Did you know that a tall Starbucks has about 7.6 times the caffeine of a can of Coke and 5.8 times that of a Diet Coke? That’s a flood of caffeine. A tall 12 ounce regular Starbucks coffee has 260 mgs. But, a Grande has 340! And a Venti has 420! Yikes!

A 12 ounce Coca Cola has 34 mgs of caffeine. A Diet Coke has a bit more: 45 mgs.

So you’d have to drink 8 Cokes or 6 Diet Cokes to equal the amount of caffeine that you get from one Starbucks coffee.

Coffee actually varies a lot in how much caffeine it contains. Typically, a 12 ounce cup of regular non-Starbucks coffee has 100 to 260 mgs caffeine.  The average works out to 180 mgs caffeine.

A 12 ounce can of Red Bull (which is the larger one) contains 114 mgs of caffeine.

Decaf coffee is not completely devoid of caffeine. The average cup of decaf has 5 mgs. However, Starbucks decaf has 9 to 12 mgs of caffeine.

A two-ounce 5-hour energy has 138 mgs of caffeine. That’s in the same ballpark as a cup of coffee, but remember, it’s just 2 ounces. Imagine if you drank 6 of them to equal the 12 ounces. You’d get 828 mgs of caffeine, which could actually be lethal.

Two tablets of Excedrin has the same amount of caffeine, essentially, as one 5-hour energy. So, if you take two tablets, the standard dose, it’s like drinking one 5-hour energy.

Coffee ice cream is pretty darn caffeinated. 8 ounces has 45 to 75 mgs of caffeine, so more than a can of soda.

Chocolate is relatively low in caffeine, but it does have some. Each Hershey’s kiss has 1 mg. Each Reese’s peanut butter cup has 4 mgs. Each Milky Way candy bar has 14 mgs of caffeine.

Tea has less caffeine than coffee but more than chocolate. Each 12 ounce cup of tea has 72 mgs of caffeine.  You can get rid of most of the caffeine in tea by steeping it the first time, discarding that liquid, and then steeping it again with the used tea bag. Most of the caffeine comes out in the first steeping, so this is an easy, practical way to decaffeinate tea.

Each little No-Doz pill (the over-the-counter stimulant drug) has 200 mgs of caffeine, and the same is true for Vivarin.

I thank Dr. Linda Carney, MD of Buda TX for this information.