So, there is a flu epidemic now, says the CDC. Read: 

"Influenza has spread across the entire United States during the week ending December 14 (week 50), worsening several weeks earlier than last year, according to a report from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC). This season, at least 3.7 million influenza cases, 32,000 hospitalizations, and 1800 deaths have occurred from influenza, so far."

3.7 million cases? How many of them were vaccinated? About 40% of Americans get the flu vaccine, so you know that some of those 3.7 million must have been vaccinated. And believe me, they would tell us if they weren't. So, in this case, silence is speaking volumes. 

And who knows? Perhaps greater than 40% of the 3.7 million were vaccinated. And what about among the 1800 deaths? How many of them were vaccinated? This information must exist because think about it: They only know that someone got the flu if he or she went to their doctor. Right? If you suffered through it alone at home, how are they going to know? So, these are just the reported cases of the flu, not all cases. But, if you were a doctor and someone presented with the flu, aren't you going to ask them if they were vaccinated? Wouldn't you be curious to know? Aren't you going to record it? So, since they got these reports from doctors and hospitals, they must have some idea about the vaccination status of the patients/victims. So, why aren't they telling us? 

I assume they aren't telling us because the results don't make the vaccine look good. And that's the best case scenario. At worst, the results are making the vaccine look really bad and totally ineffective.

I don't take the flu vaccine, and I would rather get the flu than take the vaccine. And, I rarely get the flu. I have had it, of course, but I couldn't tell you how many years it's been since I had it. But it's been quite a few. 

But, besides eating well and getting good nutritional support, in general, what do I do? I take 5000 IUs of Vitamin D3 because it has been shown to enhance immunity against the flu. I take Iodoral iodine because it supports immunity. I get 500 mgs of Vitamin C from supplements and I get at least that much from food every day because I make a point of eating citrus, kiwi, and leafy greens. And I take melatonin at night which supports immunity. 

Getting 5 or more flu shots has been linked to a much higher risk of Alzheimer's. A very well respected medical researcher discovered the link, and he got in a lot of trouble for revealing it. It is well known that the flu shot does a very poor job of preventing the flu, and that's why they refuse to do double-blind, placebo-controlled studies of it, which they could easily do. And they always couch their appraisal with, "even if you get the flu, it will be milder." I doubt that that's even true, but even if it were, are you going to inject that stuff into you, what, just to shorten your flu from 10 days to 8 days? You're better off going through the 10 days. That's Dr. Cinque's advice.