No matter what one believes about Covid, there are some things that you can’t deny if you’re rational. One is that the masking and social distancing do not work. If they worked, then the case numbers would have fallen. But, the masking and social distancing haven’t stopped Covid from spreading up to now, so why think that more masking and social distancing will start working?

Another sobering fact is that the vast majority of people being diagnosed with Covid (and by vast majority I mean practically all) have no idea how they got it. Practically all of them say that they are unaware of being exposed to a stricken person, and they haven’t been around anyone who was exhibiting symptoms, such as coughing. And most are saying that they were following the protocols. And that means two things: that the protocols don’t work, and that asymptomatic spread must be paramount because, again, most report not being around symptomatic people.   

But, all of this is just a matter of inference. I don’t believe it. What I believe is that the “gold standard” PCR test for Covid should really be called the “fools gold standard” because it is a bogus test. And as for the antibody tests, which were all the rage, even the CDC has admitted that they’re wrong half the time.

So, I am telling you very honestly that what is going on is a pandemic of testing.

But, are people really getting sick and dying? Yes, they are, but since it was decided that, for the first time in history of Medicine and Biology, that a microbe could manifest in any way whatsoever, that if you have symptom-x and you test positive for Covid, then symptom-x is a symptom of Covid- it means that just about anything and everything can be attributed to Covid. Realize that they are claiming a totally new phenomenon, that the Covid-19 virus can derange not just the lungs, but the heart, the liver, the kidneys, the brain, the skin, the joints, anything, anything and everything. They are claiming a new natural phenomenon, never before seen. And If you already had a chronic disease before Covid came along, then Covid exacerbated it. So, if you’ve had heart disease for decades, and then you die of a heart attack, that’s a Covid death. And if you think that’s farfetched, they’re playing the Covid card every which way they can- in ways that nobody would have dreamed of doing before Covid.

The Media has reported Larry King’s death as due to Covid, but Cedar Sinai in L.A. has, so far, refused to confirm that, pointing out that he had multiple serious health problems and long before Covid.

And, here’s another very sobering fact: practically everyone who dies of Covid dies in the hospital. And in many cases and most cases, they spend weeks in the hospital before they die. And they are getting treatment the whole time. Now, what does that tell you? It should tell you that medical treatment for Covid is ineffective.  And, it may be worse than ineffective.  What I have to wonder is: are they killing people? And it’s a fair question because they reported publicly that 97% of the Covid patients put on respirators died. And any time something has a 97% death rate, you have to wonder whether it’s killing people because there are plenty of things done with lethal intentions that don’t have as high a death rate as that.

It is important to realize that the economic strain from the Covid crisis is having a detrimental impact on health because it is driving people to drink more and smoke more.  When people lose their jobs and income; when they lose hope; when they become depressed; they tend to abuse themselves more. Bad habits flourish under such conditions. 

They’re saying that this is the mildest flu season on record, but why should that be?  Should not all the strain and pain and loss from Covid be increasing vulnerability to the flu?  Of course, they’re claiming that all the masking and social distancing for Covid is preventing the spread of the flu, but if that’s true, then why didn’t it prevent the spread of Covid? Because Covid is more virulent- of course. They’re claiming these things not because they know they’re true, and not because they’ve confirmed them, but because they are convenient talking points, to which they just help themselves. It is rationalizing on a grand scale.

What I know for sure is that the religion of Covidism has enveloped Medicine and the world.  They’ve admitted that many Covid patients were killed with respirators. They’ve admitted to pressuring patients who weren’t even in respiratory distress to go on respirators- even when they knew how high the death rate was. Without a doubt, some Covid patients have died of Medicine, not Covid. The question is: how many?  And I dread to imagine.