Eight fully vaccinated players from the New York Yankees have tested positive for Covid, plus three coaches, plus four members of the team’s traveling staff. That’s 15 people, and I don’t know how many got physically ill, but at least one did.

Very quickly, the damage control set in, explaining why this isn’t a bad thing and why it doesn’t negate the effectiveness of the vaccine.

But, think about it logically: if you can still catch Covid despite being vaccinated, then you can still pass it along. And that means that there is no basis to expect the pandemic to end.

If the vaccine doesn’t prevent infection, then it doesn’t halt the spread of the disease.  And exactly why, if after making your DNA produce the “spike protein” from the virus, to which your immune cells make antibodies against, why doesn’t it prevent infection? And if the antibodies, resulting from the vaccine, can’t stop the virus from infecting you, then why assume they protect you at all?  

And remember what they told us in the past. They said that even asymptomatic positives are sick. They may not feel sick, but they are sick, that they show the same “ground glass opacities” on their CT scans as those who are symptomatic.  

Aug. 11, 2020 -- A big chunk of people who catch COVID-19 -- maybe as many as 40%, by some estimates -- never develop noticeable symptoms.

They don’t run a fever. They don’t cough or feel short of breath, and they don’t get the strange panoply of other symptoms that can herald a COVID-19 infection like frostbite-like bumps on the skin, diarrhea, or the loss of smell or taste.

“It's a very big portion of people, and although they are silent without symptoms, internally, they are taking hits in there inside their body so they don't even know it,” says Eric Topol, MD, the founder and director of the Scripps Translational Research Institute in La Jolla, CA. 

Researchers who have scanned the hearts and lungs of people who tested positive for COVID-19, but never felt ill, have seen telltale signs of distress.

In the lungs, scientists have reported cloudy white areas called “ground glass opacities” in asymptomatic patients. Ground glass opacities are also seen patients with more severe COVID-19.

Across four different studies of people with asymptomatic infections, about half have had ground glass opacities on CT scans.

One of those was a study of passengers on the Diamond Princess cruise ship, which was quarantined for 2 weeks off the coast of Japan. Ultimately, 712 passengers -- out of 3,700 on board -- tested positive. Almost half of them, 331, had no symptoms. Of those, 76 had their lungs examined by CT scan for a study. More than half had ground glass opacities, though they didn’t show as much damage as people who had symptoms.

Aileen Marty, MD, professor of infectious diseases at Florida International University, says the hazy areas indicate inflammation. It’s a sign that the lung is sick. She has seen it for herself. In her hospitals, 67% of people who don’t feel ill but test positive for COVID-19 have some changes in their lungs that can be seen on CT scans.

Dr. Cinque: So, what about all these positive-testing Yankees? Is it going to be the same for them? Are they going to do CT scans on all of them and look for those ground glass opacities?

I think this challenges not only the effectiveness of the vaccine but the validity of the whole paradigm on which it’s based.  And it also raises a big question about the validity of the test on which it’s based, and I presume they are doing the pcr test since it’s considered the “gold standard.”

By the way, I was tested for Covid recently; I had to; in order to be allowed on the film set of His Stretch of Texas Ground. And my test came back negative. I don’t know which test they did on me, but they did not swab my nasal cavity deeply; they just swabbed inside my mouth. But, whatever test it was, it came back negative.

But, this is ridiculous. They’re strapping, young, athletic baseball players who were fully vaccinated, and I’m an unvaccinated 70 year old man; yet, they test positive, and I don’t. 

And keep in mind that if the results were different, if none of the vaccinated tested positive, that would have been heralded as a good thing. But, this result is also a good thing. So, it, and the opposite of it, both mean the same thing, that the vaccine is working.

Bull shit. The only thing working here is the spin machine. They’re spinning like crazy.

It’s all one gigantic dogmatic cult, and that to me is scary as hell. It's like we're living in the Twilight Zone.