Deaths associated with getting the Covid vaccine are being reported to the CDC hotline. I don’t know how many dozen there are so far, but the number is growing. Of course, the CDC has not conceded to any vaccine-caused deaths. They point out that people die every day, and if a person dies after getting the shot, perhaps they were going to die anyway.

Two of those people who died are famous black Americans: Hammering Hank Aaron and Marvelous Marvin Hagler. The media is denying, profusely, that the vaccine was involved in their deaths. However, Aaron got the vaccine in a public spectacle that was intended to persuade black Americans to get it. And he seemed fine at the time. And all they are saying about his death is that it was due to “natural causes.” Well, what were the causes?

More recent is the death of Marvin Hagler. They are denying that the vaccine caused his death, but they are not denying that he got the vaccine. Obviously, he either got it, or he didn’t, and if he didn’t get it, they would say. But, they are not saying, and to me, that is tantamount to admitting that he got it.

There are numerous cases like the one below: a young mother who was seemingly in good health, who got acutely ill right after the 2nd dose of the Moderna vaccine. Then her liver failed, and then she died. Read it yourself, and then try to imagine the CDC denying that her death was vaccine-related.


An autopsy has been ordered after a Utah mom died just four days after receiving the second dose of the Moderna COVID-19 vaccine.

Kassidi Kurill, mother of one, got the vaccine due to her work as a surgical technician for several plastic surgeons.

According to Kurill’s father, her arm was sore after the first shot and she experienced no other side effects, but it was when she received her second dose things went wrong.

Kurill landed in the ER, where “she was very, very sick, and her liver was not functioning.”

 Kurill was transported to a trauma center in Murray where she was reportedly to receive a liver transplant.

She died 30 hours after arriving at the hospital.

An autopsy could identify a cause of death, but the family was unaware of any pre-existing health conditions.

So, what shall we assume in her case? That it’s just a coincidence that this young mother went into liver failure right after getting the second dose of the vaccine?  


I don’t see how these tragic calamities aren't concerning. It’s one thing to say that a temporal association with a vaccine is no guarantee that the vaccine caused the death. But, don’t equate that with a guarantee that the vaccine didn’t cause the death. And in the case of this young mother, it looks EXTREMELY likely that the vaccine caused it because she was young, and there was nothing else wrong with her, that we know of.

We know that in 1976, they called off the Swine Flu Vaccination Campaign because of adverse events, including some deaths.

So, the question is: how many suspicious deaths will it take for them to call off the Covid Vaccination Campaign?

And consider that, so far, it's been mostly older people who have been the ones getting it. And older people are subject to dying. They can have heart attacks, strokes, embolisms; they can get fatal pneumonias, etc. So, when someone as old as Hank Aaron (86) dies, it’s easy to attribute it to his age. After all: the average lifespan for American males is only 77. But, what if when people in their 20s, 30s, and 40s, get vaccinated in droves, and the death rate among them is just as high or nearly as high? What are they going to say then? And what are they going to do then?

But, so far, they haven’t even conceded that the young mother with no pre-existing health conditions died from the vaccine.

So, the bottom line for me is that I don’t think they are going to call it off unless young people are dying by the thousands. Even if it's many hundreds, they won't stop.  Instead, they'll make excuses.  

 And I think it is a big mistake to assume that those who get the vaccine and experience only minimal side effects, or even none, are not being harmed.  

I’ll have more to say about this, but I would sooner leave this country than get the vaccine. And I am not saying that rhetorically. I mean that I would never submit to it, and if they tried to force it on me, I would fight with every ounce of my strength.