I’m lucky because I’m in a situation where I don’t think there is anything they can do to compel me to take a Covid vaccine. This article implies that the courts are going to support companies that require their workers to get vaccinated.


Of course, schools already require childhood vaccinations, and some parents are choosing to home-school for that reason. I’ll mention again that Austin, Texas, where I live, is well known for being vaccination resistant, and the Waldorf School here does very well (there’s a waiting list to get into it) because they make vaccination optional. I’m sure that some parents send their kids there for no other reason. In other words, they’re not really interested in the philosophy of Rudolf Steiner.

Elsewhere in the news, a young American woman was sentenced to 4 months in prison for breaking her mandatory 14 day quarantine, although the sentence was reduced to 2 month in prison after the U.S. media reported it. But, the strange thing is that after she was sentenced and they took her away, there is video of it, and in the video, the young woman is masked but not her handlers. I put the picture up here:


As of December 19, the CDC reported 6 severe reactions to the Covid vaccine. Everyone who gets it has to remain under observation for 15 minutes before they can leave.

6 severe allergic reactions reported from more than 250K COVID-19 vaccine shots (mynbc5.com)

The key word there is “severe.” We know that the effect can be life-threatening because they resorted to very high doses of steroids to save the nurse the in Alaska, and they wouldn’t have done that unless they had to. So, how many people experienced less than severe reactions, such as fever, headache, and malaise? And keep in mind that there are short-term adverse effects and long-term adverse effects; two very different things. No testing whatsoever has been done on the long-term adverse effects. They’ll find out what they are as time passes. Or will they? Since it’s a long-term effect, it’s not going to appear as a sudden reaction. It’s likely to manifest as chronic health problems that may not be unique to the vaccine. In other words, there will be plenty of room for “plausible deniability.”

No attempt was made to determine whether the vaccine prevents infection. What they looked for are symptoms, and their claim is that the vaccine will prevent the development of symptoms. But, the vast majority of study subjects who developed symptoms developed mild ones: extremely mild ones, such as a slight cough or a little sore throat. What is the point of taking a vaccine to prevent such symptoms?

The idea that the vaccine will prevent serious, life-threatening disease is just assumed.

But, we are in totally uncharted water because people have never been given this kind of vaccine before.

I continue to hear stories of cases that are unsettling. The latest is that of an older man (who is probably about my age) who went to the hospital for hernia surgery and there contracted Corona virus. So then, they tested his family, and some tested positive while others didn’t. His 7 year old grandson tested positive but wasn’t sick at all. Still, he had to go on quarantine for 14 days.

As for life getting back to normal, it’s not going to. There is no expectation that the vaccines are going to allow that to happen. Masking, social distancing, and the shuttering of group activities, they are with us for the foreseeable future. It’s pointless to project a date when it’s going to be over.

I’m sure glad I wasn’t born later.