I tell you, the world has gone crazy. This panic over the corona virus is absolutely nuts. People are going nuts over a lab test.

From a practical standpoint, the illness appears to be very similar to the flu. Symptomatically, they say it entails, fever, cough, and shortness of breath. That's true of the flu, isn't it?. I’ve been searching, and so far, I can find nothing to definitively distinguish the two by symptoms.  What distinguishes them is the lab test.

Now, this is from the CDC as of today, February 28, 2020.

The global death toll from corona virus they put at 2800, but they put the death toll from the common flu at 14,000 this season, and that’s in the United States alone. So, if we’re going to start panicking, shouldn’t it be over the flu?

But with corona, that’s 2800 deaths out of 83,000 cases worldwide. They say that 36,000 people have completely recovered. But, what about the other 44, 000? I presume they are still wrestling with it.  But, even if they all recover, 2800 deaths out of 83,000 is, admittedly, a much higher death toll than from the flu. But, they admit that that number is probably “skewed.”

Let’s say you get sick; you have flu-like symptoms; you go to the doctor; he tests your sputum, and on the basis of that test, he tells you that you have the flu, or he tells you that you have corona virus, but that distinction depends on the accuracy and validity of the test, and what basis do you have to know that? You have no basis. Does it really  make sense to alter your perspective because of their lab test?  

And don’t you think there are a lot of people who when they get the flu just go to bed? Not everybody rushes to the doctor. I have had the flu, but I haven’t had it in a long time. It’s been years since I’ve had it. I may have had it 7 or 8 years ago.  But, I have NEVER had it in a deathly way. I never ever thought that I was dying from it, and I have never gone to a doctor for it.  And why should I when I know I wouldn’t be interested in taking anything he might prescribe- not the flu vaccine, not Tamiflu, nothing.  I would rather suffer through it.  I really would. I don't care about relief, and I don't care about the speed of recovery; I care about the quality and soundness of recovery.  And I have always recovered spontaneously and without anything lingering.  And since flu symptoms and corona symptoms are practically the same, who knows how many people have had corona and just waited it out and recovered spontaneously without seeing a doctor at all?

What reason do I have to panic over this? I didn’t get the Swine flu. I didn’t get Ebola. I didn’t get SARS. I didn’t get MERS. So, why should I go ballistic over corona, especially when it is symptomatically so similar to the flu and distinguished mainly by an arcane lab test that means more to them than it does to me?  

There is a lot that Medicine doesn’t know about flu-like illnesses, which corona is. They have no explanation for the fluctuations in susceptibility. I realize that they say the elderly and the immune-compromised are more vulnerable, but that is glib, and it doesn’t go far enough. Outside that, there are still unexplained differences in susceptibility. I watched a Youtube video by an ER doctor who said that he is treating flu patients all day long, and he has not gotten the flu, and nor has he gotten the vaccine. And he says a lot more than that about “herd Medicine.” I don’t know his age, but he’s a grandfather, and you should listen to him, and to his wife who is a nurse.


So, how do you account for that? Obviously, there are other factors besides exposure to a virus that affect and determine whether or not a person is actually going to get sick- even among those with average risk.  And undoubtedly, these factors include one’s nutritional state.


But, the point is that susceptibility to flu is poorly understood, and the model or paradigm that they go by, that you get exposed to the virus, and it makes you sick, is so obviously flawed  and inadequate (considering how many people are exposed and don’t get sick)  and the safety and effectiveness of the vaccine they offer is so woefully unproven and untested, that it makes this whole area of medical science very suspect, in my opinion. To me, it’s more like medical religion than medical science. And what’s likely to come next in the Corona saga? Probably, a vaccine, and then, Heaven help us.