It seems we are descending deeper into the Twilight Zone world in which we live; where reality and illusion are scrambled. But, it’s heartening that more and more doctors are voicing their objections to the PCR testing that has fueled this whole mania. Some are saying outright that it is producing noise. And where it especially rings true is with the many cases of positive test results in the complete absence of any symptoms.

I think it’s important to realize that there is a lot that people think they know that involves them not knowing anything. All they know are some talking points. What basis does the average person have to “know” that PCR testing is identifying  the presence of a new infection with a virus called Covid 19? No basis at all. But, it’s hardly any different for their doctor. The only difference is that their doctor may be able to spew a few more talking points than they can. But, that isn’t knowledge. It’s just parroting. You don’t think a parrot has knowledge, do you?

But, what the average person can do is look at the evidence before them and see if it is consistent with the claims that are being made. For instance, there is the claim that the people who test positive are sick, whether they feel sick or not. Note that early-on, they often claimed that asymptomatic carriers have the same "ground-glass opacities" in the lungs as overtly sick patients. But, I am not hearing that lately. They don’t seem to be saying it any more. It’s one thing to say that a person with a virus may or may not be sick, but it’s another thing to say that a person with a distinct and developed patho-physiology and patho-histology in their lungs may or may not feel any effects from it.

The number of people who have tested positive for Covid without having any symptoms is legion. I’ve seen figures as high as 40% of everyone who tests positive.

So, that is a very troubling thing, and it should be a very troubling thing. And it should raise doubt about the accuracy of the test. In a normal world, it would; but, we are not living in a normal world.

There have been many dozen “allergic” reactions to the vaccine, so far, some of which called for extreme measures, such as extremely high doses of steroids and other drugs. No deaths have been attributed to the vaccine, so far. But, I want you to consider their use of the word “allergic.” They don’t know that it’s an allergy, per se, like a person who has a peanut allergy. They are just calling it that. And by calling it that, an “allergy” it sounds like the problem is with the person, not the vaccine; that the defect is in them; not the vaccine. But, you can’t compare a vaccine to a peanut.

I want to make the point that when you give a pharmaceutical to a large group of people and some of them have adverse reactions to it, that it is a mistake to assume that the ones who do not experience any acute distress are not being harmed at all. Biological harm is not always accompanied by immediate symptoms. It may take time for the harm to manifest, and by the time it does manifest, it may be too late to reverse it. So, what I am wondering is: in light of the acute harm that the vaccine is causing to some, is it causing lesser, quieter harm to others that, in time, will accrue to become a noticeable and serious health impairment? Nobody can answer that question. Time Is going to answer it. And in the meantime, everyone who takes the vaccine is a guinea pig. They are gambling with their health.

Yes, they are gambling; big-time. There is little risk in not taking it. I’m 70 years old, and I’m not taking it. Covid has been going on for over a year now, and I haven’t caught it. I haven't gotten sick. I wear the mask when I shop because I have to. But, I don’t wear it any other time. I don’t wear it any time I don't have to. I don’t wear it in my home, regardless of who is here. So, I am certainly not the most earnest abider of the Covid protocols, and far from it. Plenty of people who have scrupulously followed all the protocols have come down with Covid, in spite of it. Are you aware of that? But, in light of my own personal experience, why should I think that I have any need for that vaccine? And that would be true even if I knew it were safe and effective, and I know nothing of the kind. But, I know I haven’t gotten sick. And because of who I am, I can assure you that my sense of self, my sense of well-being, and my sense of illness, when it applies, is fine-tuned. In other words, if I’m sick, I know it. And I know I’m not sick. Do I know that I would test negative for Covid? I have no idea. I presume that, just going by the mathematics of probability, that I would probably test negative. But, I just might test positive. This whole pandemic has been fueled by positive tests; positive tests among the symptomatic; and positive tests among the asymptomatic. But, there are absolutely no symptoms of Covid that distinguish it from other illnesses. So, I am not only disputing that the asymptomatic positives have Covid; I’m not even sure that the symptomatic positives have Covid. The only thing I’m sure of is that they have a positive test.

But, it looks like the vast majority of Americans are going to line up and get vaccinated. It’s totally unchartered water. This kind of vaccine, the RNA vaccine, has never been administered before. And the fact that many will get it without experiencing symptoms, or having only mild, passing symptoms, is of no comfort to me. What’s going to happen down the road, and I mean years down the road, remains to be seen, and it could be calamitous.

So, I am living my life with the sense that I am living in a crazy world, and I feel like I am a subject of the realm every time I put that mask on. And the irony is that I am keenly interested in my health and preserving it. But, I trust my judgment and methods, while theirs, I run from like the Plague.