The CDC has admitted that the vast majority of the Covid deaths are among people who had grave pre-existing conditions, such as advanced cancer or heart disease, and some of them were, in fact, already dying of those diseases prior to Covid. Some of them were already on hospice care for having those diseases prior to Covid. And yet, their deaths were still attributed to Covid, rather than the true cause or causes of their demise.

Do you get what’s going on? That if you get a positive Covid test and then you die from any cause, then officially and for the record, you died of Covid.

The CDC claims that only 6% of the Covid deaths can be attributed strictly and exclusively to Covid. That isn’t much, but even that I can’t accept at face value. I would have to evaluate each case because I think the odds are great that they are exaggerating, even there.

I ask that you think carefully about the idea of hospice patients acquiring and dying of Covid. You do understand that by the time someone is put on hospice, they are pretty incapacitated. They’re not going anywhere. They’re not making any runs to the store. They’re not making runs to the doctor either because when you’re on hospice, the doctor comes to you. So just think about how few people a person on hospice has close contact with. And the hospice medical staff are all wearing masks, right? Their own family may be wearing masks around the dying person too. And if not, we're talking about a small handful of people. 

So, the hospice patient tests positive for Covid.  Who did they catch it from? You know they must have gotten it from a very small circle of people. So, you test those people and find out who it was.  

But, are they doing that? No! They're just content to say, "he got it somehow." 

The point is that if a hospice patient tests positive for Covid, it’s usually a situation in which you can determine the status of every person with whom he or she has been in contact. But, are they doing it? No. And it's because they don't really want to find out. 

If you watch this video about it, you will be quite astonished. I was.

They make the point that doctors, who work for hospitals, go along with this farce of attributing heart attack and cancer deaths to Covid because it brings in dollars; federal dollars. You know, that stuff they print up like Monopoly money? Although, most of the money they create never makes it to cash; it’s just blips on a computer screen.

The point is that the “pandemic” is, for the most part, an accounting trick, where they are attributing as many common, ordinary deaths as possible to Covid.

Please watch that video if you haven’t.