First, it’s very strange that they are calling the disease “corona virus disease.” A disease is a pathological manifestation, and even if you think a virus is the cause of it, the cause isn’t the disease. The symptoms, the departures from normal in structure and function, that’s the disease.

So, what are we talking about here? It seems to me that we are talking about a respiratory flu. Symptomatically, it’s the same as the flu, and like the flu, it occurs in all different degrees of severity. I began to wonder why they aren’t calling it SARS, a sudden acute respiratory syndrome. But then I saw that in communications to doctors, they are calling it SARS. Be aware that the original SARS was a corona virus. The full name was SARS-cov.  So this one, they are calling SARS-cov19 to doctors, but the 19 just refers to 2019.

So basically, it’s the same thing. It’s SARS which started in 2019.  

So, why don’t they call it SARS to the public? Because: they want to frighten the public.

Have you seen the movie V for Vendetta? In it, the High Chancellor of the UK tells his Cabinet that they need to make the citizens realize “how much they need us.” And that led to news broadcasts about the spread of deadly viruses. So, life is imitating art.

They have swiftly developed this reverse transcriptase test for the cov-19, but the truth is that all these reverse transcriptase tests, including the one for HIV, are notorious for generating false positives and false negatives.

So, what’s happening is that people are getting flu symptoms, and they are seeing their doctors, and the doctors are taking swabs and sending them in to the CDC, and then a result follows saying whether they have the flu or corona virus. But, some people who are having no symptoms, who don’t appear to be sick, are testing positive for the cov-19.  And there are also people who are only mildly sick, and who seem to be recovering spontaneously, who test positive for cov-19.

Reportedly,  we were already in the midst of the worst flu season in years, with 14,000 Americans killed by the flu so far this season.

Now, I want you to think about something. Have you gotten the flu this season? I haven’t. And if you haven’t, what do you think the reason is? Do you think it’s because you were lucky enough not to come in contact with the virus? I don’t think that. Why should I? I’m around people. I wait on lines at the post office and in the supermarket. I attend my grandson’s soccer games where I am in close proximity to adults and children. And I operate a retreat where people come from all corners. I don’t assume I haven’t contacted the flu virus. I assume that I have. And I assume that the reason I haven’t gotten sick is because my nutritional state, my immunological state, and other aspects of my general health have protected me.  It’s already established that many people who were exposed to the corona virus have not gotten sick from it.

I didn’t react to the first SARS outbreak, or to Ebola, or to MERS, or to Swine flu. And what I mean is that I didn’t get sick, and I also didn’t react mentally- I ignored it all. To me, personally, it was just noise. I don’t engage in viral paranoia.  

So, what am I going to do? I will not get vaccinated- no matter what. I don’t have any travel plans outside the U.S., but I am planning to fly to California in July, and I am going to make that trip, unless they shut down the flights. Will I wear a face mask? Who knows, they may require it. They may say you can’t go out in public or enter a store without one. And if so, I’ll wear it because that isn’t going to hurt me. You have to pick your battles, and I am not going to fight over that.

I’ll leave you with this: the whole paradigm of: you contact a virus, and because of its virulence, it makes you sick, is nowhere near the whole truth. I am sure the etiology of acute illnesses is never as simple as that. And in this case, you and I have no ability to determine the validity of anything they are telling us about this, and I am wary of everything they are saying. I am not saying that I don’t believe there have been real deaths. But, there are deaths from acute respiratory infections each and every year.  And I will tell you, honestly, that the Brave New World reaction to the corona virus scares me more than the corona virus.