Jacob Clynick was a 13 year old and in good health, with no known health problems, and on no medications, but 3 days after getting his 2nd Covid shot, he died. His autopsy showed heart swelling and inflammation and fluid accumulation around the heart.

The CDC is investigating whether his death is related to the vaccine, but how could it not be? In this case, the temporal association clearly points to it being causal. A 13 year old boy with no existing health problems is obviously nowhere near death. To suggest that he died suddenly for some other reason, unrelated to the vaccine, is ludicrous. 

If they had any human decency, they would call off the vaccinating of young males immediately.  But, they have no human decency. What they have is medical fanaticism and a herd mentality.

They were already aware of many hundreds of cases of myocarditis in vaccinated young males. They were also aware that the risk of 13 year olds getting Covid is so small, it’s like that of getting struck by lightning. And think of how rare myocarditis is. Like me, you probably know of a lot of people who have abused themselves- for years; smoking, drinking, doing drugs, eating bad food. How many of them developed myocarditis, despite all the abuse? Coronary heart disease, yes; but myocarditis, no. Obviously, myocarditis is a very special condition that relates to very specific causes, in this case, the Covid vaccine.

Unfortunately, we live in a “Heil Hitler” world, except instead of hailing Hitler, they are hailing medical authority.

So far, the CDC is still investigating the death of Jacob Clynick, refusing to admit yet that it resulted from the vaccine. But, I suspect that what they are really doing is, not investigating, but deciding how they are going to spin it.

I predicted many months ago, having lived through the Swine Flu Fiasco of 1976 in which the piling up of deaths and disabilities from the vaccine caused them to call off the campaign, that this time, there would be no turning back, that no piling up of deaths and disabilities would cause them to terminate the campaign.  The Covid campaign has already far exceeded the Swine Flu campaign in its number of victims, but it hasn’t stopped them or given them pause.  

And let me tell you how their vicious little minds work: They know very well that it wouldn’t hurt a thing to withhold the vaccine from young males, and they wouldn’t mind doing it- for its own sake. But, they also know that if they discourage young males from getting it, if they admit that it is a danger to young males, that many others besides young males will be discouraged from getting it. They will rightly think that if it’s poisonous to young males, it’s probably poisonous to them too.

So, in order to prevent a huge dash for the exits, one that might prevent ever reaching that coveted 70% vaccinated mark, they may never admit that the Covid vaccine killed Jacob Clynick, and keep urging young males to get vaccinated. Perhaps they’ll add a mild disclaimer, saying that if you have any questions or concerns, you should check with your own physician.

So yes, they will sacrifice children to safeguard medical dogmatism.

I hope you realize that the story of Abraham and Isaac is depraved. You don’t kill your son because someone tells you to do it- not even if God tells you. But that story, fortunately, is just fable; religious fable.  However, this story isn’t fable. It’s real. They really are willing to sacrifice children.