Today, June 18, 2021, I awoke to two head-shaking pieces of news. One is about a 33 year old, fully vaccinated, nurse who got long Covid. To show you how fanatical she was, it said:

Kern's job put her at high risk of a coronavirus infection before her vaccine, so she donned full protective equipment during her shifts. RC: She wore the whole spacesuit. "Before I went into my apartment, I would take off my clothes and put my scrubs in a bag and take bleach water and rubbing alcohol and wipe down everything." 

Then she got her first Pfizer-BioNTech shot in December, and her second shot in January.

"It felt like relief flooding through my body - like, OK, I've survived," Kern said.

But four months later, an unvaccinated coworker got sick. “The woman wasn't diligent about wearing her mask,” Kern said.

RC: But, she was diligent about wearing her protective gear, so not only did the vaccine fail, but so did the spacesuit. Then, as for her symptoms, she developed extreme fatigue and a rapid heart rate. But, she said nothing about anything respiratory. Remember that this is supposed to be a respiratory syndrome. Sudden Acute Respiratory Syndrome. But, it has morphed into anything and everything. It’s the virus that can go anywhere and do anything. But, what precedent is there for this?  They are actually claiming that various digestive disorders and incipient diabetes, as well as various skin disorders, neurological problems, and even psychiatric problems can all be due to Covid.  But, when has there ever been a virus like this before? Can’t you see what’s happening? If you develop X, and you have a positive Covid test, then Covid must be the cause of X. The presumptiveness of it all is mind-boggling.

Then, the other news concerns the fizzling out of the Johnson and Johnson one shot vaccine. There were such high hopes because it involved only one shot, and it didn’t have to be kept so cold.  But first, there were the side effects that caused it to be sidelined, and then there was the bad batch in Baltimore. News travels quickly, and now Americans don’t’ want to take it. They’re saying that tens of millions of doses are going to expire unused. And actually, the same is true for the Pfizer and Moderna vaccines. But then again, it was just government money printing that made them in the first place. I say that both the vaccines and the money are a house of cards.

But look: this is about distinguishing what you know- and I mean know directly- from the background noise. Talk of vaccines being 95% effective- that is just background noise. You have no way of knowing that it’s true. And if you choose to believe it, you are doing so entirely on the basis of faith. But this young woman getting sick after getting the vaccine- that you know directly. There’s no faith involved. And there have been many cases like hers. I know people who got acutely ill after getting the vaccine. That effect is real. The claimed benefit is based entirely on presumption- and outright fraud.

One thing is for sure: the are going all in. No matter what happens from here, no matter how many vaccinated people get sick, and no matter how many die, they are never going to back down or change course or change their story. There is no turning back for them now.