I apologize if I seem to be obsessed with this, but I am very troubled by it, and not just because of the tragedy of it all but because I am truly baffled by what we are being told. Yesterday, I learned that a nurse in Florida started having symptoms of Covid last Tuesday, and she was dead by Saturday morning. To go from A to Zed that fast, meaning from A to Dead, seems impossible. How can you start coming down with this and then be dead from it in less than 4 days when most people experience either no symptoms or a mild cold symptoms and that's it? Plus, she was home, where she lived alone, and if she was deteriorating that fast, why didn’t she get herself to the hospital? She was a nurse, so she had to know the trouble she was in. Why did she just stay home and die?

In Iceland, they have tested a lot of their people, and among those testing positive, there are just as many who are asymptomatic as symptomatic. And there is so much faith in that Corona test, that they assume that those who test positive without having symptoms are just as infected and dangerous to others.  

But, I have to wonder: what is going on in the bodies of those who are infected without getting sick? How are they fighting the virus? It’s the body’s fight against the virus that produces the symptoms, such as fever, inflammation, and mucorrhea, right?

So, I have been looking into this about what they think is happening in the bodies of the "asymptomatic infected," and it is that these people are experiencing some reaction, such as some inflammation, but they just aren’t aware of it. They’re just not feeling it, even though there is a struggle going on inside. But, wait a second; that is entirely presumptuous. If it’s true, then there has got to be some evidence for it. For instance, do they have higher levels of inflammatory markers, such as C-reactive protein? They can’t just claim that that is going on. They have to prove it. If the person looks well, and feels well, and is reporting no symptoms, no one has the right to claim that they are actually in the throes of a struggle with a pathogen  If there isn’t SOMETHING concrete, such as an abnormal blood test or perhaps an abnormality on physical examination, then there is no basis to make that claim. And the one thing they refuse to consider is false positive test results, even though the Chinese concluded that most of the asymptomatic positives are false positives.

Iceland has tested a larger percentage of its population than any other country, and they found that, among those testing positive, that 50% were symptomatic and 50% were asymptomatic. To me, that suggests the possibility that the test is producing noise. However, it depends on what percent of those tested were symptomatic.

But, there is a town in Northern Italy, Vo Eugenio, with a population of 3300, and they decided to test everyone in the town. They got a 3% positive rate; so right around 100 people infected. “But, the majority of them were asymptomatic.” The majority. 

So, what are we supposed to make of this situation where a deadly disease, with a fatality rate that is said to be many times higher than the flu, affects a lot of people without causing any sickness at all?

I dare say that the widespread occurrence of all these “asymptomatic positives” should be making people question the accuracy and validity of that test.