Dr. Michael Hansen also addressed the death of the obstetrician/gynecologist in Miami who suffered complete platelet collapse  and died after getting the first shot of the Pfizer vaccine.  If you would, please first read my response to him, and then you can watch his video.


Once again, Dr. Hansen comes through as the medical apologist that he is. He really had no insights to offer on this. He admitted that it appears that the obstetrician/gynecologist in Miami, who experienced sudden platelet collapse right after getting his first Pfizer shot and soon died of a brain hemorrhage, seemed to be reacting to the shot, leastways, Dr. Hansen couldn't think of anything else to blame it on. He didn't actually admit that the shot caused his death, but he implied that, even if it did, it's a shame and all, but it should not discourage people from getting vaccinated. If I had to sum up what he was trying to say, it's "It looks like it killed him, but shake it off, because, mathematically, the odds of that happening to you are infinitesimal." But, I say that you shouldn't look at that in isolation but at all the thousands of cases of severe adverse reactions that have been reported. Recently, the number of Covid vaccine-related deaths reported to VAERS topped 12,000, although the CDC removed about half of them simply because they came from other countries. Keep in mind that it took only 32 reported deaths for the Swine Flu Vaccination campaign to be terminated in 1976. I said before this campaign began that they were never going to call it off no matter how many deaths there were, and I was right. But, let's keep thinking. Thousands have died, seemingly from the vaccine, but why assume that those who didn't die weren't harmed? Look at it this way: Some people die of acute alcohol toxicity, and that's because alcohol is a poison. But, for the people who don't die from it, it's still a toxin to them, and they still suffer from it. Alcohol isn't good for anybody. It's bad for everyone. But, some people succumb to it faster than others. And considering the number of people who have suffered toxic effects from the Covid vaccine, and I include the people who got sore arms, fever, weakness and malaise for a couple days, which numbers in the tens of millions, I think the toxicity of the vaccine is established beyond doubt. And I am very fearful about the long-term ramifications for those vaccinated. Dr. Hansen likes to talk about risk versus benefit, but why should I take the risk of getting the vaccine? I'm 70 years old, and I have been living through the Covid pandemic for a year and a half- and I haven't gotten it. I have only done the minimal when it comes to masking and social distancing. In other words, if I had to wear a mask to go into a store or the post office, I wore it. Whenever it wasn't required, I didn't wear it. I have never worn it in my home, and I have never required others to wear it. I did have to get tested for Covid earlier this year (in April) because I am filmmaker, and we were shooting a film, and everyone involved had to get tested. My test result was negative. So, I haven't gotten Covid, and I don't have the slightest fear of getting it. And let's talk further about risk. Let's compare the risk of me just living my life, as healthfully as I can, versus the risk of me taking an experimental vaccine that has already, apparently, sickened and killed thousands. Which is the greater risk, me relying on myself, or me relying on Pfizer? On whom do you think I put my trust?

Now, here’s his video: