It starts with the widespread admission that the Covid vaccines do not prevent infection. And that is something they have said all along. Even during the trials, they never claimed that the vaccines would prevent infection; just that it would lessen symptoms. They never even designed the tests to determine if infection would be prevented. It’s like they knew ahead of time that they didn’t want to go down that road.

And there is a contradiction built into this because they have repeatedly claimed that asymptomatic carriers have the same “ground glass opacities” in their lungs as those with symptoms. The damage is going on; they just don’t feel it. Therefore, should not the same be true for asymptomatic infections among the vaccinated?

But, the biggest claim is that the vaccines will prevent Covid-related deaths. Before we consider whether it’s true, we need to look at the prevalence of Covid deaths.

This metanalysis of 23 studies found that the death rate among Covid sufferers has been .26%. You saw the decimal point there, right?

The infection fatality rate of COVID-19 inferred from seroprevalence data | medRxiv

So, do you need a vaccine to protect you from a disease in which only 1 in 400 people die?  And let’s consider that the .26% who died were probably in very poor health to begin with. If you look at the death rate among people who were generally healthy beforehand, it’s much lower than that.

But, besides recognizing the low death rate from Covid, we need to put it in perspective to what is going on now. You realize that there has been a torrent of “breakthrough” infections among the vaccinated. And when it happens, the government, media, and medical establishment help themselves to sunny conclusions; saying that if you get infected after being vaccinated, thank the vaccine that your symptoms aren’t worse. So, if you have mild symptoms, realize that you would have had severe symptoms without the vaccine. But, even before the vaccine, a lot of people got Covid with only mild symptoms. So, how do they know the vaccine did anything? They don’t. They’re just saying it.

And if you get severe symptoms, thank God and Medicine for the vaccine because at least you got to stay home. You didn’t have to go to the hospital. So, the vaccine saved you from that. How do they know? They don’t. They’re just saying it.

And if you were vaccinated, yet, you got Covid, and you had to go to the hospital, then you still have to be grateful for the vaccine because without it, you would have died. How do they know that? You know the drill.

But, what about the people who got vaccinated, got Covid, and died? I can’t come up with a way for them to spin that. Oh, yes I can. If you were vaccinated, though it’s a bummer that you’re dead, at least you’re going to Heaven. If you weren’t vaccinated, then you’re going to burn in Hell. They might as well go for that. It makes as much sense as the other stuff they’re claiming.

Last week, the state of Massachusetts reported 5166 breakthrough infections with 80 deaths, so far.

Breakthrough COVID Cases in Massachusetts: Newest Numbers – NBC Boston

The death toll represents 1.54% of those infected, and since we are talking about vaccinated people, it is much higher than the natural death rate for Covid.

Of course, you’ve heard about the vaccinated Texas politicians who went to Washington and got Covid; and the New York Yankees who had 11 vaccinated players get Covid. And there are many more cases like that.

But nowhere in polite society is it being suggested that the vaccines are just plain ineffective, that they don’t work. Instead, they put on their rose-colored glasses and continue to laud the vaccines.

Please be clear about what I’m saying, which is, that not only are they not questioning the efficacy of the vaccines; they are not even granting the possibility of it. The vaccines work; that is a given; and no real-world outcomes can be used to dispute it because the vaccines work, and if you so much as question it, you are just a no-good conspiracy theorist.

That is the world we are living in. It is a dogmatic, cultish world that has abandoned all reason.