So, a guy who is vaccinated comes down with Covid, and that's after each and every one of his vaccinated relatives came down with Covid. 

"A week after my brother came down with it, my mother fell ill. That was when I first heard the ominous words: breakthrough case.  My mother speculated that she had a breakthrough case of delta, a highly contagious COVID-19 variant that’s surging across much of the country right now, especially here in the Deep South. Impossible, I thought. Every member of my immediate family had been vaccinated months before: my brother with the Johnson & Johnson vaccine, and my cousin, my mother and me with Pfizer."

RC: And note that this guy thinks he had Covid just a few months before. Not willing to rely on natural immunity, he got vaccinated, but despite that, he got it again. So, it was Round 2 for him despite being vaccinated. 

"When I awoke the next morning, I felt like I had a vise grip around my skull and my lymph nodes were slightly swollen. I was definitely ill. Even though I still doubted that I had COVID, I decided to get tested because I was planning on visiting a close friend the following day, someone who was still fighting “long-haul” symptoms from his own bout with the coronavirus."

"My only options were a $20 at-home test from Walmart, a $50 test done at a local pharmacy, or a visit to a doctor’s office, which would have cost me several hundred dollars out of pocket. I went with the cheapest option, surprised to find that Walmart’s kit included two tests and results within 15 minutes."

"Back at home, I swirled the uncomfortable nose swab for 15 seconds in each nostril. After waiting 15 minutes, I saw that my test was definitely positive."

RC: Elon Musk had 4 rapid Covid tests done in succession. Two came back back positive, and two came back negative. Then there's this from another source: 

"Earlier this month, shortly before Ohio Gov. Mike DeWine was due to meet President Donald Trump at a Cleveland airport, the governor tested positive on a rapid antigen test for the new coronavirus, SARS-CoV-2, that causes the disease COVID-19."

"Two follow-up tests, using a more accurate polymerase chain reaction, or PCR test, showed the governor didn't have the virus."

"This kind of false positive with an antigen test isn’t an isolated incident. Dozens of people who took a rapid SARS-CoV-2 test developed by biotech company Quidel at a Manchester, Vermont, clinic in July were told they had the virus. Subsequent PCR tests run by the state’s Department of Health found that only 4 out of those 65 were positive."

RC: What a joke that the PCR test is called the "gold standard" when fruit has tested positive. People: we are living in the Twilight Zone. The diagnostic tests aren't testing; they are just spitting out noise. The virus isolation techniques aren't isolating a virus:  they are just detecting the cytotoxic effect of the procedure. The viral genome determinations are based on nothing but the fantasies of a computer algorithm. This is not science; it is pseudo-science; and it is not real. 

When you read an article like this, what goes through your head? If it makes you want to run out and get vaccinated, I pity you.