A good friend informed me that he got Covid. He is a retired professor in Ohio, about my age. He said that for 9 days, he experienced high fevers, weakness, body aches, but his respiratory symptoms were relatively mild. He did not have to be hospitalized, and he recovered spontaneously without treatment.

I asked him how it differed from his past experiences with the flu. He said the main difference was that he noticed the loss of taste and smell. But, I’d like to point out that that can happen with the regular flu, and even with colds, because any time you have inflammation in the upper respiratory tract, it can happen. But, people today are very tuned in to that symptom because they hear about it so much.

I asked him if he knows how he got it. He said that he was quarantining strictly, that he and his wife were having food delivered. He said he only left the house twice in recent weeks: once to go to his doctor’s office for routine blood tests, and once, to meet a friend at Panera’s where they enjoyed a meal. But, the friend was the only one he was exposed to at the restaurant without a mask, and this friend later was not sick and tested negative for Covid.

So, where does that leave it? It leaves it with no plausible explanation for how he got it. And if he could get it doing all the things that he was doing to stay safe, it certainly suggests that the masking that everyone is doing isn’t working.  

And, his case isn’t usual. Since he was NEVER around anyone who was visibly ill with it, his must have been a case of “asymptomatic spread.” The vast majority of cases are occurring that way. Recently, the CDC attributed half the transmissions to asymptomatic spread, however, no rational, scientific reason has ever been given why a disease which kills some people can cause not the slightest symptom in others. Covid is a deadly disease- except when it’s not.

I just read today that a nurse who was involved in a Covid vaccine trial experienced a severe reaction in which she experienced the highest fever she ever got in her life and other acute symptoms. Her narrative is being published in JAMA, a leading medical journal, along with an editorial saying that it is probably at the extreme of reactions that people are going to get from being vaccinated.  

However, I beg to differ. We know that the individual is always a variable in all pharmaceutical testing. Even if the percentage of people who experience severe reactions is small, they’re talking about vaccinating the whole country- hundreds of millions of people. With that many people involved, even an infinitesimal occurrence of severe reactions could be catastrophic. If half of Americans agree to take the vaccine, that would be over 150 million people. And it may be that more than half will take it since fear of Covid is so rampant.  

Then, there is Oregon medical doctor, a family practitioner, who proclaimed at pro-Trump rally that neither he nor his staff wear masks. This is what he said:

"We have been utterly duped, and I want you to know that this is insanity and the purpose is only to shut down the American people," Dr. LaTulippe said at the rally. "This is a threat to your freedom, a threat to our Constitution. I petition all of you, take off the mask of shame."

The Oregon medical board promptly suspended his license.

I am often asked what I take to support my immunity during this time of Covid. I haven’t altered anything. I haven’t started taking anything specifically because of Covid. But, there are things that I take routinely that I think are helping to protect me from infection, in general, including Covid. That includes hormones that I take, which are DHEA and melatonin, one in the morning, the other at night. Both strengthen the immune system. It includes Vitamin D3, 5000 IUs, which I take with my largest meal. And it includes iodine, which does more than support your thyroid. Iodine is an immune booster, and I take one Iodoral 12.5 mg. tablet daily. I get all of them pharmaceutical-grade from Klaire Labs. And I think that eating my plant-based diet of fresh fruits, green salads, steamed green vegetables, raw nuts and seeds, cooked beans and legumes, and limited whole grains is contributing mightily to my health. I think it’s protecting me a lot more than a mask.