Now, with the Covid vaccination campaign well underway, the results are coming in, and the reporting of adverse events has been record-setting. And of course, “adverse events” include suspicious deaths, and there have been over 3400 reported. That is far more than the number of deaths that led to the aborting of the Swine Flu vaccination campaign in 1976.

However, not surprisingly, the CDC denies that any of those deaths were caused by the Covid vaccine- even though quite a few of them involved relatively young people who had no life-threatening illnesses, and who died very soon after getting the vaccine, and who, simply, fell apart immediately after getting it.

Since there was nothing else bearing down on these people as a health threat, what else could it have been that killed them? And frankly, there aren’t that many things that can cause sudden death.  Heart attack, stroke, pulmonary embolism, severe cardiac arrhythmia or cardiac arrest, fulminant infection; what else? So, if it appeared that the person died from the vaccine, and you want to find out what else it could have been that killed the, you know what to look for and what rule out. And, once you rule out the alternatives, which would be easy enough to do, then you really have no choice, as I see it, but to admit that the vaccine killed them.

But, the CDC is doing nothing and will do nothing to make those confirmations. They’re just going to leave it that the vaccine hasn’t killed anybody because it hasn’t been proven that it has, and they are going to continue vaccinating, in earnest.

You may or may not know that I am a filmmaker. My first film, My Stretch of Texas Ground, is streaming on Amazon and Tubi, and it is the first and only anti-war feature film of the 21st century.  In my second film, His Stretch of Texas Ground, which is soon to be released, one of the stars was Jeff Caperton. In fact, I also cast Jeff in my third film, The Pro Bono Watchman, which is now in post-production. But, Jeff put this up on Facebook the other day.


 Of course, the disclaimer at the bottom was added by Facebook. I don’t know if Jeff has reported his adverse event to VAERS, but I doubt it. And I suspect that a great many people who suffered ill-effects from the vaccine didn’t report it because many people don’t.

But, I want you to think about the double standard involved. Because: on the diagnostic side, if a person has symptoms and they get a Covid test, and it comes back positive, it’s assumed that Covid is responsible. And if that symptom hasn’t been seen with Covid before, then it’s a new thing that Covid can cause- and Covid can cause anything.  So, they’re willing to make the assumption of “causality” on the diagnostic side wily-nily. But, when it comes to acknowledging ill-effects to the vaccine, they have dug in, and they are going to do it.

And, I’ll tell you honestly that I predicted that this was going to happen, that this time, no number of apparent deaths from the vaccine would cause them to stop. I said that no matter what, they were going to go all out and all in.

I want to close by giving you the link to a wonderful video on Youtube by Dr. Sam Bailey, who is a woman. In fact, she is a very beautiful woman, if that’s any incentive. It’s called:  2020: The Year Medicine Lost Contact. It’s a critique of Medicine’s role in fanning the flames of Covid hysteria and the extreme and destructive measures that followed from that hysteria. And it’s more that that; she addresses the whole sordid and corrupt history of Virology, and she shows how this “science” is really pure dogma. Here’s the link. You may have to cut and paste it.