have no reason to value it when it's admitted that it does NOT prevent infection; it does not prevent sickness: and all they have to hang their hats on now is the claim that it prevents serious illness and deaths- even though there have been plenty of hospitalizations among the vaccinated (an indication of serious illness) and more than a few deaths. To say that their claims are flimsy is the understatement of the century. But, after reading this, do you still want to get vaccinated? Then go ahead. 

But, ironically, tonight's headline is that health experts are going to recommend booster shots for all Americans at the 8 month mark. 8 months? But, what happens 8 months after that? And let me point out to you that anything Dr. Hansen or anyone else says in response to that is pure speculation.