This article for doctors epitomizes the dire state of medical thinking and what it’s come to. It speaks of the high percentage of people who test positive for Covid without manifesting any symptoms at all- over a third. That should lead them to suspect inaccuracy of the test. But, it doesn’t. In fact, it does the opposite; it causes them to call for more testing.

The idea of a virus spreading and making some people sick and other people not isn’t new. For the longest time, they have told us that some people infected with Epstein-Barr virus get sick while others don’t. But, what is different about Covid is the acuteness of the arc that they are claiming. They are claiming that the effect of this virus goes from having no effect at all to rapidly killing a person- even a young and previously healthy person.  And although they admit that most of the Covid deaths occur in old people with chronic illnesses, they have no explanation for why, sometimes, young healthy people succumb to it so fast.  The magnitude of the variation in effect is unprecedented.

And there really is no rhyme or reason for the attributions they are making.  For instance, I know a young woman who is off to college. She lives in a dorm. Her age is 19. And she developed a mild fever for which she was tested and told she had Covid. She was only sick for a couple days, but they made her quarantine for 14 days. Without getting any treatment, she recovered spontaneously and was fine afterwards. Her case was so mild, and so brief, it was really just one step above being asymptomatic. But, the fact is that this young woman has had health problems throughout her life. She was born with a uretal  defect that required her to take antibiotics daily- for years. When she was born, she had to spend weeks in the hospital. She’s had severe allergy problems, and she has a form of epilepsy. And she’s had other problems that I won’t go into.  But, the point is: if anyone should have become a Covid “long-hauler,” she should have.  But no, in her case, she just flew right through it, much like old, obese Donald Trump.

None of this makes any sense, and although they glibly spew talking points, they don’t always have them.  Sometimes they just have to shrug and say, “that’s Covid.”

I can’t tell you I know exactly what is going on, but I can tell you that a bogus test is going on, and this dogma-driven, bogus test is driving not just medical decisions, but political and economic decisions that are upending our entire way of life. And the idea that everything will return to normal as soon as we get everyone vaccinated is a pipedream of unparalleled proportion.