The CDC is saying that this is the worst flu season in decades, but they are also saying that the percentage of Americans taking the flu shot has never been higher, with over 60% of children vaccinated for it, and nearly 50% of adults. And yet, we are in the midst of an epidemic of flu.

If it were true that it’s mostly unvaccinated people who are being stricken, then surely they would say so. But, they are not saying anything about that, which tells me that vaccinated persons must be succumbing at the same rate as the unvaccinated. And who knows, it could even be worse.

Be aware that flu vaccine is never tested for efficacy. They test it to see if it raises antibody titers, but that’s not an end in itself. There’s no guarantee that having a higher antibody titer is going to keep you from getting the flu.  That’s the wishful thinking, but it’s never tested. And it could very easily be tested. Take two groups of one thousand adults each who are comparable in every way except that one got the flu vaccine and the other didn’t. Then, see how many in each group gets the flu.

They could do it easily, and every single year. But, they never do it.  

And this year, when it’s clear that people are succumbing despite having been vaccinated, do they step back and question whether the vaccination is really working? No, they don’t. Why? It’s because, as Dr. Robert Mendelson taught us, Modern Medicine is a religion, and vaccination is its sacrament.


Last year, they admitted that the flu vaccine was only 10% effective, meaning presumably, that for every 10 unvaccinated persons getting the flu, 9 vaccinated ones would get it.

Another claim that they make is that if you get vaccinated and still get the flu, that it’ s likely to be milder, lasting a day or two less.


I would tell you that it is entirely possible that the flu vaccine is doing nothing positive at all and only harm. I have not gotten the flu. I feel fine. But, even if I did get it, I would have no regrets about not getting a flu shot. Even if I knew for sure I was going to get the flu, I wouldn’t get it. I am not worried about lasting harm from the flu, but I do worry about it from the shot.


The bottom line is that if the flu vaccine were effective, they would be more than willing to test it. But, they don’t test it, and there is no excuse for that.