There are a lot of supplements that may provide benefit to your brain. But, you can’t take all of them because of financial constraints and also perhaps because there’s a limit to how many supplements you can take without it getting onerous. And people have different tolerances that way. Some people feel put out having to take anything, while others don’t mind swallowing a handful of supplements several times a day.

But when it comes to your brain, you realize that mental decline is universal. Not everyone gets full-blown dementia but just about everybody experiences some age-related cognitive decline. So, this issue of preserving brain health is a “problem” for everybody.

But, if you’re willing to take just two things to help your brain, then I would make it these two things:

1 Vitamin B12. Unfortunately, it is not a standard practice in Medicine to test old people for Vitamin B12. It should be because many seniors become deficient in it. Vitamin B12 occurs only in animal foods and not in any plant foods. And the way it gets absorbed is that it combines with a large molecule produced in the stomach called I.F. which stands for Intrinsic Factor. Without combining with I.F., Vitamin B12 is absorbed very poorly. And as people get older, their stomach stops producing Intrinsic Factor.

Fortunately, there are Vitamin B12 supplements that bypass the stomach completely and do not require Intrinsic Factor. They are formulated to absorb through the oral mucosa of your mouth. So, if you suck on a lozenge containing Vitamin B12 or place a few drops of a liquid containing it under your tongue, you can absorb all you need and very easily. It’s even inexpensive, and that’s why it’s a real tragedy that anyone should suffer from Vitamin B12 deficiency. We offer the “neurological form of B12” which the brain prefers: methylcobalamin. We offer it both as lozenges and the liquid.

Now, if you want, you can get tested for Vitamin B12, and I’m entirely in favor of it. But, if you don’t want to spend the money, or if you don’t like getting stuck, you could also just start taking Vitamin B12 and be done with it. If you don’t need it now, you’re bound to need it eventually. And it’s so safe and harmless, that it’s not going to hurt anything if you just take it. And it’s better to take it than to not take it- I guarantee you that.

This is one of the Vitamin B12 products we offer. Note that there is concern that the Vitamin B12 in multi-vitamins may not be usable. It's a very good idea to take this supplement separately and to take it sublingually.  




2 Omega 3 fatty acids. Evidence continues to mount that Omega 3 fatty acids do good things for the heart and the brain. For most people, this means getting the EPA and DHA from fish. I’m not interested in eating fish, and I don’t. But, I do take our Eicosomax fish oil supplement, 2 capsules daily, which provide 500 mg DHA and 720  mg EPA. These fatty acids do not occur in any plant foods. Some plants contain another omega 3 fatty acid called ALA, which has 18 carbons. EPA has 20 carbons and DHA has 22 carbons, and theoretically, the body can tack on extra carbons to ALA to make EPA and DHA. However, like so many other things, it’s something that declines with aging. The Omega Institute in Canada did extensive testing and determined that men who are 65 or older lose their ability to synthesize EPA and DHA, and I mean they lose it completely. For some reason, older women retain the ability to a limited extent. But, it’s probably not a good idea for them to rely on ALA as a source of EPA and DHA either. Getting pre-formed EPA and DHA is a good idea for all older people.

The only alternative to taking fish oil is to take DHA from algae. Many are available. Typically, they do not quantify the amount of EPA they contain because they contain much less EPA than fish oil provides. And per milligram, they tend to be more expensive than fish oil because it takes a lot of concentrating which adds to the cost.

Of course, I realize that many people do not want to consume fish oil for not wanting to fish in any way, shape, or form, and they should definitely take the algae DHA. But, for the record, what I take is our Eicosomax because it is a highly purified product. It’s so highly purified it’s practically back to being the algal oil. There is no fishy aftertaste or burp from it, and I’ve been taking it a long time.

But, to me, it is a no-brainer that you want to get this stuff into you if you care about your brain and preserving it. I’m 70 now, and I’d like to be as sharp at 90 as I am now. I’ll put it this way: I better be.