The new carnivores- all they eat are meat, fish, and eggs. Not a speck of plant food. Some even refrain from using spices since they are plant-derived. So, their only seasoning is salt. And they make a big deal about salt- what kind and where to buy it, probably because they use so much of it. The eggs they have to eat because it’s the only animal source of carotenoids. These, of course, are plant pigments that are vital to health. The most crucial ones are the yellow lutein and zeaxanthin which protect the retina of the eye from ultraviolet light. They get it into egg yolks because of the greens eaten by the chicken.  

Why, in the year 2019, after all the research showing so many numerous health benefits from fruits and vegetables, would people do this, avoid all plant produce? They have a litany of reasons. Some are philosophical- the idea that Man is a carnivore by Nature and Evolution or perhaps God. But, are they unaware that there are plenty of carnivores who also eat plants? I have some living in my backyard. (raccoons) So, even if you think Man is a carnivore, why not also eat some plants? Why do they think that Man is an exclusive carnivore when the closest relative to humans are the bonobos and chimpanzees who eat a lot of plants?

Well, they have their reasons. They’re concerned about the phytic acid and oxalic acid in plants interfering with mineral absorption. But, where is the evidence that people are suffering from this, that it’s causing disease and death? The evidence shows that people who eat unrefined plants live longer. Staying alive is the idea, isn’t it? They also make a big deal out of the digestive inhibitors in plants and the outright toxins. It’s true, for instance, that there are enough hemagluttens in red kidney beans that if you ate them raw, they could kill you. But properly cooked, there is no evidence of any harm from them. Whenever I go to the salad bar, I always take a scoop of red kidney beans, and I’m here to tell the tale.

So, what these people are doing is citing real things but blowing them way out of proportion.

But, another motivating factor for them is fear of carbohydrate. There is a female medical doctor who has a Youtube video entitled “Fruit is Evil.” And in front of the camera, she pokes her finger and does a blood sugar test. And her level  was 99.

Now, think about it. She had a level of 99 mg per decaliter of glucose in her blood, but, where did it come from since she is not eating any carbohydrate? The answer is that her body is making it. Her body converts certain amino acids and the glycerol portion of fatty acids into glucose, and it made all that sugar for her. Why is it doing that if sugar is so terrible?

So, if you force your body to break down protein to make sugar, it can, but it leaves nitrogen behind as a waste product,  which has to be eliminated by the kidneys, making more work for them. So, why not just eat some carbohydrate and spare your body and your kidneys that work? Makes sense to me.

Another issue for these people is the idea that there are a lot of plant allergens. It’s true of course that there are people who are allergic to wheat, allergic to peanuts, etc. and it can be very serious, even deadly. So, they figure that if they just avoid plant foods completely, that it wipes out any chance of having an allergic reaction. But, the fact is that allergies to animal foods are just as common and maybe more common. Egg allergies, milk allergies, and fish and seafood allergies are very common.

I have a 4-volume series of books called Women, Food, and Sex in History by Soledad De Montalvo, who was a Swiss chef. The oldest known civilization, she claims, was the Sumerians, going back to 5000 BC.  And they were great agriculturists, producing a plethora of fruits and vegetables. They also raised a lot of meat, and a wider variety of meats than Americans eat today- and by a longshot.  But, the point is that if eating fruits and vegetables was harmful; if the phytic acid and the oxalic acid and the fiber and the digestive inhibitors and lectins were going to do them in, it would have done them in by now.

I’m not opposed to referring the argument back to Nature, as one doctor put it. So, let’s start at the beginning of human life. What’s the first food newborns get? Mother’s milk. What’s in it? A heck of a lot of sugar. Human milk is the sweetest milk of them all. Leastways, it’s sweeter than that of any other mammal you can name.  It also has quite a lot of fat, about as much as cow’s milk. But, what it has much less of than any other milk is protein. It has only 1% protein by weight. Yet, babies, on an exclusive diet of breast milk, can double their birth weight in 6 months. And obviously, they are not just putting on fat. They are building muscle, bones, organs, etc. So, they are getting enough protein even during that period of exceptionally rapid growth. So, if babies can grow and develop on a single food with merely 1% protein by weight, why should human adults (who are not growing at all) need large amounts of protein?


The fact is that most of the food you eat, that is, the calories you consume, are for fuel, for generating energy and heat. The burning of protein makes no sense at all, and it’s because you can’t burn the nitrogenous part of it. Really, you should just eat enough protein for anabolic, enzymatic, hormonal, and immunological purposes and not use it as log on the fire. And some of these carnivore people realize that excess protein is bad, and so they encourage more fat consumption. For instance, they want you buttering your steak, and they make ample use of lard. But, in addition to everything else, the whole diet sounds gross. How do you not get tired of that diet?

But, I look at it as a form of extreme extremism. People get an idea in their head to do something; they find ways to rationalize it; and it becomes like a religion to them. And even though they may become adept at spouting scientific lingo to justify it, that’s really just a smokescreen; it’s really more of a religion.

Me, I am going to continue eating plants. What do I do about oxalic acid? Well, I don’t make a whole salad out of beet greens or spinach, but I do eat those foods. And otherwise I don’t worry about it, and I haven’t been harmed, and I have been a vegetarian for 50 years. What do I do about phytic acid? Well, I don’t eat wheat at every meal. I don’t avoid wheat completely, but I tread lightly on it. The food highest in phytic acid is the brazil nut, and they are also extremely high in selenium. I have searched to see if there are any clinical cases reported of selenium poisoning from over-eating on brazil nuts, but I haven’t found any. But still, I wouldn’t eat more than 3 or 4 in a day. But, that’s about s much attention as I give to phytic acid.  Digestive problems from beans? They don’t bother me. I eat them almost every day.  Tree nuts? I eat them every single day, and if I don’t eat them on a given day, it’s probably because I fasted that day. Is the phytic acid hurting me? I don’t think so. I’ve only lost about ¼ inch in height at age 68, and that is outstanding. My dentist says I’m doing great with my teeth. And I really do think my bones must be strong because muscularly, I am as strong as I was 20 years ago. I haven’t lost any strength. And muscles and bones fare together. Osteopenia goes along with sarcopenia, the age-related loss of muscle.

So, I think these carnivorous people are “nuts” and what I’m really curious to test is their stamina. I bet they don’t have a lot of it. I wouldn't be surprised if I could show up a carnivore half my age. Seriously.