For the first time, Dr. Andy Kaufman and Dr. Sam Bailley have done a Covid podcast together.  Sam must be short for Samantha because "Dr. Sam" is a woman. She is from New Zealand, and I have been following her for a long time, and I mean long before Covid. And what I noticed about her with Covid is that her thinking seemed to evolve. She didn't start off being as "radical" as she is now. And I know she wasn't hobnobbing with the likes of Dr. Andy Kaufman either early-on. So, she really traveled in her thinking and became willing to stand up to the medical establishment- in New Zealand and around the world. And the New Zealand medical establishment has been harassing her. So, she is a very brave woman, and she is really becoming a leader in the resistance movement about Covid tyranny. 

It starts with them talking about so-called virus isollation, and Dr. Andy points out that when they do the genome of a person, they take hisor or her DNA and analyze it. But, they don't do that with viruses. They just take the whole secretion of lung fluid from a person, which they presume contains the virus, and then see if it can make a cell culture damaged or sick. But, there is no "isolation" of anything. On the contrary, it is an extremely complex and multi-faceted substance that contains many different things, including many different sources of genetic material, including bacteria, molds, fungi, and of course, the person's own DNA.

"If you want to determine if a virus is harmful to a cell culture, you need to add just the virus to it, not a host of things."  That makes sense, doesn't it?

Then, he points out that the reason they don't do it the sensible way- by isolating the virus from the host and applying it to the test culture- is because they can't. He said they tried for over a decade to do it. Not with Covid, of course, because it hasn't been around for a decade, but with other viruses, and they couldn't do it, and they gave up.

Then, they discussed the work of Dr. StefanLLanka, who did controlled experiments that duplicated the viral studies except leaving out the addition of the so-called virus, and he got the same cytopathic effects.

Then, when they got to talking about how Medicine determines the genomic sequence of viruses, they put it succinctly: “they make it up.”  What they do is start with lung fluid again. They find fragments of nucleic acids in it, and I mean short fragments of 100 or 150 nitrogenous bases. And keep in mind that the virus supposedly has 30,000 sequenced in its whole genome. But, they have machines that can only identify the order of these bases in short fragments. So, they analyze a bunch of them, and then, they turn it all over to a computer. An “algorithm” is what does it. They think the computer can accurately extrapolate from whatever small fragments they provide, and remember that there is a multitude of different sources of genetic material in that lung fluid. But, the algorithm will eventually spit out a sequence of 30,000 or more nucleotides which presumably corresponds to the virus.

If I said it was arcane, it would be a gross understatement. The same goes for presumptuous. What it really is is a pseudo-scientific cult. It’s all based on nothing but a computer simulation! And Dr. Sam points out  that people that they are taking this virus out “end to end” and putting it under a microscope and seeing what it contains. But, they are doing no such thing.

And then, virologists multiply the presumptuousness by saving up a data bank of viral genomes that were created in this duplicitous manner, and using them as “indices” to confirm the genome of other new viruses. Of, if not a totally new virus, a new “variant” of a previously assigned virus. And that is how they come up with all these Covid variants that you hear so much about, and it’s madness.  

At the end, they talk about Dr. Sam’s journey from being a free-thinking and skeptical physician to being a complete and total heretic, as she is today. And of course, Dr. Andy is too. They are both two very courageous doctors, and they are both among my heroes.

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