The news has been all bad with reports of surging cases, increased hospitalizations, and rising death counts. Yet, the Covid attributions continue to shock me. For instance, there was an 18 year old male college student who tested negative repeatedly, but shortly before he died of sudden cardiac arrest, they said he tested positive for Covid. So, they assume his cardiac arrest was due to Covid. However, the tragic truth is that there were sudden deaths by cardiac arrest among college students, and particularly male athletes, long before there was Covid. So, what evidence is there that in his case it was caused by Covid? Is it just because of the positive Covid test? If so, that's crazy. 

And there is no good news on the vaccine front. One subject died, and they had to suspend the whole study. At least two other studies got suspended because of adverse effects among participants. There are, of course, great expectations about the vaccine, which is encouraged by government and media.  A lot of people see this ending with them announcing the availability of a vaccine; then everybody takes it; then, the pandemic is over and life goes back to normal. Well, that is a pipedream, and even Dr. Anthony Fauci says that people will still have to wear the masks after there is a vaccine.

Will the vaccine be safe and effective? Well, they are going to say that it is, but these are the same people who said that the air at Ground Zero was safe to breathe after 9/11.

As far as safety goes, they are going to test it for a number of weeks, perhaps 8 or 12, looking for adverse effects within that timeframe. However, we know that it can take longer than 12 weeks for the toxic effects of drugs or vaccines to manifest. All the toxic drugs that you can think of, such as thalidomide, appeared to be safe during their brief trials .So, you should know that, if you take the vaccine, you will be a guinea pig. 

Will the vaccine be effective? Well, the CDC, which is strongly biased in favor of the flu vaccine, has never claimed higher than 60% effectiveness for it. Last year, they claimed 37% effectiveness. That meant that for every 3 unvaccinated people who got the flu, 2 vaccinated people got it. It works except when it doesn't. Do you think it is going to be better for the Covid vaccine? Why?

If you are wondering when life is going to go back to normal, it may never. As long as they keep doing that PCR Covid test, people will continue to test positive for it. Animals have tested positive. Inanimate objects have tested positive. And as long as you run enough cycles, anyone and everyone will test positive.

It reminds me of the question: when are interest rates going to go back to normal? When I was young, you could get a passbook savings account that paid 5 percent interest. When is that coming back? It’s not. The debt of the U.S. government is so great, that if they had to pay anything close to normal interest rates, there would be a collapse. Every cent they take in would have to go to paying interest. They'd have nothing left for all the wars they love to wage. We are in a zero or near zero percent interest rate environment indefinitely. It is never going back to real interest rates. And likewise, there is no basis to think that going back to the pre-Covid world is even on the distant horizon. It seems like the good old days now though, doesn’t it?

Tonight, I read an article about the Covid long-haulers, and their symptoms run the gamut. They aren’t necessarily respiratory. They can be digestive, cardiac, cognitive, you name it. How a respiratory virus can do all that is inexplicable. What they are talking about is really unprecedented. And I dare say that there is no basis for anyone to have an understanding of it. I have yet to meet anyone who has had Covid. Everything I know about it is from what the Media tells me, and it is impossible for me to connect it to life as I know it and have always understood it.  

But, like everyone, I have to function in the Covid world. I wear the mask when I go shopping or to the post office. But any time I can get away with not wearing it, I don’t wear it. I do not insist on it in my home, and so far, no one who has visited me or stayed with me has had any desire to go around the house wearing a mask. Thank God. I hope you realize that I do consider it nonsense. I wear it only when I have to; when I am forced to by law.

I think the whole world has gone crazy, and I think the medical profession is at the core of the craziness. And I really, truly despise them for it- that life has come to this because of them.

And it's not for myself that I mourn. I'm 70 years old. I've lived most of my life. But, what about the kids who are being born into a Covid world? Just think: that is all they are going to know. 

And the only way I am going to take a Covid vaccine is if big strong men come and hold me down and jab a needle in my arm.  And they better be awfully big and awfully strong because I am going to fight like a mutha----.