I see a lot written online about the new world order and the coming one-world government. Whether it is going to happen or not, I don’t know, but in one very important respect, it is already here, and I mean: medically.

You know how powerful the CDC is in the U.S. It got the federal government to shut down the economy over the Corona virus. Your freedom to move about, to work, and to live as you wished was shuttered by the CDC, that is, by the medical establishment.  Medicine is a profession; it is an industry; but through the power of government, it is overlord. Why couldn’t they just recommend that people who are vulnerable stay home? Or even if they wanted to recommend that most people stay home except for essential workers, but to make it the law of the land? In what is supposed to be a free country?  

So, Medicine is powerful. When it talks, people listen, including our leaders. And it’s partly because Medicine is so highly revered. Doctors are the best and the brightest among us, and they, and they alone, have an understanding of disease and what needs to be done about it.  We need to listen to them- at the doctor/patient level, and at the level of medical decrees about health and disease that are fanned far and wide.

Why is Medicine so highly revered? It’s because it is perceived as the pinnacle of science. And surely, there is a tremendous amount of science involved in Medicine; I don’t deny that. However, to a great extent, Medicine is a cult, and a  dangerous one at that.  And I could say it is a religion. It is definitely a belief system. And as in all cults, it has a strict hierarchy of authority, and it does not tolerate dissent.

Take the guiding principle of Medicine and Biology, which is Darwinian Evolution. Is it scientific?  A distinguished group of PhDs in biology and biochemistry say it isn’t, and they have put their names to this statement:


 “We are skeptical of claims for the ability of random mutation and natural selection to account for the complexity of life. Careful examination of the evidence for Darwinian theory should be encouraged.”

It would be tangential for me to go into this at length, but briefly: life obviously underwent changes on Earth, but what drove the changes? Medicine says that random, accidental chance changes (mutations) to DNA from radiation etc. caused changes in organisms that were favorable, that had distinct survival advantages, such that they were “naturally selected” wherein those individuals survived better and lived longer and reproduced more often and more successfully, passing along those traits, and that’s what drove the whole process of evolution.   

I debated it once with a Professor of Biology, and I asked her how it worked when it came to lactation, which is the crux of being a mammal.  She actually had the nerve to suggest that it probably started with a pre-mammalian mother holding her infant close, and the infant got some sustenance, if only water and salts, from ingesting sweat from her sweat glands.  But, that is SO stupid because it is totally imaginative, and it doesn’t even involve a mutation; it’s just an adopted behavior. So, how could it be passed along genetically?  But, it’s just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to explaining the evolution of lactation because it involves not just changes in the glands on a woman’s chest, but changes in her uterus and birth canal, and a complete revamping of her offspring into a milk-consuming creature. And all these diverse changes had to evolve at the same time. And if it was driven by random changes being naturally selected, it meant that every single piecemeal step in the direction towards becoming a milk maker and milk consumer had to be useful and advantageous. It had to contribute something to survival- immediately. How can you explain the supposed evolution of some kind of a reptile into a mammal that way?  It’s preposterous. It is absurd. Yet, it is regarded as “medical science.”  

But, you better believe it because if you don’t, it’s assumed that you believe that God made the universe in 6 days and rested on the 7th.  But, what about just saying that it’s a mystery, that life is a mystery, and we just don’t know how it happened and what drove the unfolding of it?   

But, you can’t question Darwinian Evolution. If you do, you are put in the same category as flat-earthers and those darn “9/11 conspiracy theorists”, and be aware that, like the 3000+ architects and engineers, I am one.

But, the point is that Medicine involves beliefs- suppositions that are accepted on faith and in submission to authority.

Look at the whole realm of “vaccination science.” Consider how many doctors spend their days injecting vaccines into children. What do these doctors know about the vaccines, their effects, their effectiveness, or lack thereof, their safety, or lack thereof, their risks, their harms, etc.? I would tell you that they don’t know much more than you do. The only difference is that they have a few more talking points than you do. That’s about it. They’re not “virologists” or “immunologists.” So, not only are the people accepting the vaccines out of faith, but so are the doctors.

There are fields within Medicine that are very straight-forward, such as Anatomy and Physiology. But, when you get to “Virology” it is very autocratic, hierarchical, and dogmatic, and I mean that in the worst sense of the word. This is a paper by David Crowe, a Canadian researcher whom I greatly respect, and it concerns the isolation of the Corona virus. We have been told, repeatedly, that the Corona virus has been isolated, but what they mean by that is not what you think they mean. They are conflating the demonstration of “cytopathic effects” with the isolating of a virus.


David Crowe also has done more than anyone else to expose the flakiness of the RT-PCR test for the Corona virus, while completely ignoring the very possibility of false positives and hushing anyone who tries to raise the issue.  David discusses it in this video:


David has also written an excellent critique of the Corona antibody tests.


You should definitely listen to this podcast of David Crowe and Dr. Andrew Kaufman discussing the very nature of viruses and their association with and similarity to exosomes, which are cellular excretions.



The whole paradigm of viral infections is fraught with uncertainty and inconsistency. Why is it that having Corona antibodies is good while having AIDS antibodies is bad? Why is it that children, who get colds easily and frequently, which are reportedly caused by Corona viruses, should be relatively immune from Covid-19? And yes, I’ve heard the explanation that there is an overlap of the antibodies, but it’s just a lip-flapping convenience, and it still comes down to believing that feeble children who get sick often are more resistant and better off. And that just doesn’t make sense. 

Then, there is the whole “cytokine storm” theory for the lethality of Covid-19, that that’s what kills you. But, they are also telling us that it’s mostly the old and feeble who are dying, and they can’t generate cytokine storm as well, just as old people can’t generate fever as well. Who do you hear about getting 106 degree fevers? It’s not the old; it’s the young. It works the same for cytokine storm because it takes vitality to do it.

The bottom line for me is that we are in a situation in which a disease is being diagnosed solely on the basis of a test, and a very flaky one at that. And the possibility of error with this test is being systematically and dogmatically shunned, and that’s like not seeing an elephant in a room. Clinical presentation has been completely discarded. Although Covid-19 was initially designated as SARS2, which stands for Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome, with the cardinal symptoms being fever, coughing, and shortness of breath, now, it no longer has to be respiratory at all.  Covid could be digestive. It could be dermatological. It could be anything. If you test positive, it’s Covid- no matter what your symptoms are.  If you die of something that you’ve been suffering with for 20 years, you died of Covid, if you test positive- even if it was found out postmortem.  If a husband and wife both seem to have colds, and they test for Covid, and she’s positive and he’s negative, then, of course, her positive test is valid, and his negative test is false. But, why not question the validity of the test?  

Because of the arbitrary decree that the presence of Corona antibodies means a successful, if asymptomatic, fight against the virus has already been waged and the person is now recovered, they are adding people to the list of contractees in leaps and bounds, such that the lethality of Covid-19 has been reduced to well less than 1%. Because of all the asymptomatic cases, they’re now saying that it’s no more deadly than the flu.  But wait. If it’s no more deadly than the flu, what did they shut down the world economy for? And remember that the deadliness of the flu occurs despite the fact that there is a vaccine which is supposedly protective and preventative. So, if Covid-19, without there being a vaccine, is no more deadly than the flu, and if the vast and overwhelming majority of people get no symptoms from it, where they don’t even know they’re sick, or they just get very mild symptoms and don’t even have to stay in bed, then what the heck are we doing shutting down the whole world economy and bringing so much suffering and ruin to so many people? It’s crazy.


The only thing I know for sure about Covid is that it is a dogma; a medical dogma, and the scariest thing about it is that this dogma knows no borders. You know how there is separateness and independence between countries when it comes to international relations, economic policies, and certainly military policies. BUT, THERE IS PRACTICALLY A ONE-WORLD GOVERNMENT WHEN IT COMES TO MEDICINE. And that to me is truly the scariest thing of all. Because: all the wacky theories and wacky tests are being heaped on everybody; every person on Earth.   

Medical globalism is already a reality. Medicine is a global cartel, and OPEC is like Little League in comparison. China has its own CDC, but methodologically and in their beliefs, they’re the same as ours. Medicine is an international institution and an international mindset. When it comes to this pandemic, they’re practicing the same religion.  The institution of Medicine has superseded national sovereignty.

And medical tyranny is on the rise. Of course, in a country like China, it’s easy for it to grow. But even here, opting out of vaccines is getting increasingly more difficult. California recently passed a bill vacating personal exemptions from vaccination, even if doctor-prescribed. Now, If you want to put your kids in public school in California, they have to be vaccinated; no ifs, ands, or buts. It’s been that way in Germany for a very long time. What’s going to happen when they come up with a Corona vaccine? Are they going to lower the hammer even more?  

Medical doctrines are like an ether that pervades the whole planet- seeping everywhere. To a great extent, the medical establishment has taken over the planet. It is like a virus that has commandeered the machinery of governments everywhere.  Be afraid. Be very afraid.