But, few are getting seriously ill. So you see, the vaccines are still working. They may not prevent you from getting infected, but at least you don’t get terribly sick.


But wait.  Previously, they told us that even if you are completely asymptomatic, if you test positive for Covid, bad things are going on in your body. Even if you don’t feel a thing, “ground glass opacities” are happening in your lungs. You can read about it here:


and here:


and here:


I could keep doing this all day. For over a year, they have been hammering that asymptomatic Covid is still damaging and destructive.

So, what comfort in there in getting vaccinated when you can still wind up with damaged lungs?

The “breakthough nfections” are turning this thing into a laughing stock. How many vaccinated Texas politicians went to Washington and got infected? The number keeps rising. How many vaccinated Olympic athletes got infected?  They announce new ones every day.

And, the fact is that most of the breakthrough infections have not be asymptomatic. Some have gotten sick, some have gotten sick enough to go to the hospital, and some have died. That’s right: people who were vaccinated for Covid have died of Covid. However, some vaccinated people have died from the vaccine. About 8000 vaccine-related deaths have been reported to the CDC, so far, although they have yet to admit to a single one. Their only interest is in spinning it.

And what they are doing is not science. They are just dressing up their voodoo with the trappings of science. It’s like putting lipstick on a pig, and I say that with full apologies to the porcine community.