Today, the city of Austin issued an order that everyone must wear a face mask in all indoor public places, including supermarkets, department stores, office buildings, etc. Up to now, I have not worn a face mask. But, I shall start doing so, since I have no choice. For me, it’s jarring because it’s so counter-intuitive to cover up my mouth and nose, so that I can’t breathe. And yes, I know that the face mask is very porous, so that air can get through. But, I only know that intellectually. When I put the mask on , I feel like I am suffocating myself.

The country singer Sturgill Simpson was on a concert tour in Europe when his blood pressure spiked and he started developing chest pains. I don’t know if his wife was on the road with him. But, when he got back home, he spent a month with her, living and sleeping together, and then he had a Covid test which came back positive. But, his wife also got tested, and her result was negative. So, if she could live and sleep with a Covid carrier, day after day, night after night, for a month and not pick up the virus from him, why should I be afraid of the guy who is 6 feet away from me in the produce section?

By the way, before I forget, when I ran through that list of immune-boosting supplements that I think are worth considering, I left one out, and that is: iodine. I am a big fan of Dr. Guy Abraham who did a lot of pioneering research on the extra-thyroidal health benefits of iodine, including boosting the immune system and that includes fighting viruses. And we offer his Iodoral supplement which provides 12.5 mg of elemental iodine. And I have been taking one a day. For years, I have been taking half a day because it is a scored tablet, but since this Corona crisis began, I have been taking a whole tablet every day.

But, getting back to the crisis, there seems to be some recognition that the venting of hypoxic Covid patients has killed more than a few of them. And they’re admitting that in many cases they were venting people who were conscious and lucid and fully able to breathe on their own. So, why were they venting them? Ostensibly, it’s because they had very low oxygen saturation. But, did you know that Medicare pays $13,000 for hospitalized Corona patients, but it jumps to $39,000 if you vent them? But, I have trouble picturing it, a doctor telling a conscious patient that he is going to put him to sleep in order to put him on a ventilator, even though the patient has little or no shortness of breath. I wonder if any of them said “No, you’re not.”


And doctors are saying that they have learned, and that, when possible, they are just going to put them on oxygen by nasal canula and prone them, which means put them in a prone position, which is face-down. They’re saying that they think the cause of the hypoxia isn’t lung failure, but rather, circulatory failure, that the virus or the immune reaction to the virus is damaging the blood vessels that are supposed to absorb the oxygen.   

But for me, all of this is just narrative. The closest I’ve gotten to talk to someone who has Covid 19 is that I have a cousin in California who is SUSPECTED of having it. He came down with flu-like symptoms, and his doctor wanted him to be tested for Covid, but, he was told that there is a long waiting list in California. So, he is a “presumptive” Covid case, and I have spoken to him at length. He’s had some respiratory symptoms, mainly coughing, but no shortness of breath. I don’t think he even has an oximeter. Breathing has not been an issue for him. For him, the worst thing has been the body aches, which he says are severe and keep him up at night, and the severe weakness. And in talking to him, at length, I get no sense that he’s having oxygen problems because he can speak in long stretches, with good vocal volume, and there is no gasping, no panting, no huffing. He just coughs once in a while, and that’s it. We talked for probably close to an hour.  


So, what they are talking about is unprecedented. At least, for me it is. And I can’t make sense of it because it’s very apparent that for many people the symptoms of Covid infection are NOTHING. No symptoms at all. And I’d like you to think about something: they are saying now that the continued spread of the virus is being fueled by “asymptomatic carriers.” But, I will tell you that it always had to be that way. It started in Wuhon, right? And it spread throughout the world from there, right? But, how does the world come and go from Wuhon? By plane. Only be plane. The world doesn’t drive to Wuhon, and the world doesn’t take a boat to Wuhon. The world flies to Wuhon.  So, you had people in Wuhon who contracted the virus. The earliest cases were all locals and other Chinese. I don’t think the Chinese government spoke of European tourists to Wuhon being among the early infected. But, INFECTED PERSONS FROM WUHON (WHETHER THEY WERE CHINESE OR EUROPEAN OR AMERICAN) HAD TO GET ON PLANES AND TAKE THE VIRUS TO OTHER COUNTRIES. Right?

But, as soon as the Chinese government realized that there was a grave threat, why didn’t they start controlling air travel? Why didn’t they assess every passenger who was flying out of China to foreign destinations? And they could have shut down air travel to China completely. If this seems far-fetched to you, please reconsider because, supposedly, the world was seeded with Covid-19 by air travelers out of China.

But, here’s the real point I am trying to make: Just picture those planes containing infected people and scattering them across the globe. They couldn’t have been symptomatic. When was the last time that you were on a plane in which a passenger was coughing, hacking, gasping for air, and looking febrile? I don’t have any such experiences. I’m not claiming that it has never happened, but surely, it is extremely rare. So, this pandemic had to be seeded, from the beginning, by air passengers who were either completely asymptomatic or so mildly symptomatic that nobody noticed.

So, I have to think that the spread of this pandemic has been fueled, from the beginning, by infected persons who were not visibly sick. There were also the incubators, and they have cited examples of them. But, there aren’t that many examples, and I don’t think it’s right to make presumptions about it.  The role of asymptomatic carriers is being widely touted today as a driving force, but it has always been a driving force. The first Corona case in Italy was a 38 year old man who was diagnosed on February 20, and he had no connection to Wuhon or China. And get this: On January 31, Italy banned all fights to and from China. So, that was 3 weeks before. And the incubation period is no more than 14 days and, on average, only 5 days.  So, any incubators who arrived in Italy from China before January 31 would surely have started showing symptoms before February 20.  There are anecdotal stories connecting Wuhon to Germany, and Wuhon to the U.S., but there are none for Italy.  So, I think it’s reasonable to assume that “asymptomatic carriers” have played a larger role than “incubators” in fueling this pandemic.    

And that’s what gets me the most, that there seems to be so many people who don’t get sick at all from the Corona virus.  It reminds me of the Epstein-Barr virus, which they say  90% of Americans have but don’t know it.

So, how is it that a virus that affects most people mildly or not at all goes on to kill others? And yes, I get it that old people and those with co-morbidities are more fragile. But, we have heard about serious cases in middle-aged people, including those without co-morbidities. Chris Cuomo is an example. He isn't that old, and presumably, he was healthy before this. He seemed vigorous. So why him? And I bet you he has no idea how he got infected.

And, we are told that this virus, which affects most people mildly or not at all, can cause any organ in the body to fail, that it can cause the immune system to go haywire and start destroying the body, and that it can take the form of any symptom or disease process that you can name. SARS-Cov-2 stands for Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome, but people are being diagnosed with it who have no respiratory symptoms at all.

The CDC has issued a guideline to doctors that anyone who dies with a positive Covid-19 test result that Covid-19 should be listed as the cause of death. And they are saying that even without a positive Corona test result, to feel free to put down Corona as the “presumptive” or “probable” cause of death, if you feel like doing it.  If you’ve got an itch to do it, do it.  So, if a person has had heart disease for years, for decades, and has been on medication, and had a bypass, and numerous stents over the course of most of his adult life, that if he dies, and they quickly do a swab while he’s still warm and it comes back positive for Corona, then Covid-19 goes down on the death certificate as the cause of death. Here is an M.D. who is mad about it. He accuses the CDC of “gaming the numbers” and says that it is “ridiculous.”

I’ll be honest and tell you that I don’t know what is going on. I am as baffled and confused as ever, and don’t worry: I get all the talking points that they are spewing. But, the incongruities and the glib assumptions rub me wrong.  If I could have one wish, it would be to follow one of those ICU doctors around the ward and see those severe, advanced Covid patients myself.