I hear a lot of enthusiasm from people about the pandemic ending, that is, when we get the vaccine. They have the gleaming vision that the vaccine will be resoundingly effective; that it will be administered rapidly to all Americans; and after that, life will return to normal, and we’ll be able to go to theaters, attend concerts, and talk about all this in the past tense.


Well, they are not listening to Dr. Fauci because he says that even with the vaccine, life will not return to normal. He says that the vaccine will NOT prevent infection with the Corona virus. The only thing that the vaccines are expected to do is prevent serious illness among those who get infected, and it may even reduce their symptoms to zero. But, they are still going to get infected, and they will still be able to infect others. And therefore, the masking and social distancing will have to continue indefinitely even after the entire population is vaccinated.


So, when, pray-tell, are the pandemic, and the lifestyle it has wrought, going to end? That is the question reporters posed to Dr. Fauci, and his reply, given with a straight face, was: “That will depend on the second generation of vaccines.”


The second generation? Is he serious? Even the first generation is like pie in the sky, and now he’s talking about the second? And what they are claiming for the first generation has no credibility.  For instance, Pfizer claimed that of the 44,000 subjects in their study, only 94 developed any symptoms over 3 months, and that includes mild symptoms such as a mild cough or a mild sore throat or a mild fever. Only 94 out of 44,000? Who are these people? They’re obviously not like those I pass at the mall, or I should say, I used to pass.


And since when do you take a vaccine not to prevent infection but to prevent symptoms? Half the people who get Covid don’t get symptoms anyway, even without a vaccine. And that is practically the entire basis upon which the disease is continuing to spread. After all, among those coming down with Covid lately, what do you think they’re saying? That they let a guy with a bad cough, cough in their face? No, they are not saying that or anything like it. They’re saying that they don’t know how they got infected, that they don’t know how they were exposed because they haven’t been around anyone who was sick. That’s true in most all the new cases. So, since it’s obvious that mask-wearers and social distancers can still come down with Covid and quite easily, of what use are the masks and social distancing?


It reminds me of a great line in No Country For Old Men: If following the rules brought you to this, of what use were the rules?


Life is not going to go back to normal any time soon. And the outcome of the mass vaccination, about which there is so much hope and promise, could not only be a big disappointment, it could be disastrous.


And they’re telling us that the flu is practically non-existent this year. And they think it’s because the masking and social distancing work against the flu. Then, why don’t they work against Covid? Is it because Covid is very much more infectious and contagious than the flu?  But, how do they know that? Isn’t it just an assumption made out of convenience?


What’s going on is insane. And if you think your doctor knows a lot more about Covid than you do, think again. He or she may know a few more talking points than you do, but that’s about it.  They are just dogma-tees, like everyone else. And the Covid dogma has a lot more in common with religion than it does science.


Here is a conundrum: Let’s say a person has flu-like symptoms but tests positive for Covid. We know that in many people, Covid is asymptomatic. So, what if his Covid is asmptomatic but he also has the flu? One thing we can be sure of is: when in doubt, they are calling it Covid. For one thing, we know that hospitals, which are strapped for cash, get paid more money by the government if they call it Covid. We are in the midst of a Tulip Mania except it’s for Covid labeling. Have you noticed the ease at which they will attribute anything and everything to Covid? It began as a respiratory virus. Now, it is the virus that can go anywhere and do anything. And it may bypass the respiratory system completely. Or it may do nothing. Nothing at all.