So, an old woman starts getting tired, to where she wants to mostly stay in bed most of the time. Then she gets nausea and diarrhea.  She also has a slight cough but no dyspnea, fever, or shortness of breath.  But that was enough to trigger a Covid test, and sure enough, it was that damn virus.

You can take a look at this if you want to, but I don’t believe a word of it.

They’re a couple who are 90 and 86. Most people are dead at that age. And the husband was struggling long before.  

"Eugene Bily contended with many health problems even before the pandemic. In the past 18 months, he underwent two hip surgeries and several other hospitalizations. In June, he began receiving home hospice care."

What they’re doing is taking any symptoms whatsoever and applying a Covid test to them (and they’re all bogus) and if it comes back positive, they are more than willing to say that the virus is causing the symptoms- and even if it’s stuff that people that age struggle with all the time, they will attribute it to the virus.

"The team, searching through records using language software, found that about one-quarter of older Covid patients reported a functional decline. “This was falls, fatigue, weakness, difficulty walking or getting out of bed,” Marziliano said. Eleven percent experienced altered mental status — “confusion, agitation, forgetfulness, lethargy,” she said."

Are they kidding? Are they seriously going to attribute all those symptoms to Covid? Average lifespan for American men is only 77 years, and it’s falling! So, it’s very likely that a 90 year old man is going to be having problems. But to attribute those symptoms to Covid just because of that supposedly infallible test? They should remember that Covid can also be asymptomatic. So, maybe he has asymptomatic Covid, and he’s failing for other reasons.

Look: this is insane. It is a medical religion. It is a pseudo-scientific cult. And let me leave you with one last thought: Have you noticed that most people who die of Covid die in the hospital? So, why go there? Medical treatment isn’t saving people. It’s been widely admitted that the ventilators have killed hundreds of thousands, and it’s probably over a million.

I’m only going to speak for myself, but if I got symptoms, such as fever, coughing, and even shortness of breath, I wouldn’t dream of going to the hospital.

And I’ll tell you something about shortness of breath: people often panic when they get it, and their panicking makes it worse. They start interfering with their own breathing- without realizing it. As they strain to breathe, they obstruct their own breathing, and it spirals out of control. The most important thing is not to panic. Maybe I should write a piece on breathing.