Dr. Mike Hansen is a medical doctor who is Youtube videographer, and he has posted many videos on Covid. Recently, he posted one about the 39 year old woman who died days after being vaccinated for Covid. In it, he dismissed the idea that the vaccine killed her and chose instead to blame the Tylenol that she took for her discomforts after being vaccinated. I watched his video and submitted this comment:

She was a medical professional. What grounds are there to assume that she took an excessive dose of Tylenol? What Dr. Hansen failed to point out in the video is that many of the cases of liver failure from Tylenol involve consuming alcohol and tylenol. Alcohol also damages the liver, so when you take both, the effect is additive. But, she was close with her parents and others, and if she was also drinking to numb the pain, she probably would have said so. And if this was liver failure from tylenol, the NAC should have worked. Notice that Dr. Hansen did not say explicitly what he believes. We know he is a conventional doctor who supports conventional medicine. He believes in all the Covid stuff, including the vaccine. He does not want to believe that the vaccine was responsible for her death. He would rather help himself to the conclusion that she killed herself by taking Tylenol, even though the number of vaccine recipients who took Tylenol to ease the malaise and discomfort after vaccination is probably in the millions. And since this kind of vaccine has not been administered before and is still considered experimental and is woefully different from all other vaccines that preceded it, why assume that the manifestations of vaccine toxicity in this case are going to mirror what has come before? One would have to be a complete idiot to deny the association between her getting the vaccine and her death. If she hadn't gotten the vaccine, she'd still be here; and that is crystal clear. If she had taken an inordinate amount of tylenol or combined it with alcohol, that would surely have come out in her intake, and apparently it didn't. Therefore, it is not reasonable to assume that she overdosed on Tylenol. However, it is reasonable to assume that Dr. Mike Hansen is a medical apologist.

Here now is his video: