Yesterday, the vaccinating of Americans with the Pfizer Covid vaccine began, starting with medical works, people in nursing homes, and others considered especially vulnerable. For me, it’s like watching lemmings tumble over the cliff. And, it’s like an episode of the Twilight Zone because it really does seem like we are in another dimension. Never before has an RNA vaccine been given to humans. I’ve heard many people say it alters DNA, but as I understand it, it’s more that it supplants your DNA. What does DNA do? It tells your cells what proteins to make. Well, this messenger RNA is going to tell your cells to make a toxic protein, and they know that it’s toxic. And then when it reaches the surface of the cells, the immune cells will respond by making antibodies to it, which is the immune response they are looking for. They claim that after that, the mRNA will be broken down and discarded, and that that happens right away. But, in that case, the therapeutic effect they are seeking is very temporary, and therefore, what good is it?  But, everything about this is very hypothetical. The fact is: it is an experiment.

The sad truth is that Medicine has become a global cult. That’s really what it is: a cult. It’s all about beliefs. The belief in the PCR test, which has never before been used the way it has been used for Covid. And even though there are indications screaming at us that the test isn’t valid, such as animals, foods, and inanimate objects testing positive for Covid, the belief in it goes on.  That’s because it’s a cult.

And the bizarre thing is that they don’t even expect it to stop infection. They just think it’s going to make it easier on people who get infected. But even if true, they can still infect others. Therefore, our Covid lifestyle must go on: with masks, social distancing, shutdowns, lockdowns, and quarantines.

I don’t even know for sure if the Covid virus exists at all. But, what I do know is that, whether it does or it doesn’t, they are diagnosing everything and anything as Covid, so long as the sick person tests positive for it. So, even if a person has had heart disease for decades, if they finally die of it, so long as they tested positive for Covid within the last month, they died, not of heart disease, but of Covid.  And that is a depraved situation. It is flagrantly corrupt.

Why does a person who hasn’t gotten Covid think they need the vaccine? Do they really think that the masking and social distancing they’ve done has kept them from getting it? Don’t they know that thousands of people who have been as diligent, and more diligent, than they have, have gotten it despite it all?  

So, what is going to be the outcome of this mass experiment? First, remember that in talking about the adverse effects of the vaccine, there are the short-term manifestations and the long-term ones. They think they know what to expect concerning short-term problems, and they expect there to be a significant amount of that. And they are fearful that many people who took the first shot will be unwilling to take the second one. But, they have no basis to claim anything about the long-term harms. That’s a black box, and they’ll find out what they are when they happen.

It’s encouraging that there is growing chorus of medical professionals who are fighting all this, and you can listen to some of them here, and they are from all over the world.

Someone asked me why I didn’t include Vitamin C among the supplements I take which I believe support my immunity. I don’t take Vitamin C as a separate supplement. I do take Core Multi from Klaire Labs, which I have taken for years, and it contains 400 mg of Vitamin C. And I probably get at least 500 mg/day from my diet because I eat so much fresh produce.  So, that’s 900 mg total, which is 10X the RDA. And I dare say that I think that’s enough. If there is any nutritional benefit from taking more Vitamin C than that, it’s got to be so small that it’s not worth worrying about. But notice that I said “nutritional” effect. Vitamin C can also be used therapeutically in much higher doses, but, as far as I’m concerned, it’s just something to consider doing temporarily because of circumstances. But for overall nutrition, I think what I’m getting is plenty, and I am not inclined to take more. Here is the link to the Core Multi that I take. It’s really very good. It is a very efficient and sufficient formula.