To say that government, media, and Big Pharma are overreacting, with glee, to their recent claims about the Covid vaccines is the understatement of the century. But, doctors, who should know better, are eating it up too, and that's both ominous and pathetic. 

They're claiming that the vaccines of Pfizer and Moderna are safe, but how do the know when they’ve only been studied for a relatively few weeks, and it’s known that the harms from vaccines may take months and years to manifest?  They know nothing about the long-term adverse effects, so they just assume there aren’t any.

They don’t know how long the claimed protection will last, but even their optimistic projections only hope for a year, and they presume that an annual shot will be needed- for life- and they have no idea how safe that is.

Both Pfizer and Moderna are doing their trials on groups of people with incredibly low risk of developing Covid. Pfizer’s group resulted in less than one-tenth of one percent of participants getting Covid. Moderna’s group involved three-tenth of one percent getting Covid. And in both cases, that included the unvaccinated. Why is a vaccine needed for such people if well over 99% of them don’t get the disease even without protection?

And how did they identify Covid cases? Remember that Covid is a disease whose symptomatology ranges from nothing to death. It’s been estimated that half of Covid infectees don’t get any symptoms at all. But, supposedly, they can still infect others. So, wasn’t it important to consider those people? But, they were NOT considered. You had to have at least one symptom in order to be tested.

So, let’s say you developed a mild cough during the study and nothing else. That’s considered a symptom of Covid, so, they would test you. But, nothing is also a symptom of Covid. And coughs can be symptoms of coughs and flus and other illnesses. So, who is to say that the cough was due to Covid? Maybe the guy was among those who don’t get symptoms from Covid, but he happened to have a cold, and his cough was due to the cold. Why couldn’t a person with a cough from a cold also manifest a positive PCR test when animals and inanimate objects have manifested positive PCR tests?  So, they don’t know what they are measuring, and they don’t know what they are doing. They don’t know who’s got what.  They’re just assuming.

But, the worst thing of all is that in the Pfizer study, they are only looking at the results among 94 people out of 43,438. It’s like they might as well have done the whole study on just those 94 people. The purpose of those other people, the other 43,344, was to show just how difficult it is to get Covid. 

And what a healthy group of people they picked. Don’t you think it’s odd that out of 43,438 people watched for several months that less than one-tenth of one percent developed the slightest symptom, such as a cough or sore throat? Obviously, they weren’t representative of the general public if so few of them got the least bit sick over that much time. None of the trials have been looking for reduced incidence of serious illness, reduced need for hospitalization, or lowered risk of death. What use is there in taking a vaccine merely to prevent a cough? The excuse given was that they would have had to wait forever to compile a meaningful list of people with serious disease- and I agree, since none of their 43,438 developed serious disease. But, if that’s the case, then what do they need a vaccine for? To prevent coughs?

Vaccinating people for a disease with a fatality rate of just a tiny fraction of one percent practically guarantees that the harms of the vaccine are going to outweigh the benefits.  Then, when you consider how common coughs are, even without Covid, and how flaky that PCR test is, with its myriad false-positive test results, it means that they may not be measuring anything at all, that there is nothing clinically significant about anything they are doing.

Yet, despite these sober realities, people are getting all worked up about the coming Covid vaccines. That lay people do it is bad enough, but that doctors do it is an absolute disgrace. Dr. Fauci is an idiot; an ignoramus. He shouldn’t be taking splinters out of people. I doubt he could do that right, the moron.

So, where’s this all heading? To no place good. And if you’re thinking of getting a Covid vaccine, I pity you. I really do.