How I wish Charles MacKay, who wrote the above named book, was alive today so that he could witness this 21st century delusion: the delusion hat the Covid vaccine is protecting anybody from anything.

Big in the news right now are the many “breakthrough cases” which refers to fully vaccinated people who got Covid anyway. They are telling us to look on the bright side, that even though it’s a bummer to get Covid after being vaccinated, that you surely would have gotten it worse had you not been vaccinated. But, how can they claim to know that when there are plenty of unvaccinated people who don’t get Covid at all? They are helping themselves to a conclusion there.

We’re hearing about many famous people who are breakthrough cases. Just today, Jay Williams had to step down as the Olympic basketball announcer because he tested positive and does have symptoms after having been fully vaccinated. The same goes for NFL Network host Rich Elsen.  

The same goes for Catt Sadler, an attractive young female entertainment reporter. You probably heard about the 9 vaccinated Yankees who got breatkthrough infections.

So many breakthrough infections have been reported to the CDC by the general public, that the CDC said “no mas” and they only want you to report it now if you have a serious case which lands you in the hospital.

I found a headline that spoke of 420 breakthrough cases in Allegheny County, PA. But, they were quick to point out that that’s out of 600,000 county residents who were vaccinated. They implied that all 599,580 of the others must have been protected by the vaccine, but that is ridiculous because a great many people who don’t get vaccinated don’t get Covid.

Recently, 12 fully vaccinated Angelinos reportedly died of Covid. But, we are not supposed to get discouraged by that either.

Folks, this is insane. From the start, they could have done double-blind, placebo-controlled studies to determine how effective the vaccine is. But, they never even broached the idea.

And the fact is that it is ridiculous to lump all the vaccines together and refer to them as “the vaccine.” In this country, they are using Pfizer, Moderna, and J&J, and they are each formulated differently. But, for reporting purposes, they start with the assumption that they are all effective and equally so.

The situation is VERY bad: many thousands of vaccine-related deaths have been reported to the CDC. They are quick to say that vaccinated people can easily die of other things even though their death was temporally related to being vaccinated. But, many of these people had nothing going on that was killing them. It includes a lot of young and middle-aged people with no pre-existing conditions. How dare the CDC assume that it was something else that killed them? Sometimes the temporal association is compelling.

So, there is no doubt that the vaccine might kill you. And yet, if it doesn’t, it may not even prevent you from getting Covid, which you could still die from.

So, from the results seen, there is nothing attractive about taking this step of being vaccinated, and the only reason to do it is to comply for the sake of complying. The spin that they are putting on this is not remotely impressive to anyone with a critical bent. This is a faith-based system with scientific jargon for window dressing.

I leave you with this: I have been living with this pandemic for over a year and a half now, and I haven’t gotten Covid even though my safety precautions have been limited to the minimum compliance possible. And I a 70 year old haven’t gotten it. What reason do I have to think that my luck is going to change soon, that I better hurry up and get vaccinated before my luck runs out? Luck has nothing to do with it. This isn’t the lottery.  It’s a matter of biology. And I am not going to get dragged down by the stupidity of others.